Waldorf School Fieldtrip ~ April 12, 2022

Waldorf School Fieldtrip ~ April 12, 2022

Waldorf School Fieldtrip ~ April 12, 2022 1920 2560 Strawbale Studio

The Detroit Waldorf 6th Grade Class came to visit Strawbale Studio!  Sarah Addae’s students toured the enchanting structures on the land, then made a batch of “Cob” for sculpting.

Cob is a mix of sand and clay subsoil, mixed with water and added straw.  People throughout time have used it to build houses and earth ovens and more.  This day the students created small model buildings and small sculptures. One group made a little village with round houses and a river.  The students dug the dirt, sifted it through a 1/4″ screen, dumped it from the wheelbarrow to the tarp, added water & straw, THEN MIXED IT WITH THEIR FEET!  YAY ! (note the happy, happy faces!)  Then the mix was rolled up by hand into fist sized balls, “cobs”, which were then shaped into sculptures.

Teacher Sarah brought bricks, assembled them on the ground to make a small Rocket Stove cooker, and heated soup for their lunch. At the end of the afternoon, the students came together in a circle with their projects, and shared their process of creating!

What a wonderful day of learning, connection and nature!

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