Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 18, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 18, 2022

Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 18, 2022 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

March 18, 2022  Friday  (The picture above is Eric growing mushrooms in a plastic bag! Yet another experiment!)

Inspiration and aliveness was shared.by we eleven gathered together tonight from Michigan, Finland, Vermont ~ through the technology of zoom!  (Its 3am in Finland!)

   Emergent Themes: Springtime! Synchronicity, Shifts & Growth.

Future Ideas to explore out of this evening: 

  • Converting a Fireplace to a more efficient “Rumford” style or Rocket Stove.  Kim
  • Look for spring Rhubarb
  • Explore “Land Justice Future” from the IHM Associates.  Pat
  • Transforming blame to understanding and boundaries to “balance”. Deanne

Below: Resources from the Zoom Chat, followed by Participant Sharings.

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What’s Alive in You? Sharing What’s Inspiring Us
Eric Douglas – growing chaga mushrooms in a shopping bag – so much change. Doing a lot of writing and getting inspired by writing. Bourdeau in the Buddhist faith: between lives. Writing and meditating. The part where you’re between lives, but you’re going deeper. The roots go down for more robust growth.

– Keeping myself busy. Meeting new people who inspire me. Getting different ideas. Resurrecting a community event in Mt. Clemens. We’ll see.

– New people!

Jubilant Jo – Temperatures above freezing, started shedding layers

– started doing some trail work

– started work on garden beds

– chickens are going out and finding some goodies to eat on the ground. What could they be eating?

– rhubarb is perennial

– granddaughter teaching 6th grade science. Abandoned and neglected greenhouse. She started a greenhouse club. within the first week, there were 20 kids. Donations of plants from local landscapers. 2nd week, there were 40 kids! Learning science through the greenhouse. HipCamp, which is an online organization that promotes campsites. Interview people to change things on the website. $50 gift certificate to Home dept for participation in hipcamp survey, which I sent on to my granddaughter.
Pat Kolon – the setting moon this morning (it’s raining now). The worm moon.

– St. Patrics’s day in Detroit had wonderful weather.

– Planted three rows of peas in the garden. Uncovering some chives that have started.

– A bit sore after the four hours of squatting

– Zalupe eggplant dish in the freezer. New favorite dish of last year!

– Bioneers board member in the Detroit area for 12+ years. 2 IHM nuns. Lay Associate Program. Justice and sustainability issues. I became an Associate on the 1st of december, and it enables me to take part in. Catholic nuns throughout the US. Series of four to help make land acknowledgements. How can these lands be passed on to people who can use them in the right way? Indigenous farmers who are kelp farming in the seas off of New York. A wonderful series.

– Will soon to read Dawn of Everything

– All we can Save (essays of 41 women): truth, courage and solutions for the climate crisis. Title of the book comes from Adrienne Rich’s poem…

Selena Koro – I will be traveling (back in my home state of Louisiana). Trip planned with friend pre-COVID. When are we going to do that trip? I’m not getting any younger.

– Leaving on Monday to fly into New Orleans. The weather’s warm. The azaleas are in bloom.

– One request: go to Commander’s Palace. Reservations out for 6 weeks.

– Named after a soap opera (a bad girl)

– 100, 200, 300 years from now. That little clay toy will remain. Premise of this book (archaeologist and anthropologist). It was always assumed that indigenous people of meso-america were hunter-gatherers. Steam-powered doors invented by the Greeks were used in their theaters, but they didn’t industrialize it.

– Chinese invented gunpowder not for guns but for fireworks.. Inventions through play. Curious.

Peggy Sooz Collins – The Morning Star is alive in me. ~6AM. . Also a Song by Sweet Honey about the morning star. Big thing: water! I’m reading a book about structured water. The plumber fixed the sink, and the very next day it blew! It leaked; it cracked!

– Pat McCabe water book. Mary Alice was grateful for the specialist of water.

– 70 degrees on Wednesday.

– My health is alive in me! The cancer scare last year. Appointments and worry all last year. I’m out there getting things done, and it feels so good.

– Nurse Antigone presented by Bryan Doerries.

– I’m inspired at how life is unfolding for me. Is the internet of things manipulating me? Or is it synchronous and inviting? And yet, I’m suspicious of the appeals and manipulations. Hospicing Modernity (book mentioned last time).

– wood-based vinegar stain that interacts with the tannins in the wood.

Deborah Tien – First full moon potluck! Going to New Orleans tomorrow! Synchronicity.

– Great weather this week. Didn’t rake the leaves before this winter, so we had a good chance to rake them this week.

– I’m in Troy, MI.

– There’s a 2-hour learning tour to meet up and wander about.

– Introduced to Eric through a mutual friend. From the area but a recent returnee.

– Dr. Asha

– Regional hangout at Eric’s?

Kim – Spring! Biologically. I’ve had some car issues, and I’ve decided to stop driving it. Taking the bus for about 4 weeks in February. Connecting with mother nature. Classroom had no heat, thus work had no heat.

– My body noticed that it stopped needing to work to keep me warm all the time. Peace, release, and a welcome surrender.

– What are good high carb foods? What should I be eating in my 60s?

– As a vegetarian, do you find it hard to keep warm in the winter?

– It’s all been flipped. New, very warm classroom. Skin exposed to the the air, no jacket, and the warmth encompassed me. Rather than pulling away from nature, I could be with her.

– virtual classes because there aren’t enough teachers to stay open. Substitute teachers as mentors.

– people just love to presume things. Teaching 12 courses in a 5 hour day. It’s not being an overachiever when it’s dumped on you!

– rocket stove in a fireplace

– not eating enough?

– tired all the time as a vegetarian?

– metabolism depends on person to person.

– Emotions use calories! Activity uses calories!

Deanne – New used car after going through another one that seemed synchronous. Upland Hills family sold me this car.

– New programming: new classes, new tours, contributing to life! Infrastructure on the internet.

– Someone saw a tiny flower: speedwell / veronica. Next to it was a little chickweed (hairy / mouse chickweed)

– Neighbors down the street bought 20 acres from what was Windrise Spirituality Center.

– Starting to get much more relaxed about COVID. I’m probably going to survive, and I’ve gotten this far. I probably have a pretty good immune system. I could cry; it’s been really hard. These years of guarding so much. Feeling nervous about going to the post office. I’m feeling excited.

Cooking whole oats in an insulative cooker or “hay box” !   Thich Naht Hahn videos and Tara Brach.  How can we transform situations and stay connected and compassionate? Two Indigenous women visited these last two weeks and I am thinking about relationship to land and native people.
Jack – Spring foraging.

– Pickled jalapeños, limes

– Québec immersion (antique shop) A study program to learn advanced French to bring back to his current French teaching assignment in VT public schools.

Looking for nettles outside. New relationship, amazing how it can work when people are so different.
Minna – Jorma at his music band. He happened to be the singer and songwriter there. We have been together for a few months now singing (and doing other things). We are alive together. Tomorrow I will meet up with another band. Noise TV band that I am a part of. Skiing the past month in Finland. Renovations in the old house recently. – Strawbale Studio webpage. The empowerment manual. Making new songs is energizing. Two songs: one song with background from Jorma (friend). One song about angels. Do you ever long for bright glittering brightness? Listen to your heart. What do your heart want to tell you? What is it that you really need? Repeated theme: we are the angels, we want to offer you joy in the way that suits you. New life is possible to you, if you really want it. Would you like to start to compose a new story with us? Would you like to take a step from your rabbit hole to bring heaven on earth to dance? Would you let the wind affect on you? The other song is a motivator of little sky blue flowers: “Forget-me-nots”
Minna’s friend (Yorma?) I’m building this house (a building within a building). I like to do music. We have the same kind of free attitude toward making and singing that we can understand easily. The first time we met we were having a gig / birthday party. I missed the saxophone, and I heard Minna playing on zorn pipes that sounded like saxophone.
Christina – natural building gigs together with Chris McClellan (Uncle Mud).

– Just got off a tough call with a client.



– Excited about the mention of clay.

– traveling for the summer before that working on pandemic response for 60-80+ hrs per week.

– a beautiful interaction with lovely Jerry and clay! Playful childlike experiences that you don’t get when you grow up too fast. Rolling down hills in the grass. I think about it all the time.

– asked to do a lot of unpaid labor. Time is for yourself. Time is for other