Full MOON ZOOM ~ Nov 7, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Nov 7, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Nov 7, 2022 512 436 Strawbale Studio

Our common theme this month turned out to be “sewing”, as we each had a project with us that we worked on during the zoom:  mending, needlepoint, knitting.

We laughed a lot together, and perhaps it was the crafting with our hands that provided such a particularly contented connection, increasing a playful flow.  Lots of fun.
Deep reflections on death also surfaced: grandma died, hurricane devastation, brothers’ serious operation upcoming, and more.

And still we ended on a playful, creative note, delighted to be sharing!


The first half of our time we took turns sharing “what’s alive in me’.  Then a 5 min break followed by the 2nd half: “what’s inspiring me”.    Notes +  links from the chat, below.

  (Participants:  Jubilant Jo had technical difficulties and couldn’t stay on the zoom, alas. Remaining 8 ~ Peggy Sooz, Pat, Bonnie, Jim, Selena, Clare, Deanne & Jack, Co-Hosts)


Name What’s alive in me? What’s inspiring me?
Peggy Suze Collins Seeing the morning star (also the evening star, it appears at different times of the year). I’m getting more understanding in my positions (politically). I have good health. This has been a really good body for almost 79 years, and I feel really lucky. The Gaia women’s group got together for the first time in person. What’s a bad thing that turned out to be a good thing? Being out in the trees and the grass for hours and hours was a well-serving early learning. My parents probably would have been taken away from me too. No privacy for the kids these days. One time I found a cigar still burning by the train tracks, one time. Trying to get settled for the winter. I can hardly wait to sit by the fire and read! Lie down in the grass and watch the crickets. Gratitude for the Bioneers Annual Conferences and for admiring nature. My good health is alive in me. Rain garden is a bit too much, so I’ve been giving away the plants that I’ve come to love over the years. One young woman who is taking some of them is offering to connect me to some application. There’s a lot in my life and I need it that way. In two house payments, my house will be paid off. As we grew up, 3 homes foreclosed on us. I’ll be the first in my family to have a paid off house! Van in the rain garden!
Pat Kolon Needlepoint is bringing life to me. Doing something artistic that I designed. I made a connection with some women in a needlepoint store. The first store was not so welcoming, but the second one was enveloping in the women’s wisdom and joy. It gives me a chance to connect with my personal ancestors (my mom and oldest sister). Working and feeling the strain on my body: grateful for the women and men who are making our clothing (and for those who did so through the centuries). Hard to put my gardening to bed. Having some consternation with the weather’s effects on my garden. Needlepointing a reindeer over my daughter and son-in-law’s new house. Weave my wishes for their happiness and so forth, and my daughter’s pregnant. I spent 5 days that week helping them pack. Hospicing Modernity book: finding it challenging and inspiring. Danceability: I carry that dance and that connection. Movement and connecting with people. It’s just lovely. When I was at the soup kitchen this morning, one person was talking about how one little difference in diet can make a huge difference.
Bonnie One of my friends has a home on pine island that was right in the center of the hurricane. I had my first (and hopefully last) experience in a disaster zone. FEMA and all the volunteers were amazing. Pile of stuff that was discarded. The backyard was knee-deep in debris. All that stuff had to be hauled out. 3ft of water in his house. Take out the lower 4ft of drywall. Repurposed logging trucks to help carry out trash. 6ft long kitchen tongs used to carry out the trash. I’ve been waking up with dreams about it. It’s an emotional experience. Far more so than just seeing it on the news. A letter from 1999 I wrote concerning my death wishes: No medical interference to my body’s natural healing or dying. If I am unable to articulate my request for help, I will request only spiritual help. A legal directive to follow. The medical community often puts pressure on one’s community to allow for medical intervention. Bliss in life and death comes from yes, i.e. non-resistance.

I appreciate being able to spend time with people who are so real and in touch with life. To be there at the gateways of whatever this is and whatever comes next is so precious.

Jim Preparing for the food pantry. My brother is having some surgery. Each of the siblings is going down to stay with him for a week. They’re removing his stomach and part of his liver. They’re trying to clear the aorta from cancer invasion. It will be nice to see them, although I wish it were under better circumstances.
Selena Koro I did some distance reiki for you and your brother. I’m in Alabama. The Moon is a big white flashlight in the sky. The man on the moon. A clear night here in Alabama. When is the eclipse? Tomorrow morning? I’m happy doing knitting  (of mug cozies). Show-and-tell of the Cozy. Gift giving is alive in me! I hope to be here until March or April. I’m here in Alabama picking up my father’s ashes. I need to take care of myself in this time for sure. At some point in the past, someone recommended Bioneers. I started getting their newsletter. Nov 3rd newsletter. Particular paragraph: the efforts we are engaged in on social justice, environmental, and more long term fights (db: perhaps “shaping of culture” instead of “fights”) are for the soul of our civilization. This fight (db: shaping?) can take centuries. There will inevitably be periods of progress, stagnation, and regression.
Clare Deeply enjoying hearing the bits and pieces of your lives out in the world. In my little corner of the world, I’m in the zoom box with Deanne. This is my 3rd visit with Deanne. Normally, I work a desk job, and I’m feeling refreshed spending so much time outside and cooking. We shoveled (horse) manure the other day. Mulching gardens! Establishing a rhythm with Deanne. Yoga in the East Wing with Deanne. My grandmother passed away last month. I was very close with her. Lots of sadness coming up. I’m feeling emotional now. Strangely, it brought my family together, and I got to see folks who I hadn’t seen in years because of COVID. Feeling emotionally open means genuine connection talks. It has me wondering: what’s important? Connecting with people. Shoveling manure. Deanne has a lot of books! The first day that I came here. Creative dreaming by Patricia L. Garfield. Fascinating. The gist: paying attention to and shaping the content of your dreams. Each morning Deanne and I have shared what we’ve dreamed about the night before. Breakfast time conversations and reflections on the last 8 hours. Several hours of every day. I’ve always had a pretty rich dream life. Often I’ll go back and visit the same location over and over again. A map in my mind of a dream landscape that I explore every night, and I forget about that. Techniques or frameworks for drawing out meaning from your dreams. Gestalt: picture yourself in the role of different characters in your dream and speak from their perspective.

Bonnie: societies that regularly share dreams have remarkable longevity.

Deanne Hand-sewing, making a handkie from a sheet left here by Jim McDonald for a workshop. Re Clares’ visit: Such joy and ease in having her here. Comfortableness and feeling normal. Get to express myself and be heard. Big full discussion on recycling and circular economy. Sharing notes on NVC. What are we feeling? What are we needing? How can we connect and inspire? It’s been a lovely, creative, and pleasant, healthful time. I dreamt last night, two ladies with babushkas were singing in harmony. It was a confident, comfortable, creative duet act. That was a dream and it was fun. It was reflective of the qualities of our being together.
Getting some support on voting decisions from different sources. I’m hoping I feel fine after the 8th. Going into things with friendly curiosity.
Each culture has a unique take on dreaming. I’m inspired by bringing my own awareness and those I’m talking to… to come through the pain, discomfort and angst to inspiration itself. What is it that inspires us when we’re feeling down? I’m inspired by finding ways to come up into wonder, friendly curiosity, compassion. That might lead me to consider strategies that lead to wonder: nature, noosphere (human synergy), lens of wonder and synthesis and allowing for “quality of connection” between people and nature. I’m reading Stephen Covey. A principle-centered life. The Tao of Pooh. Stephen Covey: Because you aren’t omniscient, you can’t always know in advance what is truly important. As carefully as we organize the week, there will be times when the principle centered person will need to subordinate our schedule to a principle,  and we can do that with an inner sense of peace.
Jack Hard phone conversation, meditate on the finity of the universe.  Not taking care of myself, or looking at the issues.  Feeling a little out of balance with grad school, teaching and swim coach.  Needs, connecting with myself. Journaling. Meditation and prayer.  Clare suggests: Shamata practice. To  Empty and for restoration. Reconstructinghistory.com  This hood I made inspired (in the past) people all over Europe.  It also creates a Chaperon, when turned inside out and rolled up !

I say Goodnight in greek ονειρα γλυκα which means “Sugary Dreams!”