Full MOON ZOOM ~ August 11, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ August 11, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ August 11, 2022 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

Aug 11, 2022  Full MOON ZOOM

Things continue to weave and deepen into broadening patterns of hope and action.

Emergent Themes:  Compassion and joy!   A new & ancient story of home.  Connection with the miracle of Life through nature.  The importance and joy of contributing to life, in talking with people, in heart-ful giving.  Connecting, Original Principles of the indigenous with modern technology & values.

12 Participants:  Miriam, RE, Val,, Deanne & Jack – co-hosts, Bonnie, Jim, Clare, Marshall, Sooz, Jo and a drop in by Dan.

Name What’s alive in me: What’s inspiring me:
Miriam Rodatrip to Minnesota. Family and friend in Minneapolis. Contemporary museum (Walker Museum). Two indigenous poets, 1 black guy, and 1 white guy: Birch bark books. Louise Erdrich’s bookstore in Minneapolis. I introduced my friend to her city. A beautiful view of the Mississippi River. Louise and her culture is a force in her city in Minneapolis. INSPIRING  The Michigan primary. I’m in line to vote. The guy in front of me said “Immigrants”.  Where are your people from?  Why did they come here…for a better life! Interactions have it be a real conversation.
Bonnie Plants, plants, plants! House sitting and plant sitting. I have a friend who texts me every morning. Game of telephone, but it’s a story that we’re telling together. To be a daydreamer is a little insulting, and I realized that there’s a lot of joy in it. It’s playfulness, and I’ll reclaim it for myself.

Inspiration.  A good reason to vote.  Clare. Thanks for the techie info, the backgrounds, the flowers and sign you brought in.  Get more pleasure from smaller stimuli.  The inspiration I’d share.  I’ve been going to Guatemala 16 times…. The last trip was….so amazing for me.  The mom started as a Spanish teacher with a baby, now the 3 children are teenagers.  They study Fertility cycles, washable menstrual pads,

allowing the girls to go to school during their period.  We took 2 sewing machines with us, and the whole family got so excited about making cloth bags, and they put together a media presentation, and kits for the women…beads for measuring fertility…they did this all and presented to a couple of different communities !  In the few weeks that I was there.  It was so meaningful to be part of that !!!   Guatemala was trying very very hard to contain covid, only 1 person was allowed to go out from the family….for 2 years!
Peggy Suze Very engaged with life. Lots of digging: digging out invasive, moving things around. Thinking of the spring. Getting engaged with online learning. I have very full days, and I’m loving the weather. I’m feeling really connected. Chiropractor Bob “Doctor Bob”: earth world peace center; many herbs. There was a concert there, and it recharged my old hippy spirit. I saw people I knew, and I met new ones. There was a dog there that was part wolf, very peaceful and walking among people. INSPIRATION:  Reading about Trees…pamphlet the language of trees by Twila niche. The language of stones, Nature chants and dances. The agency the trees have!  Charles Eisenstein, such a balanced view of the virus and the planet.  I listen to him a lot.  I am grateful to have his deep thoughtfulness and balanced view.  He wrote The More Beautiful World We all know is Possible.    My garden is coming in.  Greens, sauteed, vinegar, Parmesan, and pine nuts!  Delicious ! A rich, rich life!
RE Hogan An initiative in the indigenous world reaching out to the business world. Program to reprogram the directions of businesses in alignment with how they ought to be engaged. Indigenous women are in the lead.


What an amazing experience about a month ago to have Wilmington College, Alma Mater connect with me, which turned into a tour of the campus and a team to meet with…to explore, catch, and I’m invited back to teach, strategic planning and research for the college!

Who would believe it!  That’s INSPIRING ME to stay on the path.  Solitude of deep listening process, and act when it is clear.  When folks show up an validate these ideas.  Dialogue on what we might want to be doing together.   The Original Principles Protocol….to train companies in indigenous wisdom!  Reaching out to ALL OUR RELATIONS!  Book Rooted Among the Ashes.
Jubilant Jo Gratitude for all the events. Gratitude for the Zoom, one of the few benefits of the pandemic. Blueberries are doing well. Enough in the freezer to last until next summer. Eating my daily quota (a large quantity). Inviting my neighbors and friends to pick and share. Wild blackberries are starting to get ready. New lawn-mower battery-operated. I did professional landscaping for a number of years, and this is the best lawn-mower of her life. Taking care of my neighbors’ horses while they are on vacation. Several trees came down on the trails near my buildings. Working 1-2 days per week at Unity Park. Unity Park: used to be a house, rented out and deteriorating. Now it’s a park. Beside a former Unitarian church, which is now becoming a community building building community. Unity Park is a place where people can go to perform community service. Many emails with prisoners in the NY state system involved with the alternatives to violence project. Lots going Many emails with prisoners in the NY state system involved with the alternatives to violence project.

Lots going on! Soaking my feet in hot water, and it feels good. Many baby chicks.

INSPIRING:  I’ve been gardening since i was 3 years old. Corn, pat the earth down. I pulled out all my corn plants thinking they were weeds, grass.  Lambs quarters, and so much more…and between them are the green beans. So often we don’t recognize the blessings in our life.  (When I look at my to do list, and have so much to add…and I see others who are so bored…My days are full and also rewarding. ..

Clare Life is so full. So much to talk about. I’m reminded of Deanne, and how I found the Strawbale Studio. Found Deanne through a book that Deanne illustrated. I joined the July or August Zoom meeting. That September I got two weeks off of work to visit Deanne. So much has changed in a year. A year ago, I was living with my mom in a little apartment. I moved back in with her because of COVID. 2 weeks ago, I helped my mom move into her first house. She’s been a renter her whole life. My mission has been helping her to fill out her gardens. I live in Westerville, Ohio, and I love my window gardens. It’s made me go out of my way to do other people’s garden beds. Today, I was taking a bike ride, and I found a cutting garden. Bouquets to-go! So many great connections with neighbors. For one group of neighbors, I landscaped part of their lawn, and they told me to come back next year. I miss you Deanne, and the magical space. What’s inspiring me: In Columbus, there is a Buddhist center called KTC. I have been going there usually every Sunday. They have  library that I’ve started volunteering in. It’s an incredible collection of books. It’s run on donations and volunteer work. All of these programs, classes, private meetings run on generosity. It’s motivated by nothing else than to do some good for the community. I’ve completed all 8 of the beginner classes.

Little acts (like the cutting garden), which are not necessary, they provide so much richness to life.

The more I do these things, the more I want to participate in them. Compassion and joy!

Jim A new experience for me! I’m doing my little bit of gardening. The weeds are winning. It’s always a chore. I enjoy being outdoors. It’s always a joy. Jim’s very modest. He runs a food bank. He distributes all through the month, even though the bank is only technically open once a month. Trader Joe’s and Bread by Chris and New York Bagel and Einstein Bagels and Costco (a lot from Costco). Recently, we got some milk. We were expecting 144 half-gallons of milk, and we were given double! And recently we had the power out at our church, one of the substations burned. We talked with one of the regional directors and they sent us 100 bags of ice to keep the food cold.
Angela Power outage! Been going to Doctor Bob’s for over a decade. I like it when my electricity’s out. Many interesting challenges for me lately. I’m hanging in there. There are always the nice things about summer. The garden even does well with a bit of neglect. The mint has taken over most of my plot, and the bees are loving it! Tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans, but there aren’t too many fruits. it only last year. Jojo and I have been going out to the lake to swim a few times a week. A beautiful natural lake only 20 minutes from us. I discovered at the Oakland University —

Zip lining for her friend’s birthday.

There are always the nice things about summer.

Deanne Once things are planned I get a sense of relief. I’ve been able to have a special kind of spaciousness. There’s no one on site now until the 22nd of the month. Generally, I have this time. I have time to look inwardly and outwardly. I’m integrating thoughts and ideas and physical well-being. I’m getting outside and doing some unusual things. I’m walking outside and just observing. Isn’t that a great idea? Moths that fly like hummingbirds. It’s called the hummingbird moth. I’ve seen hummingbirds on plants that are growing on their own. One might call them weeds, and I choose to call them by their name. I have a personal goal that I don’t take out the plants if I don’t know who they are. Once I know who it is, I have a different perspectives: American Germander is one of them. The hummingbirds and bees love it! *notes on poop and dentistry* I’m going through my house and my place. Everything I’ve saved, I value.

Our need to contribute to life is one of our strongest needs as a human.

The 390 Billion Dollar Climate change bill to support renewables +.  !    And a video series which I will set up for next time: The Human Energy Project: Introduction to the Noosphere.


Jack Jack.  I’ve been reading about Family roles in native American life.  Feel Magical, Connecting with Bonnie & Clare regarding plants..  Dad pulled up all his weeds. I went to visit my aunt for her birthday and her sister brought her puppy, and they got along so well.  RE….dad and I are obsessed about the Aptera.  Jubilant Jo…my mom and I are taking care of our neighbors chickens, and mom was wondering why add oyster shells into their food. Mom and Clare.  Distance. 2-3 hours to see these special people.  Quick hello to Jim (awesome things in your life) and Angela, a zip line would be great. including his pepper plants. Volunteers, wood sorrel and Peggy Sooz.  Dr Bob wolf dog. On consumerism.

I feel the need to buy things in order to support other people.

On my most useful teacher.The 3 year old speaks french on my level

The Streets in Montreal are so alive, because they have to hibernate in the winter.An underground city.

Visited xx smith…it was raining so heavily. Because of that I was the only one in the restaurant, ordering $1 coffee, free and he just talked french with me.        The Kiosk…..a glimpse into Montreal.

Marshall Stephens I set up in a tree for 2 hours…a 84 year old friend died.  I just got back from an island in Georgia.  I wrote this poem.  Ship wreck.  The beauty o the sky caught his eye.  I cannot understand the golden lamp.  Is there a world above? Can a moment be saved by beauty. Each waves is playing somewhere on another shore.  I cannot understand the golden lamp. Is there a world above? Can a moment be saved by beauty. Each waves is playing somewhere on another shore.

DB – we are seen uniquely by the different people in our life. They hold a special awareness of parts of ourselves. We can keep that alive in memory and our hearts.