Full MOON ZOOM ~ July 13, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ July 13, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ July 13, 2022 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

We gather to share “What’s alive in me”, “What’s inspiring me !   Selena, Sooz, Christen, Deanne, Jo weave a rich tapestry as we share our awareness, experience, weaving nature and people.

RE wasn’t able to zoom this time.  His dear kitty Chloe, passed this week.  RE is being called into Wilmington College to help imagine the next steps in a Peace-Making component of the school.

What’s alive in me: What’s inspiring me:
Selena Nature is alive in me !  The birds are singing in the back yard, lots of trees we planted in 2004, with nesting doves and house wrens, robins, sparrows and house finch! I’m knitting, making a fan scarf, of wool yarn.  With color flowing on its own. The Artists Way zoom study group.  This Full Moon Zoom leads me to a lot of new ideas.  I like learning from other people.  Pollinator plants for yards including no mow May, plant one pollinator plant in the yard, how important bees/hummingbirds/ butterflies are for our planet.
Sooz Pat McCabe, native american woman, Ian McKenzie “what’s alive in YOU”.  I bring my love and protection and all I am to this evolving universe. I had cornea surgery, and it really went well!

The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible.   Charles Eisenstein. Sooz has been subscribing during the pandemic, and it has been really helpful. Pat McCabe inspires me, and is really connected with water.

Pat McCabe: Book ~ Speaking with Water.  When the colonizers arrived, and those first people were here, and it was Eden.   People are “supposed” to be here on the planet, and we already know how to do it.
I like to breathe in and out with the trees, giving, receiving. The cats are chasing the fireflies in my small backyard, and feeling grateful for it all!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK8elR_EIBc – Caroline Casey trickster
Christen TAN is in town, from Viet Nahm, a friend of Strawbale Studio. Grateful to meet you all, doing cool projects.  I grew up in MI and traveled after I went away for college.  Permaculture, mushrooms, love nature, wanting to connect with others.  Wanting community and nature, and I am in a community garden, with my dog.  Fresh food.   What are the next steps for making a home for myself. Wanting to build something, see all those cool places around the world. Being ok with the baby steps. I Studied in CA, SF, Latin America 7 years, Permaculture.  Working in a tech company.  Wanting a nature in my life. A long journey.  My garden, the wildflowers, queen anne’s lace. Foraging, getting in tune with mushrooms, in the healthy woods around here.  I am a water child and I love swimming, boating, kayaking.  I’m grateful, I am healthy, and my back feels better.  Social interaction inspires me a lot.  Inspired to know us better.  I am grateful for technologies. I am connecting with a group Women in Power. Tools to help women grow in their careers.
Jo The chicks are hatching.  I got a new lawn mower, battery opcoppiceagroforestry.com/erated by Green Works.  Working on landscape renovation on the historic building constructed in the late 1800’s.  So I’m considering the time period and other considerations.  Hip Camper were here last weekend, and the wildflowers are awesome, as I observe details.  May we as people get along like the plants do.  A new refrigerator. Non-violence Connector. Support group, sharing what we are doing.  Good listening an balance. Past US president for Veterans for Peace, another, an organizer for peace rallys, I work with Alternative to Violence, and many of the prisoners have become facilitators.  Non-violence Connector. Is a support group to share what we are doing.  Good listening and balance. Folks in it: Past US president for Veterans for Peace, another, an organizer for peace rallys, I work with Alternative to Violence, and many of the prisoners have become facilitators.


I got the new Coppice Book because I supported the Kick Starter years ago.  I saw my grandfather scythe the front lawn.

 Coppice Agroforestry: tending trees for Product, Profit & woodland ecology by Mark Krawczyk, foreward by Dave Jacke

This is the mower I got.   the company makes many battery powered yard and garden tools Greenworks Tools. 

Deanne Compassion Course, Human Energy Project.  Sienna, forming her life around sustainability and health. And Cooper, a film-maker taking a year to document natural homes. Great company, conversations, collaborative work and meals….and doing our own thing. Travel to the Great Lake Forageers Gathering, teaching cob sculpture & stick tipis with the kis, then doing plaster restoration at the Wellfield Botanical gardens on a Kids Tool Shed. Supportive brainstorming was requested of the Group to suggest possible workshops at Strawbale Studio


Building -Weaving CommUNITY with Nature & People.

  •  Outdoor rocket cooker afternoon workshop. Tours 2 hr. Weekend. Learn Skills.
  • Art / environment. / what inspires me
  • Pollinators in thatched roof.
  • Opening go-around ideas:
    • What’s alive in me
    • Yarn web toss = integration of systems, all life.

A Day, Dedicated to art!

  • foraged, weaving. natural dyes, paint, collective mural, basket
  • braiding sweet grass, pollinators, thatched roof  nutrient cycle
  • Feminine weekend or day
  • maybe another one with techie details.
  • Bring the techie & art together to rebuild the rocket stove.

Strawbale Class, or weekend

  • How to start a project like straw bale studios?
  • Those curious about sb. Tour, design handson with plasters.
  • Support group to build.
  • How to start!  What are the steps, what did we learn, failures.
Inspirational Resources from Deanne
Germany electric renewable 100% by 2035 https://www.reuters.com/business/sustainable-business/germany-aims-get-100-energy-renewable-sources-by-2035-2022-02-28/
James Webb largest telescope. https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/goddard/2022/nasa-s-webb-captures-dying-star-s-final-performance-in-fine-detail
Tamara Community https://www.tamera.org/holistic-research/
Housing – Global Community https://www.onecommunityglobal.org/highest-good-housing/
Housing – Global Community https://www.onecommunityglobal.org/highest-good-housing/
Human Energy Project https://humanenergy.io/
Noosphere Film Series https://humanenergy.io/projects/noosphere-film-series/
Rev Faith Fowler, Tiny Houses, census. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKzBWblZ2dE
Tiny Homes Detroit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVDArnoqNak
Center for Purposeful Leadership https://www.centerforpurposefulleadership.org/essential-conversations
  The Green Planet – Wed. nights – 8:00 EST – D. Attenborough, a PBS series https://www.pbs.org/show/green-planet/
Coppice Book – just out! And 3 min video about the book/+ how to order. http://www.coppiceagroforestry.com/
Coppice Facebook Group. Coppicing, Pollarding, and Hedgelaying North America.  Admin  Matthew McCoul https://www.facebook.com/groups/460355257485931/about