Full MOON ZOOM ~ June 15, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ June 15, 2022 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

June 15, 2022 Full MOON ZOOM.

“What’s holding me together?  Journaling, Family and having things to look forward to.”   Jack

Emergent Themes:

  •  Nature is Growing!!
  • New & Traditional Technologies
  • Links to inspiring things, below.

What’s alive in me: What’s inspiring me:
Selena Back in Michigan from Alabama and went bicycling with a friend. The kind of friend that its so easy to be back with.  Walked with a group from Oxford Senior Center and community garden. I canned rhubarb-strawbale butter, and will give some to my friend who gave me the plant.  I do “The Artists Way” zoom, and rhubarb brought up stories with folks around the world.
Sooz MI womans’ festival. Feeling resistant to despair and complacency. (Keeping balance within the events of the world).  Finding homes for some of my things:  kayak given to grand daughters. Plants are coming up! So grown. Giving away and exchanging with the neighbors.  Life is good! Breathing in & out with the Linden Tree ! When my aunt died I got a box of letters, from 1964 when I was 19 yrs old.  My brother, such a talented fellow, he used to write letters, I’m treasuring them slowly. Because he was gay he couldn’t tell his aunt, and he’s now in New York with his partner. Being reconnected through the letters.  Life is amazing.  Scaler energy.
Jo Hectic month and behind on my “to do”” list. Most of the gardens are planted! The first strawberries, and lettuce out of my garden and wild greens. Doing “alternatives to violence’’ activities, and zoom connections. Chickens are laying eggs here and there!  Behind on mowing, mowers broken. I’m inspired by the wild flowers, with different colors in different seasons.  Little ones nestled in the grass.  Spring Reunion, recognizing faces but not always the names.
The animals are getting along, and I wish the humans could do that as well.European Scythe, straight. Handle are in the right position. It’s all I used before I got the mower.  The Scythe Supply in Maine. Lots of cutting flexibility around individual plants.
Delta Bee Potlucks and zoom. Has a stairwell. Lead remediation grant is approved. Deepened in my Islam. Keeping me focused grounded and nurtured. Will do massage and natural remedies at home.  In a 2 family flat, and other area, the woman is moving.  Making other half to an Air BnB.  Grounding to help support community and your family. A work study or camping out there for the family.  1st grade, son, graduated, and now he will be together. We could train you in earth plaster.  A friend who has land and wants things, and Delta would like to learn things.  Black-owned land with an interest in natural building. Brother has a form from making a monolithic dome, he builds in Tennessee -pours concrete over a form.  I lived in Washington state and did round pole timbers, building an octagon-shaped house.
R. E. Chloe the Cosmic Calico Kitty, hospice time, after 18 years.  Celebrating her life, while she is with me. Qualitative Nuances of her preparing to pass.

A new solar car (between a 3 wheeler, motorcycle and car.  Made to go 200-1000 miles between charges.  Sunlight = 40 miles a day. Aerodynamic efficiency. APTERA.  I am investing in one!

Soul-mate. Jeremy Griffiths: The Solution to the Human Condition. Recognize and fix our relationships.  

Response to Deanne’s question about Lithium. “It is surrounded by the military and Bolivia might become a hole in the ground. May our decisions be guided by wisdom.”

I used the mystic prairie scythe for 40 years. https://onescytherevolution.com/index.html

https://scytheassociation.us/ See video.

The Noosphere. The Human Energy Project.  New series, the Emergence of a Planetary Mind.  Evolutionary Cosmology, Synergy and Creative Relationships. Newly released. The Solution to the Human Condition. Jeremy Griffiths.  Online for a 1 hr video.  The World Transformation Movement.

Recycle batteries in Athens, in quantum leaps.

Sterling Engine free piston, William Beal.

Deanne Planting vegies and flowers from Jared and Marcie, and harvesting out thistle, thinking of Jo.  Ah.  Shifting with Shane & Levi moving to an apartment in town, and conversation some new folks about living here for a time.  Fear of the unknown. (Delta offers “Experienced circle” (or such)… the idea that we come to the new experiences with all our previous experience.) I’m Curious about Jo and R.E. mowing with a scythe, and wondering about the use of Lithium batteries in the development of technology that I am using, and R. E. is interested in ( the Aptera Vehicle).  R.E. suggests that life is a balance of construction / destruction. May we be aware, and have our technology SUPPORT nature & other beings.  The SEEK app by INaturalist photo identifies plants/ animals / insects!  A deeper connection.
Jack I am moving tomorrow.  Inspired to be more minimalist. Excited to be with family and friends, living and learning French in Quebec.  I’m also meeting some friends in Boston, to experience a live version of a podcast of D & D.

I’m concerned about doing home renovation as part of my expectations in Quebec.  I wouldn’t have expressed these hard feelings if it weren’t for being with Deanne and NVC.

I’m working on a future house. Diagrams from Penn state that focus on rainwater and storage.  Penn State drawing of a future house. 

Books:  One last stop, a book.  Fiction.

Rain Water storage.  R.E.

What’s holding me together?  Journaling, Family and having things to look forward to.

Clare Did a pollinator garden in her yard, and a neighbor asked her to help him put in garden beds around trees!  That has been super inspiring, and I got to be creative. I’m learning about trees, roots, health, I’m so aware now!  The bees came instantly to the cat mint. Porch garden, lavender, soap wort, lemon balm. Making soap!.