Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 8, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 8, 2023

Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 8, 2023 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

March 2023 ~ Our Full MOON ZOOM was rich with sharing, listening, responding, inspiration, reflection:

Emergent themes:

  • Staying in touch with compassion, Empathy Mind Sight…Mindfulness.
  • Putting our self in another person shoes, imagining anothers’ internal world.
  • Staying present… in my life and with people. For my whole day, there is a very sacred feeling to my life.
  • Feeling Joy and inspiration in my conscious interactions with others. When I’m present with people like that, they are much more present with me.  And that moves us toward solutions that meet needs.
  • Spiritual resilience.

Participants shared “What’s Alive In Me”  and “What’s Inspiring Me” !
Jo ( lost sound) Mary S, Peggy, Jack & Deanne co-hosts, R.E Hogan, Clare, Selena.

Person What’s alive in you? What’s inspiring you?


Mind Sight.  Putting ourself in another person shoes, imagining anothers internal world. Parenting from the Inside Out. Danial Segal.  Mind sight is not encouraged by a parenting method that follows the idea “I’ll give you something to cry about”

Empathy (for self and for others) through NVC

“When we can see the mind of another person, we can understand what that person is thinking and feeling and respond with empathy.”

A normal infant is born with the genetic hardwired capacity for mind sight but the development of this comes from nurture.

A deaf child with parents who speak ASL was able to develop mindsight, the other was not.

Integrating parts of the brain.


Parenting from the inside out by Daniel Siegel
Peggy Suze – life feels very intense. Many longterm friends. Funeral last week, this week, and another call just now. It feels like a lot. I’m 79, I’m healthy. I wonder, am I next? I’m ok with all of it, and I’m feeling it. Everybody in the house is good. Zor the cat (one of 8 cats) is 23. Zor the magnificent. The sky has been gorgeous, the full moon was beaming right in, and all the cats were trying to get under its light. When the moon is full, that room, she is so bright. There are two stars in the Western sky: Jupiter and Venus with gorgeous colors. It’s not a surprise. I’m going to stick with it and make the best of it.

On Mindsight, it’s different than empathy. With empathy, you can feel what the other person is feeling. With mindsight, it seems that it is more outward-directed in terms of really wanting to connect with the other person’s feelings. The sight part of it is interesting. One way to connect with cats is to project an image right in front of their face. That might be in there somehow. There might be an image in there somehow.

Before empathy, one must visualize what is going on inside someone else’s head.

Deanne says that NVC calls this imagination of another’s experience empathy.

– half native american friend. Some things are better left unsaid. Jack is a perfect person to write on such things. It’s a perfect setup for Jack to write that.

– inspired about many things. So many good and interesting, and engaging things online. Really inspire me.

– my beliefs during covid and what’s going on in the world have been controversial: more and more is coming out. I haven’t had access to a lot of it. There is a community of people out there that have a similar awareness. I don’t feel hopeless about it. This whole shift, this big planetary shift. It’s not a wonderful feeling; it’s something to hang with. I feel strong enough to do that, and I feel so grateful to be brought to this place.

– Local, small farms, grass-fed animals, all that. Wise Traditions quarterly journal. Eating and living as preindustrial as you can. This man I had never met before, came up to me thinking I was a different Peggy. I found out that he has a small farm in MI, and he was really in trouble: no no family to pass it on to. One of the coop families that I belong to, would you be willing to connect with him. Is there something you can do? The small, local, organic farms in MI know each other. Farm to consumer (kind of illegal, like raw milk). They help them and provide legal advice. I’m really looking forward to receiving this next order. I’m sure he contacted this man to see if he can help him. Informally, they help each other to keep their farms. One problem he’s having: young people didn’t know what to do even though they have the desire to become farmers. I feel very strongly about supporting these local small farms. I was glad to be able to connect that up. That inspired me a lot. Biolo Coomlaute: partly because of him that I am engaged to the extent that I am. There is a crack in everything: that’s what I am seeing right now. The cracks need that light, and I need the light. I couldn’t explain it curtly, or maybe ever. Feeling connected with everything. Even at these funerals that I have been going to, I have been able to be there in person, and it is so different really in person. Even under sad circumstances, I can see people that I haven’t seen in 2 years but have known for 30 years. It’s an instant connection. We’ve shared a lot. I’m okay, you know, I really am. Thank you for listening.

Mary S In North America, sociocracy begins with the name dynamic governance.

– Has the strawbale studio ever been used as a movie set before?




Jubilant Jo Technical difficulties
REHogan Family-created stained glass, including one depicting Greenfire Farm.

Chloe is resting quietly under the plum tree. I miss being met in the driveway when I come home… and much more.

It’s a celebratory treat for the earth community at the tune to the thought of 1000 people. A new story and the earth community converging. That took place deep time network station. Approaching 1000 earth community people. Sharing their thoughts and feelings with over 1000 messages in the chat, a short paragraph each. An outpouring of the cosmogenesis stage that was coming through the deep time network. Celebrating the work of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme.

Glad for the joining of hearts and hands and share the journeys 🙂

Very pleased to have a deepening relationship with wilmington college people. Consider offering exploratory learning experiences there. Regenerative awareness on campus, particularly on the regen ag department.

I’m enjoying and taking the time to do and begin work on an auto-biocultural memoir. Where this journey has been, where it’s at, where it’s going. Reflect on it. Year or year and half into that process. Very meaningful. Biocultural, more than human. All the species being honored as we place region. Biocultural reunion. Lots more to go with that. It gives you the idea of self-organizing self. Everything is self-organizing: honoring the context that we’re in.

The idea of an evolving document Affirms cosmogenesis writing. Expanding universe. Object floating out there in space. Subjectivity, communication, dimensions are part of the being alive. Welcome home to a dynamic scene.

Deanne Community Farm, and doing community work.  Plaster workshop at Strawbale Studio. Thatching.

RE, I’m thinking of your work with the Quakers. I’m curious about that, though it might not be a conversation for this group.

I had a thought during Suze’s conversation on death. The death and reflection on that. There was a fullmoon potluck here last night. The snow was so deep, did I want to pay for the plowing. This one guy, I just met this new couple. This girl, she teaches environmental ed at a charter school up the road called Kingsbury. They moved up and over this way. They played a little bit of peace songs and improvisation. I was playing around with fire. The wood was alive as a tree, then as firewood, then burning it becomes ashes, which I place out on the driveway, where it becomes dirt. What then will it become? New song phrase, what will I become? What will we become? Wondering at the wood, what will it be? This is everything that is going on, is the coming and going. We are in the coming: embrace, fear, neglect our own deaths in a way potentially more than other sentient parts of life. The analogy of the tree: trees grow tall, and trees grow strong, and trees sway with the wind their whole lives long… fallen trees still feed the seeds they cast before they die.

– Peace wave around the planet. What more can I do here? Washing the planet daily with intention. Spend time with that.

Derrick Jensen can say in one paragraph what it takes Daniel Quinn a book to say.

– Barberry chopsticks (Song, What will I become, the woodfire says.)  A heart that’s ready for anything

– We are known uniquely by each person in our life. A part of me will not ever be seen in the same light as I am by Lois.

– Reflective perspective

– east river farm just sold, he and his wife will no longer be married. He had 45 days to get every animal and everything out of there. Chickens may move to the strawbale studio. Form some ideas around local support. Local communities don’t often reach out for support, because we’re expected to be self-reliant. Trying to find a place to keep his animals temporarily. How do we bring some people together to talk? Ideas?

For sale sign went up about a year ago. He might even be staying here.

– Peggy: dropping links in the chat to provide connections to local farmers:

– Clare: my heart goes out to them.

– Deanne: zoom call go around

Peace wave, what will I be next?

Concepts that I think are important prompted by the question: what are the 20 things you want in your life (Bucket list idea)?

Jack   Inviting Deanne to teach in Vermont – Froyo, bilingual education, shawl from Robin Mallor, Inviting Deanne to teach in Vermont

– Neil DeGrasse Tyson on water

– Projection talk by Suze and how it reminds me of Falun Gong

Jack, look into this: a language older than words by derrick jensen

PART 2 INSPIRATION:  LANGUAGE.  What is my Mother Tongue?  Speak White:  I was brought to tears. Jack reads it in French (I ask “What are those readings for you?”
There may be some intergenerational trauma.  My great great grandmother 100% Wamponoak.  I almost feel like my ancestors were part of the erasure of that language. Part of a culture dies when it looses its language.  Reflective perspective. (Sooz had a similar situation with a relative, and it brings that up for me again.) (Clare:  I really appreciated you reading those poems, in french, and repetition almost like music, play with it in interesting ways).

  • .  Coordinated projection of positive feelings. Practice breathing in the woes of the world and breathing out positivity  It just seems like we could all benefit from that.  DEannes talk and song on “What we will become” and Chlloe the cat is under the tree, resting quiety.  WE have probably shared each others water molecules, and in a dinosaur and Julius Cezar specifically.  What we share.  Physically we share water molecules and what more beyond the physical.  I’m working on a thesis for a masters degree, and in studying it, I am coming across what do we study at all?  Bilingual education.  For so long, being bilingual was often looked down upon.  Both of my friends parents are 2nd generation americans, and grandparents chose not to teach their mother language, Spanish.  I’ll share some links in the chat. Speak White by Michele Lalonde, poet from Quebec.  Cultivation of cultural competence, and changes structure of your blame.
Clare Appreciation of the meditation practice. Similar to what I learned at the buddhist center. Tong len. The idea behind it: Breathe in your own suffering and the suffering of those you care for deeply. Breathe it in as black smoke into your heart center, purify it there, then release it as glittering, white vapor. Repeat the process with greater and greater communities.

KTC (buddhism center). Volunteering there for about a year now last March (one year ago). People there now refer to me as a librarian. Everybody donates to the library. I know people by name. All different types of people come. What I love about Columbus, there are people here from everywhere.

I’ve been working remotely for my job for almost 2 years. I’ve always done my job via Zoom. Now, I’m back on campus 2 days a week. I was resistant at first and commuting. Meeting people is now so important to me. There is something lost over Zoom sometimes. You get more from people when you are with them. Sharing a physical space. I appreciate having that back. Incidental interactions: solving problems, silly moments in the hall, etc. I had a great talk with my coworker Andy yesterday about Zoom meetings. In academia, there are a lot of them. Coworkers at home or in another meeting. A lot of folks feel bored by these meetings, a disconnect. Brainstorming why?

– These meetings (full moon zoom) are an ideal format. I pull things that I am learning from this space into my workplace and academia. I gave a presentation on NVC to my coworkers. What we do here is a model for other things. I would not have gotten to know all of you if not for this format. How can we make gatherings and meetings meaningful?

– closing my eyes and just listening to the sounds. The poem is playful and in the realm between art and language.

– part of me is simmering on everything. 20 most important things in your life.

– I really feel that, knowing that it’s already out there. Don’t die while your music is still in you. Wayne Dyer?

RE, I resonated with what you said about the sacred and the whole. That’s been something that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

I’ve been doing a lot of meditation, mostly things that I’ve learned at KTC. Tibetan buddhist tradition. Aware of my own mind. A lot more aware of staying in touch with my compassion with other people. Being truly present with other people as I interact with them. As I meditate more, I meet with people. Some say that I’m not really present with them by preparing what I will say in my head. When I’m able to stay present throughout my day (it’s a challenge: everyone has their own needs and I have my own needs.) When I’m able to stay with people in that compassionate present place, there’s a sacred feeling to my life. When I lose touch with that… it’s like objects floating in empty safe. In that, it feels very fragmented, unwhole. Inspiration comes from being conscious: enriches the quality of my life and my interactions with them.

When I’m present with others, they’re present with me. We’re on the same page, we can more readily feel empathy for each other. Certainly I feel empathy for them, and we reach solutions more easily and naturally.

RE: a spiritual resilience.

Chat Resources:
Mary S

Sociocracy. https://www.sociocracyforall.org/group-decision-making/
https://earth.google.com/earth/d/1TW-oxpIvi5TYH1TFuvKBU_K9iuEBgkaB?usp=sharing. The Old River Farm
Handbook of Handbooks for Decentralized Organizing. https://hackmd.io/@yHk1snI9T9SNpiFu2o17oA/Skh_dXNbE?type=view


Visible planets and night sky March 2023

Click to access 1-Speak-Whiteen.pdf


Parenting from the inside out by Daniel SiegelMind sight and the developing brain  https://mindsitenews.org/
Jack: https://mindsitenews.org/  “When we can see the mind of another person, we can understand what that person is thinking and feeling and respond with empathy.”

Wise Traditions quarterly


Farm to Consumer link might be on the WAP Price web site.