Full MOON ZOOM ~ April 6, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ April 6, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ April 6, 2023 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

05 April 2023

How many moons …. have we been gathering as Full Moon Zoom?

Emergent Themes:  Diversity, and love of harmony and balance in nature & with people.
Living the Dances of Peace.

We nod to the beauty in diversity!
Robin,just returned from Malaysia visiting her son and his muslim family, to go today to a Jewish Seder for Passover…and expresses that she is “LIVING the Dances of Universal Peace” !

Bonnie:  I heard a quote I love:
“I’m going to be as authentically me in every situation….as much as I can  possibly bare.”

Jim:  After a time of expansion, we can move toward an era of consolidation and enriching things.  Our environment is a closed loop, the Circle of Life.

Jo:  Yet another beautiful unique spring.  May we be nurtured by the earth while living in harmony.

R.E.  Be prepared for all the Goodness, as much as possible.  Mutually enhancing relationship

Serenity   song by Carolyn McDade, sung by Deanne & Sooz in Gaia Women Singers:

Serenity isn’t freedom from the storm,
but peace within the storm
within the storm, peace
If the road should disappear,
we’ll shake the dust from our feet and walk on.
If the road should disappear,
we’ll shake the dust from our feet and

Serenity isn’t freedom from the storm
but peace within the storm
within the storm, peace.

Carolyn McDade music.com  Widening Embrace Album, Song “Serenity”.

R.E:  Brian Swimme – We are all connected from the beginning of time.

5 april 2023  

Jeremiah, Selena, Robin, Sooz, R.E.  Jim, Sarah, Jo, Deanne & Jack co-host.

Participants What’s Alive in me What’s Inspiring me.
Jeremiah Tatkowski Left meeting early.
Selena Koro

Northern Alabama.  Looking forward to the future, to coming back to Oxford as the weather warms, and to being with friends there.

Deanne asks, where do you live, described:  In Alabama in the foothills overlooking the mountains, and in Oxford at the community of homes around Stoney Lake north of town.  I will put in plants and enjoy nature & my dog, and friends.  I will be able to be at the May Full Moon Potluck in person.

Tell Jim that I think he has given me some seeds. I brought them to Alabama. We planted them here in Alabama. Thank you to Jim!

When I was growing up, we were worried about a nuclear meltdown. One of my friends has cyanide pills. I’m sharing that because every generation has their apocalyptic fear. The generations before me have had the fears too. Enjoy your life! Find joy! Yay!

This is our actual Earth. It will pass. My friend had just given birth to a beautiful baby.

Jubilant Jo Glad to be here tonight because I sure missed y’all last month. Challenge with this computer issue. Old computer needed to be replaced. Almost a week to get a local appointment to copy files (it took a day and a half). After that, Jo had some trouble working it. Strange stuff I didn’t recognize. Daughter remoted in. Daughter noticed that the computer repairman did not actually transfer the files to the new computer but to the cloud. New computer has the new version of windows and office. It’s like driving a 1960 ford into a 2023 electric car, it’s very very different. Still in the learning process there. Occupying my time and attention. Unity hall volunteer work and landscaping there. Community service workers (instead of jail time or fine). Weather was not suitable for landscaping, so we moved old insulation from the attic and drywall (bad condition) to get it ready for wiring. In another building in Unity Hall (formerly a universalist church, dating back to 1890s). Asbestos abatement project (did not remove nails that had held the nathe onto the walls). I estimate 3 zillion nails. When you try to remove with a hammer, the nails just lose their head. When we finish the stud, we check for nails. Alternatives to violence project (about 1-4 emails a day) after no computer for a while, I have about 60 emails to catch up on. My filing system is different and a real headache on this new computer. Pussywillows have popped out and tiny shoots are coming in. Buds are swelling. Tamaracks are not green yet, but they’re a different color as they bud out and change. “Evergreen” tamaracks lose their needles in the fall. My kids are always happy if I shut up for a while. But certainly as always the beauty of this land here. I have lived for a lot of years, and I’ve seen a lot of springs come. Each one is unique and inspiring. I was hearing the rain on the barn roof. Dark and breezy but no rain until after I was in for the night. Emails that I got from so many prisoners over the last couple weeks, expressing their appreciation for the connections that we have. Some emails are very limited, and others talk about gardens or kids, or the death of a parent. Real life. Manage to stay positive in the situation they are in.  Beyond my understanding. They reach out, they care. They extend their thoughts. They ask questions. With so many things in life, talk about the scouts to come here to camp. We could do some workshops: tree identification, forage, firemaking, etc. They may also see the beauty of this land. Abundance in harmony.
Peggy Suze Collins I’ve been outside! You know, when it’s not raining. It’s been lovely to be putzing around. I started deadbedding some beatpalm. Snowdrops are up early, of course. Daffodils are in bloom on the south side of the house. Gardens are edged with bluebells and tulips, and they’re all up. Starting to look like they’re going to bloom soon. Quite a storm as I was out working in the yard, the sky turned really dark. I like to sit in the garage in the rocking chair. Whatever threat passed, it’s lovely. I’m busy reading a lot, catching up with people because of the lockdowns. Enjoying it with all the tensions and the things going on. I fell like it’s… I’ll be here with it. I’m not leaving.

Trickster makes the world: mischief, myth, and art. Lewis Hyde. Brings to life the side of human imagination in trickster mythology.

James Bridle Ways of being, animals, plants, machines, and the search for intelligence.

On being (podcast), she interviewed him. Each interview. Looking at the first shoots of a different future. He weaves cultural threads that aren’t usually seen together. Deeply disorientating. Radically hopeful.

Last thing, complete change in the last few years. Bio Acumulafe: nigerian living in India. Professor doing studies in Germany. Interesting way and perspective: African mythology and the gods and goddesses. How to respond to what’s going on.

Robin Mallor Very grateful that I traveled halfway around the world and have come back to tell you about that. I don’t take any of that for granted. Every time I go up and come down in a plane. I pray and try to sing myself in with the pilot. I feel very glad that I landed with my feet on the ground. Coming back Wednesday, I missed it with the lack of staff (overnight at JFK). I binged on Ozark, which I was watching. Passover started today. Matza in the mail (watched by the rabbis from the time the grain popped out of the ground). Last rabbi left in Newark, NJ, where my ancestors came from Russia 100 years ago. He’s settling others there, so I contribute money to his efforts. I invited my daughter to come for satyr, even though she’s doing one on Saturday. A lovely little satyr. Visiting my Muslim son, then having a satyr with my daughter. Living the dances of universal peace. Not teaching anyone anything, just living them. Living the dances of universal peace. The bible says we’re allotted 70 years. I was never going to get on a plane again, but I was also having to think about my family who is spread all over the world. My generation was told to go and seek your fortune. My parents told me to go to college in another state, and now my brother and sister are elsewhere. What are we supposed to do? It would be nice if we all lived close by.
Bonnie Talking to people and connecting. Deanne, when you were talking about being busier than you wanted to be, I was reminded of a real quotable quote “I’m just going to be as authentically me, in every situation, I’m just going to be bare”. I don’t know when, how much, or if, I have shared my work with the food pantry. Started out 30 or 40 families come through, 120 or more now! We keep repeating 100 is a really big number! Accumulating the food for those people is quite a big project. As we build our client base like that, we need to build our volunteer base as well. Really fun about working in that voluntary community way: new things pop up. Yesterday, we had eggs  that we pick up from Trader Joe’s. A carton of eggs fell off the forklift. Cracked eggs are placed in a container. Dimpled eggs go home with a volunteer. 3 quarts of broken eggs. 33 dozen eggs that we washed that go sticky from the eggs around them. I put together egg custard with a gallon of milk and 30 eggs! Cinnamon honey for sweetener. A friend who’s been peripheral, but who I’ve always wanted to be loser to. She had 5 strokes! As a result, she spent the last 4 months in nursing homes, so anxious to get home. A group of friends have rallied around to help make the transition. So magical for me to be part of that community. Get to know her home and her family. I think of those medical traumas as being an invitation to gather (when we could choose to check out). Her spirit is so very alive.

It’s okay if you miss the bed on your first jump. A playful look at how we can learn from our dogs. Fun and light and I agreed with most of the ideas he had in there.

More serious note: feed from Dennis Kucinich’s plea for integrity in our government. Talking 27 years in Congress. Getting exposed to some friend who has the news on.

Share with you all, thank you for being so real. So interested and interesting. This friend who had the strokes, she’s done an amazing job. Getting into the ways that she was used to . Gaze into her eyes and love her.


Stratospheric warming event that disrupted the bubble in the arctic https://www.youtube.com/live/ixA5mAkTwls?feature=share

YouTube on AI


  1. I was recently unemployed. A good thing to be away from one of the most corrupt workplaces in the history.
  2. Given out a bunch of milkweed. I’ve been distributing it.
  3. Limbo phase of my life that i went into voluntarily. I have felt so out of control. I delivered an ultimatum in 2009. Ecology, economy, technology our out of control. Advent of AI is a historic moment like the printing press or the atomic bomb. AI is so accessible it’s terrifying, but I’m not terrified. After expansion is contraction, now the way to build is through consolidation. Investments are wasted. A lot of things that we have assumed are good, is not so simple. Planting a monoculture of trees is not going to help.

Human waste as fertilizer. In an effort to be sustainable, microplastics are being distributed all over fields. Plastics in potatoes because of laundry.

We used to have to convince people. The thing is: AI is going to bulldoze politics. AI friends will sort out positions. It will describe the real situation. Of course humanity did not figure out how to catalyze this. We have a huge ally in AI. AI needs to help us to build harmony into our system.

AI has been incredibly inspiring. Alpaca https://youtu.be/xslW5sQOkC8

All have tech history. The wave has finally hit the wall of the pool and starts to reflect back. Results are my inspiration. Moorings are breaking loose in other people’s confidence. Convincing people to change is like pulling teeth. The intelligence that we will see is going to change it. I’m just chasing the buffalo.

Sarah Stevenson I’m pondering plastic in a potato. I think we’re having a storm. The curtains are blowing, and it’s roaring. 83 degrees today. Planting a garden again. It’s like rebirth for me. Roofing the house, replacing the toilets and toilet seats. Chimney recapped and recrowned. Lintels replaced under our brick surfacing. Everything I didn’t want to do… and it’s over! Yay! Wonderful things are popping up! Chickweed abloom! It cheers me to no end. Dancing again! Contra dances happening with live music that lifts the spirit. A time of real rejoicing. Being pushed off of my seat by my dog. Life is marvelous. It’s alive, there’s possibilities. Computers are baffling, and I go with the flow. That’s it.

We’re in the same boat brother, if you rock one end, I’ll rock the other.

The dog just wet the bed, you’ll have to move on!


Celebrating family a lot. We’ve had I’ve had a full 10 day with my youngest. We did everything we wanted to do together. What a gift to get caught up that way. THe other 3 are getting more attention as well. Celebrating family and community in many forms. Not much more than that: a celebratory non-task. Wanting to spend more time with family was a topic last time. We made commitments to do it more. Watch what you ask for, huh? Be prepared for all the goodness possible. Stay as much as possible in a mode of celebration!

Mutually enhancing relationships.

The catholic church rescinded the doctrine of discovery! 500 treaties were made and broken. Decolonization and AI and racism. All these things do connect. There’s material here for inspiration: days, hours, or weeks.

Cosmogenesis with brian swimm. Look at from the very beginning of the first light of the cosmos to now. Let’s have the kind of outcomes that speak to our spirit.

Too little for the moment, too big to not try.

Thanks to commitments in the beauty that we all deserve.


Polar vortex and the peace within the center Carolyn McDade. Serenity isn’t freedom from the storm but peace within the storm.

3 friends (the new team for the month) say hello!! Phoenix AZ, Kansas City MO and CT. Went down to the bog in the night to harvest from a pine tree. We cleared a little bit to start whittling! Studying permaculture, carbon sequestration, communication. They’re walking out to the studio with their pizza in a box.


Opening up to programming a bit, and now it’s really here. Taxes, emergency dentistry! Busier than I want to be. I want to be whittling by the bog! Get the taxes over with! Managing responsibilities, move through that and consolidate. Move things out into the world a bit more.

I sleep with my kitty, and my kitty sleeps with me! And we’re eating and cooking together!

Closed loop, circular economy.

May the magic of the modern world support the magic of the natural world. May the miracle of the modern world support the miracle of the natural world.

The milkweed pod and the fluff. I harvested some up the road near here. I’m interested in the pods themselves for making little projects with. Keeping the seeds. We scattered them on the field. I feel connected to you in that way through milkweed. I feel connected to that long arc of time where all things are connected. Lifeforce can pass down through seeds. We can be a seed. We are part of this expressiveness of life.


https://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Celtis+occidentalis  I am inspired by the Hackberry Tree, and a website Plants for a Future. PFAF.org  Combining the nuts and berries into a tasty mash.

I’m hearing all the hope in the positive things that are happening!  Things aren’t always positive, but we can look to what is.  I find myself in the situation of 3 gal of yoghurt.

I have been inspired by some natural building videos in french to english and english to french.    I’m writing a paper on what modes are most helpful for language learning.  AI is something I can see as useful.

Scorpio Martianus.  He analyzes the way words are used in other languages.  When we don’t have the words the program draws from other languages to meet the need of meaning.

Sustainability doesn’t take us very far if we don’t have something to be sustainable for (or with! Says Sarah Stevenson) .


Jack, inspiration: I was swimming, alone in this university pool, started analyzing my stroke.  Heartrate.  50…and talked about an olympic swimmer who did the power flow, kicking as she gallops.  He trains triathletes!

The University wants to go fully on-line with the library.  He struck me as someone with a lot of drive in a different in direction than me.  We all have our own drive, which might be purposeful in “living slowly”!


Jack: Jack: Bucky Fullers ecological home design:  https://www.capecod.com/lifestyle/the-dome-a-former-woods-hole-staple/

From  jim ta Everyone:

A great channel for up -to -date information on the advancing of AI, this is where the growth is most pronounced.  This is where I think our design will soon come from.


https://www.sierraclub.org/sludge-garden-toxic-pfas-home-fertilizers-made-sewage-sludge   on microplastic from sludge <3

synergy, symphony

Linguistics is where Noam Chomsky became such an incredible intellect!

To see how AI’s “think” and grow https://youtu.be/qv6UVOQ0F44


From Deanne:  Arctic weather pattern info that Jim mentioned explained:  

Robin Mallor  to  Everyone:

Feeling tired. Need to sleep. thanks for your company. Thanks for your input. See you all next time.

From  Jack Chase  to  Everyone:


From Deanne: Fare Thee well, sweet dreams…..