Full MOON ZOOM ~ May 6, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ May 6, 2023 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

6 May 2023  Full MOON ZOOM Emergent Themes:

Reaching out into the community to share & support! … Sharing Seeds, Starting a French Club at the library, Plans for creating natural tiny houses to host friends, World Peace Pledge Poster,, Creating a Presentation on the “New Story” & the Deep Time Story, And sharing with the 4 pawed community of Possum and other friends,  supporting prisoners to achieve goals & have hope. Ah, the richness of supportive community that holds us, as we hold each other!

“We are imaginal cells in a butterfly that will die to be reborn with wings that from our visions fly!  We are Imaginal Cells, and somehow know that together we, quite naturally, become the butterfly!  A song written by Deanne around 2012 on the metaphor of Transformation.

(Before the Full MOON ZOOM, Jack and Deanne were speculating on what words have a “Double o that makes an “oo” sound” . This exploration was evoked by a conversation about the video film series called the “Noosphere” through the Human Energy Project.  There have been some shifts, noted Deanne, and the last video she watched had a different narrator, and also the title Noosphere had changed in pronunciation from No-oh-sphere to Noo-sphere pronounced like “new”-sphere.  We found it entertaining to explore other words that pronounce “noo” like “new”: moot, fool, tool, pool, roof, root, coot, hoot, loop, whoop, goop, coop, cool, stool, spook, spooky, zoom, moon, coo, loon, boo, boon,  boom, boot, Sooz, drool, troop, moo, oops, poop,  DB adds:  coon, soon, loot, shoot, balloon, cartoon,  Sooz, scoot, scoop, goon, noon, kook, (Can you think of more?))

Participants came together to share” What’s Alive in me”, What’s Inspiring me?   Jack & Deanne ~ co-hosts + Mike, Jo, Sooz, Sarah, R. E.

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Participants What’s Alive in me What’s Inspiring me.
Mike Ross

This weekend I’ve been working on planting the garden down here in TN. Frost about 2 weeks ago. Usually I’m gardening by mid-April but I held off untill today.

SS?: Vegetable garden? Flowers? What is gardening to you?

DB: Mike did cool projects here in MI. Sweetgrass, rocket stove, corn as fuel in his house, Electricity-producing bike etc.  He took every class that was offered at Strawbale Studio one year + and we became friends!  Then his work (Volkswagen) called him down to TN., spelunking, etc.

DB?: Any renewable energy these days? A bit of solar on my getaway land. Still have some sweetgrass growing down here.

Shared a picture of camper and porch on his get-away land – 9 acres. He is making little models (beautiful little mud model). Updated framing out of dowels and paper.

A design that can be bought: Trillium domes –     https://trilliumdomes.com/

Johnny Faelis. H imagines building several tiny homes and invite friends to come visit.

Jubilant Jo

Always lots going on. Ride up to the Soil water conservation district. Plant sale (ordered in advance) plant sale. Not in business to make  a profit. 20 more blueberry plants, 2 apple trees, 20 birch trees.

I have lots of different blueberry plants and they’re intermingled in the rows.  Spreadsheet that had all of my blueberry data has disappeared.

Unusual experience with laundry: I do not have running water: just a hand pump. Hand Wash washing machine that runs by hand. It is limited in size as to what I can wash in it. My friend who often drives me offered to wash some of my bigger linens for me.

My chickens keep laying good eggs. I keep getting good pictures from my daughter of her backyard. They replaced their back deck. She loves to garden as much as I do. Things are further ahead down there than up here.

Inspired by the many people in prison who are writing to me and emailing. Face a sentence of 45 years to life. Maintain a positive attitude and look for things. I did it! I got my GED! It took me 45 years to get it, but I got it! Maybe now he’ll go on and take some college courses.

Because of all the comp and internet problems I’ve been having, I’m so behind. They’re so understanding, they keep telling me not to worry and to write when I can.

Every day I’m just inspired and living on this land. The way the light plays with the clouds. All the different things that are coming out. Buds coming out one tree at a time. Apple trees and pear trees are usually in full blossom by now. Dandelions and violets are good for eating! Every day something new is poking up or blossoming.

Peggy S. Collins

A many feelings day. We missed Deanne at the Gaia women’s chorus in Windsor. I brought you because I brought the poster-painting that you and Lilian Genser did together for the Earth Charter. We sang songs of the Earth. There’s so much construction in the city. I was lost a lot, but I was so grateful to have spent time in that mess because I was able to eventually get my way to Windsor. It was a challenge, and I’m kind of exhausted. It’s good to be home. Jo I just think you’re an amazing woman. I enjoy hearing what you have to say about it all. I was just posting today that it’s good to live as simply and as inconveniently as possible. Jo, you’re such an example of putting that into practice. I think that’s about all. I think I could actually go and sleep.

I was impressed with your sharing of sweetgrass and it all. I enjoy knowing that you’re all doing that.

I had to get outside when I got home. It was calling me. I had some invasives. With a small yard, I have to keep ahead of them all. It was lovely to be putzing around. Such gentle weather right now. So much accomplished in spite of being tired.

DB: I invite you to take a nap with us. There’s something so beautiful about that.

Inspired by the land. I love Michigan, I love where I live. I’m going to be 80 on my next birthday. I’ve slowed down a lot, which I’m not happy about because there’s always so much to do. Even still, I’m glad with what I’ve done. Bluebells, narcissus are starting. It’s more than my yard, it’s all over. The trees and the land and the life, the animals. As I sit here, I can see the deck and I have a resident opossum. I’m so happy to have one. I was able to humanely kill the rats. The opossum keeps them away; they’re such good neighbors. They’re not rats, they’re very good neighbors. If you have one, be thankful. They’re so gentle. My cats and dog watch it. They’re peaceful together. There is food; there’s no competition. The animals, the earth, they keep me going.

You know how wonderful it is to be with people who value these things! Thank you.

Sarah Stevenson

Apologies for my quick departure last time: my dog peed my bed last time. He promises me to be better tonight.

A zillion things to say. What’s meaningful to me. I have had something that’s been bothering me on my leg. Different doctors have looked at it. New doctor said, “Oh well that’s cancer.” In my funk when I got home, I found Deanne Bednar on the internet talking about the Strawbale Studio. In a video.  It brought me out of my funk. I went out and I saw all the babies. Planting seeds of both rare native plants and some herbal things that I’m getting back into. Somehow or another in this two week period, I have 10-million children. I don’t know what to do with them. Some of them are really quite rare. I think I’ll sneak into a park at night and plant some things. Maybe I’ll need a pack. I’m feeling like I’ll probably get arrested, but I also think it’s important. I’m excited about it.

I’m fixing up this garden here in the city. In a “nicer neighborhood” of Pittsburgh. The only grass I have is my driveway, and it’s all planted everywhere. All of a sudden, the city came and they planted street trees. City says don’t mow your plants. People offering wildflowers at a cost. Maybe I’ll just get a wheelbarrow and go up and down with my babies.

Then, I found another woman in Ireland who’s mixing herbals and other stuff. Spring, renewal, plant the garden. Tomatoes, peppers, chard, herbs. That’s where I’m at. Dog went to the dog park today, so he should behave.

Granddaughter she is a they. My tongue doesn’t necessarily go to the proper place. They’re in college. They won the most outstanding student in their field. The old program that Jo and I were in. They won a scholarship and also a trip to the ER with something like Crohn’s disease. Everything’s up and everything’s down. It’s a worry for them. They might want to come see you.

Brainstorm for the babies. 27 pots of them, each with well over a hundred.

My son in law is a native frenchman. College and grad school in France. Lisp in French, he speaks exquisite English.

Soup pot, plan it full of seeds. Seeds developed! They’re on stilts now. Maximilian sunflower. A bit aggressive, and you can eat the tuber.

(Her granddaughter wants to visit Strawbale Studio sometime and is very interested).


I went outside today! I didn’t make it to Canada.to the Gaia singers. I got halfway there and realized that  I didn’t have my purse with my enhanced license to get into Canada  with me. I turned around, came back home, and by the time I got back home I didn’t have the time to go again. I had a full moon potluck here last night.

I did not make a list, and I walked out of the house without my purse. Well, oops, okay, I forgot my purse. The next time I go somewhere I need to make a list. And thankfully, I spent the day outside. All sorts of things coming up on the West side: everbearing raspberry plant that’s been sitting in the pot since last summer. Trimmed, planted and labeled now.

Honeyberries coming in now. Camp Tamarack in my area. Honeyberries are a thing! I enjoyed trimming and mulching in this wild area. it’s so much fun.

A neighbor friend of mine planted some elderberries and they grew 6’ in one year. They grew so much that they needed to be moved, and I gathered the roots of them to plant around the strawbale studio.   Inspiration:  There was a full moon potluck last night. Really nice. A couple amazing conversations inspired me and felt really connective. Its like “Finding the flow”, like the harmony in Gaia singers, as we agree on the song and bring our best. How great is that! Crank up the co-creation, the joy! That’s inspiring to me. Mind-meld. Connecting about that subject, which I’m really fond of.

A new foraging morsel yesterday.  A type of deadnettle with a yellow flower. Yummy! Sweet! I assume it was edible. Michael harvested some daylily shoots and leaves. Ask the computer if that’s good or not?

Sooz will know about this one: an unfolding card with words and images of the unfolding story of the Universe, by Mary Alice in our singing group.  Amazing things on the great story. Big bang, great flaring forth, billions of years. Petals on a flower. Lotus pattern that folds in. Tells the story of the universe. This one has hearts on it. What just fell out were some butterflies. Confetti?

A poem? A song. Butterfly and the metamorphosis. 2012, the big shift. People were celebrating harmonic convergence.

“We are imaginal cells in a butterfly that will die to be reborn with wings that from our visions fly!  We are imaginal cells, and somehow know that together we, quite naturally, become the butterfly! “

Nori Huddle Daughter of head of harvard biology department wrote the book Butterfly, and started an ecovillage in Equidor.


Mid-June I’ll be at Ashland university getting ready for an engagement there. 90 minutes to intro the new and ancient story of home. A new story, a story about everyone’s stories.

Real exciting time to be invited to do it. Catching up on my reading and background, so that I can bring the best stuff forward that’s available. That’s a contemplative journey inward-outward process, and I’m giving it the space it needs. Filling up!

Open invitation from the universe to co-create. And we all get to play and tell the stories. Something like that.

Treeline: the last forest and the future of life on earth. Ben Rawlence. Bird’s eye view looking down at the arctic circle. Boreal forest and arctic treelines.

Soak in the resonance in which this writer writes. Animating the forest in a special way to stay resilient and strong. The trees are moving very quickly to the North. Becoming more and more in the arctic circle rather than the lower latitudes. Legend by itself. The story of a tree called a yew. Connection to cultures in the past. Astounding capacity to evolve quickly. Something worth paying attention to: generate and regenerate with the genes that are in the yew for all these eons. They seem to be the survivors after each ice age.

By the end of June it will be quite an interesting journey to prepare and follow through with this gathering. I will carry that with me wherever I am engaged. And we’ll see where it goes. Begin to tune into the frequency of creativity.

Jack They want me to teach HS french!  I’ve been foraging, looking for young shoots.  I’m looking for some stinging nettles.  Garden plants at school are thriving.  Rhubarb, american ground nut, lovage and more!  It’s all doing great!  4th.  I’ve been finishing up my 4th semester and graduate soon for my Masters in French! I’ll share maybe during the inspiration section.  Is it really fair for an adult to learn differently than a child?  Take what you know and go from there.  That’s kinda where we learn anything.  Build off some base knowledge.  Critiquing the “emersion” “ is a panacea, and all methods need to be considered.  This morning I was volunteering for the Vermont Children’s Theater.  The 2 women of elder years… asking me to help!  I felt like superman!           SS: It’s wonderful to feel needed. Learning languages is different from learning other disciplines. Hearing it and how it is used. I, as a biologist, needed a different atmosphere in which to learn. I don’t understand learning, I do understand forgetting these days. Here I am in my hammock where I think I”m going to sleep tonight.  Today I was at the local library and had our first ever French Club, moderated by me. I want them to develop. Map brought on screen of where French is spoken, as a main language or common language. Colonial French places.  I shared these French online resources and videos with the club.  (Jak showed us this on the screen share.  The little French Library I hope to fill our….(Jack shows list of books he would like to see in the French Section of the Library. } AI French Pen pal, needs met, not met. You can also take classes from universities.  I’ll be living in France for a month this summer.  My French Penpal …connecting lonely old people with young people who want to learn French!  Sustainable Development and Agriculture classes are also available, and it’s all free.  This website is d  edx.org  Provides free online education in many subjects.                  e

Zoom Chat:

21:16:20 From  Jack Chase  to  Everyone:


 https://trilliumdomes.com/ https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1biBnOLqR3uwfY0IuiNgdmCSZg6Hv4-tNXKwv82Rr-G0/edit?usp=sharing