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Cob EARTH OVEN Workshop in Detroit Oct 9, 2022 – Strawbale Studio

Cob EARTH OVEN Workshop in Detroit Oct 9, 2022

Cob EARTH OVEN Workshop in Detroit Oct 9, 2022

2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

The COB EARTH OVEN WORKSHOP was hosted by Jason Lindy in Detroit and enthusiastically support by Eric Douglas, with teacher, Deanne Bednar.
Students learned how to identify, test, source, prep and make an earthen mix suitable for the main firing chamber of this traditional style of baking oven.

Deanne demonstrated the sand mold and “oven mud” layer on a small model, then students assisted with the first stages of the large 26″ interior Earth Oven on-site.
They created an insulation layer under the oven floor made of bottles surrounded by an insulative mix of sawdust and clay slip.  The next step was making a base cob layer to support the fire bricks which will be the floor of oven.  Next, wet sand was shaped to be the form of the oven interior (sand is removed as a later step).  After the class ended, Eric and Jason applied 3 inches of “Oven Mud” to be followed by a 4-6″ sawdust/slip insulation layer to retain heat, and a 1″ finish layer of earth plaster on the exterior.  A roof will be added to protect the oven through weather.

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We all had a lovely time co-creating, learning, getting to know each other better, on this beautiful warm, sunny fall day.  Ah.

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