TOUR & EARTH SCULPTING CLASS ~ June 10, 2023 1920 2560 Strawbale Studio

June 10, 2023  Tour was rich with networking, along with learning, questions, and hands-on with earth! Joe brings together “Forest Schools” for youth. Clare is networking with Joe as a result of this connection!  Joe knows Leena, who was been to Strawbale Studio and is also forming a Forest School!  Joe & Leena met at a book study club for the book “Free to Learn”.  They are valuing  “Attention & commitment to authentic engagement in life”.  Such rich interweavings.  Joe and Laura, Pat and Judy were traveling together that day, and experiencing the tour together.  Pat is an artist, who transformed his house with beautiful wood sculptures, mosaics, stained glass.  We all benefited from their lives and connection!  Particpants Lianna and Clare added their vitality and interest in community, natural building…and we all so, so enjoyed being together and sharing Strawbale Studio, and hope in so many ways.

The Earth Sculpting Class, held in the afternoon also included Clare & Lianna, with the addition of Verna and Gwen, from Flint MI. Gwen teaches art at the Flint Art Museum and has done many community sculptures and projects.  The Earth Sculpting class included going to the meadow ~ harvesting soil, testing it, sifting, mixing, amending….and finding a mix that works well for sculpting. We were in the little meadow by the “Middle Earth” strawbale structure, with the waterfall in the background. Clare sculpted a tree inside Middle Earth, Verna formed a turtle!  Gwen, a heart and ocean sculpted mural on drywal. She was delighted on how direct the process was from conception to finish!l, Lianna focused on a smooth finish plaster on drywall, with a vision of added vines, spiraling. In the evening Deanne sculpted a smiling sun face.  Ah.

After the class each person shared the food they brought, and we contributed and nourished ourselves in that way, too.

A meaningful day, on the land, held by each other and the surrounding flow of nature!

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