Full MOON ZOOM ~ Dec. 7, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Dec. 7, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Dec. 7, 2022 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio


Emergent Themes

There was a lot of sharing and webbing of ideas as we come together, again, to share.~ Sweet.things, Hard things, Inspiring things, Changing things, the Nature of Life….

From Jo:

Being by ourselves, we often do not feel lonely. We find different ways of connecting. 

I never feel lonely on my land. The trees and the sky and all the wild plants on the ground. The squirrels, the birds. Surrounded by this vibrant life, the changing sky: the clouds and the colors. I’m just in awe. J

Participants: Jack, Doug R, Peggy, Jo, Deanne, Barbara

Person What’s alive in you? What’s inspiring you?
Barbara Putnam

. husband died 2 months ago.

. nephew and his wife are having a baby shower, and that’s the great excitement in my life right now. It’s nice to know someone new is coming.

Barbara left the zoom, needing to sleep.
Peggy S. Collins

. pour libations to the ancestors, communicating to encourage a natural life for those alive.

. I would sometimes get a response from around me (movement, breeze, etc.)

. appreciation for Deanne’s art – natural, sweet, very engaged with life. Feeling like more good news here in my country and around the world. The last few years have been extremely challenging for me. A very different path from the way it seemed to be going for decades. It’s a direction I think I’ve needed to go in, but I would not have chosen it if not for life taking me that way. In retrospect, it’s where it needed to go. I had not thought of changing it. It feels deeper and more meaningful. Much more of an activist. I’m entangled in it. It feels good. It’s risky. It’s not always comfortable. It feels real and truthful. Thank you for allowing me to consider that.

The book Old Growth: The best writing about trees (a compendium of about 30 writers). An arboretum of essays. Stories of interspecies relationships.

. Robin Wall Kimmerer

. The ash tree that I communicate with over the mycorrhizal network sent out a thorny branch out of one of its roots. Hawthorn in connection with my Irish heritage?

. How many impossible things can I consider before breakfast? ~Alice in Wonderland?

. The truth is good.

. Opossum out on the deck. They’re useful neighbors. There are two of them out there! I am shocked! Word got out that there’s food over here at this house.

. working together in community is something that may be lacking for prisoners, and I think it’s really a good thing that you’re doing.

Jubilant Jo

. the big turtle in the cob bench

. the newest resident (a toad). He has sat right at the base of my potted grapefruit tree.

. the reason that I’m not getting more done. The list is much too long to start with, and then I keep looking at what didn’t get done. I start off with 15 things, and I end up with 27 things, counting the few that I crossed off. I’m still finishing projects, including the ones that I thought I would have finished in October.

. Mohawk Valley collective. County probation dept. Folks found guilty, and yet they complete community service rather than being sent to jail. Rather than landscaping, Jubilant Jo recommended that they install drywall. One worker there is legally blind, so they laughed at the idea that one old lady and one blind guy got so much done.

. Still digging up some roots for wild eating. Still looking for friends to pop up.

. Entire column of tax expenses disappeared on my computer..

. The toad at the grapefruit tree in my barn never makes a sound.

. alternative to violence project ~ for people in prisons. Discuss the difference between being lonely and being alone. In prison, sometimes one is in solitary confinement. Being by ourselves, we often do not feel lonely. We find different ways of connecting. I never feel lonely on my land. The trees and the sky and all the wild plants on the ground. The squirrels, the birds. Surrounded by this vibrant life, the changing sky: the clouds and the colors. I’m just in awe. I feel so blessed that I have all this beauty around me. When we felt most alone, we are in crowds of people. Being near people and without connection is when we feel most alone.

. the work we’re doing down at Unity Park. Working inside and together. I think all of us would like the projects to be moving along faster than they are. Landscaping plans in front of Unity hall in Spring. I thought it was going to be finished early last summer.

. the anthropocene reviewed by John Green

Deanne Bednar

. co-generation and co-creation of art

. always looking for someone to play with, as an “only child” because my brother was so much older.

Back in the tribe, we would have interwoven lives. Easier?

. when we have animals, we have to take care of all their basic needs. Back when we were foraging, we didn’t tend the animals, nature would be tending them.

. I’m working on my digestion 80% of what I’m hoping for. Assimilation: healthy elimination. Solid outcome.

I’m wanting less things in my space & more consolidation.

. I care for things. That’s why all of these things are here, and I also see that there’s a need for healthy elimination. Aother part of the metaphon: What’s all the digestion for? Fit. Fit for what? What are we using our health for?  I’ll work on that for next time.

. 40th annual celebration of land stewardship center. Jan 20th. Donate and join the virtual address. Robin Wall Kimmerer

. I’m valuing being part of something larger that’s contributing. I can Be aware of the ways that I am already am connected. I appreciate the ways you each are sharing how you are connected to larger organizations seeking to contribute to the well-being of life.

. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=youtube+noosphere+synergy

Jack Chase

. notice of shiitake logs in the Strawbale Studio video… and reminded of wine cap mushrooms.  my father and I are going to .make a Wine Cap bed on woodchips this year!  The Confucian Idea of THE PATH . Hold the choices we make now on the path.  The process is the Destination.  . I have a new roommate and I didn’t realize how lonely I was!  I slept in a hammock visiting friends.  Brought back my twin bed from my childhood, and wow, am I SLEEPING.

Confucian. Like confusion. Con, from Confound…con to jumble.

https://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Celtis+occidentalis  I am inspired by the Hackberry Tree, and a website Plants for a Future. PFAF.org  Cmobining the nuts and berries into a tasty mash.



21:42:14 From Jubilant Jo To Everyone:

The Anthropocene Reviewed   Book by John Green
The Anthropocene Reviewed : Episodes | Podcasts

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The Human Energy Project. Noosphere youtube videos 

Google:  YouTube noosphere human energy project

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Adam Ragusea

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