April 29, 2023 Tour & OUTDOOR ROCKET COOKER Workshop/Build

April 29, 2023 Tour & OUTDOOR ROCKET COOKER Workshop/Build

2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

We had a really good time on the Learning Tour of the “Enchanting” Strawbale Studio buildings and grounds in the morning!  What a lovely gathering of folks with many curious questions !  Yay! !

In the afternoon the ROCKET STOVE OUTDOOR COOKER Workshop dismantled the old stove and CONSTRUCTED A NEW ONE!  Everyone joined in assessing the design of the stove, then carefully took it apart, cleaned the brick and rebuilt the brick form. We used a clay/sand earth mortar to join the bricks together, then shifted strategies to “dry stacking” the bricks and “cobbing” the outside of the oven with a clay/sand/straw mix. As we went along,we added the stove pipe and ash/perlite insulation. then the top was capped in cob.  We set on a metal griddle lfrom a conventional stove over the pipe, fired up the oven with a stick fire and cooked up some yummy food: 0 cheese sandwiches and Earth Oven Pizza slices from the Intern Closing Celebration the night before!

We were all really happy with the flow and co-creation, the active engagement and collaboration of making this very practical fire device ~ TOGETHER!

Folks networked, found inspiration and commonality amongst themselves, and there will likely be future connections and support between folks!
One specific outcome was a plan to host a similar workshop in Detroit for the Feed’em Freedom Growers,

Slideshow of some FAVORITES below.     Full Photo Album here.

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