CONVERSATIONS on Natural Building

CONVERSATIONS on Natural Building

CONVERSATIONS on Natural Building 640 960 Strawbale Studio

Conversations re Natural Building


Applying Earthen mix to a Pollinator Hotel:

Detroit Waldorf 3rd Grade Fieldtrip to Strawbale Studio, Tour and making a cob sculpting mix.

Dear Deanne,
They/we had such a great day

Thank you so much for having us

We are going to use our earthen mix to decorate the sides of our insect and pollinator hotel that we are building

Julia  2023-3-26

Dear Julia,

I am so so delighted to hear of your plans to decorate the pollinator hotel !!

Absolutely YAY! 

It was very fun to be with you all, and I’m so glad the mud, the earth mix, the cob will continue to flow! 

To make it stick to wood….if the wood is a little rough it should be ok.  If the surface is smooth, it might need some attachment help, like a 1to 1 glue / sand mix smeared thinly over the surface and allowed to completely dry before applying the cob.  Or sometimes, I use some little nails to help things grip… you could do a little test without doing any of these things and see how it goes. Justin T is a resource, too.

Warmly. Deanne