EARTH OVEN Workshop, Pizza in oven + Tour

EARTH OVEN Workshop, Pizza in oven + Tour

2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

A lovely time,we had making a small scale Earth Oven together, learning how to source, test, mix and apply the main parts of the earth oven.
Other skills experienced, how to lay up the brick base, mix the insulation layer from sawdust and clay slip.  The class included handouts and discussion about sizes, and ratios to make an effective oven + ypes of bases.

The Weather was warm and comfortable, so we did our construction outside.  During the afternoon we fired up the Earth Oven for 2 hours, to get hot while we worked on our project.  Then we each made our own pizza with toppings of our choice and fired them in the oven, SUCCESSFULLY!  AND YUM!!!   Several folks plan to make one at their place this year!  Yahoo!!

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