Learning Tour ~ 2-18-2023

Learning Tour ~ 2-18-2023

Learning Tour ~ 2-18-2023 640 505 Strawbale Studio

Three families came together to share this Tour.  They were all new folks for me, and we had a super delightful time looking at the natural building features in the main house, and Strawbale Studio, Middle Earth, Hobbit Sauna and the Kids Cottage…as well as seeing the Rumford Fireplace, Earth Oven and Rocket Stove Mass Heater!

Arriving first was Ron & Elen. Ron was raised in Missisippi on a dairy farm, and Elen’s family was from Brazil. She loves nature and wanted to experience natural building in person!

Karen and Erich arrived next, with their 2 lovely children. They are eager to build some things on their 7 acres of land! The children were curious and delightful! They explored the ladders, lofts, climbing stones, and peeking around corners!

Mara and Bill brought her dad Mike, and brother Tyler. Bill and Tyler are arborists and will be the builders & carpenters for their upcoming projects! Lots of enthusiasm and specific questions! What about the foundation, the post placement, plasters, and more!

It was so fun to be together in nature and with each other, engaged in something we all find meaningful and connecting!

I was super delighted with our time together, feeling very happy and alive! Gratitude.