2021 End of Year Report & Donation Request

2021 End of Year Report & Donation Request

2021 End of Year Report & Donation Request 1920 2560 Strawbale Studio

Dear Friends of Strawbale Studio ~Below are highlights from 2021 at Strawbale Studio!

YOUR SUPPORT HELPS rovide EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION for ALL AGES, connecting people & nature.

Over the years, Strawbale Studio has held a place where this can happen,, JOYFULLY!

Programs are starting up again! See Highlights of 2021 below.   YOUR SUPPORT is so important in helping the programming & energy flow!

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION ~ by VISA, Paypal, or Check   Re-localize, Re-skill, Re-connect 

“Thanks to Donors” is also at this link!

Enter the Hobbit Sauna

2021 HIGHLIGHTS… as programs start up again….

Kids Camp 2-Day Craft & Music for 5-9 yr olds org. by Regina Smith

Detroit Waldorf School ~ tour & activity, Ursula Lord’s 4th grade class.

Learning Landscape Program Detroit Sept 13-17, 2021 Host: Michael Mallon

Skill-Building Weekend Oct 5-7, 2021

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2021-8-12,13 Kids Camp with Regina

2021-8-15 Hazon Sustainability Festival – SBS Exhibit, Mary Grove College. Deanne & Gene Villeni

2021-9-1 to 14 INTERN Clare Fayley from Ohio State University

2021-9-1317 LEARNING LANDSCAPE PROJECT Michael Mallon’s grant funded project

2021-9-17 Stick Installation of Patrick Dougherty. We help one afternoon. Detroit, MI.

2021-10-3 MEMORIAL SERVICE for parents of Ronna Fisher. 60 attendees

2021-9-20 Full MOON ZOOM monthly.

2021-9-23 Learning Landscape phase 2 Visit to Michael Mallon. Cob sculptures together

2021-9-23 Visit to Aaron and Maina, Detroit . See their new round pole porch & barrel woodstove.

2021-9-23 STICK SCULPTURE in Detroit, by Patrick Dougherty. Visit, help out for 2 hours.

2021-9-24 WALDORF SCHOOL Ursula Lord’s 4th grade class tour & cob activity !

2021-10-16 BIONEERS DETROIT. Deanne helped Michael Mallon set up for his “Deep Time” presentation. SBS handouts on his table. Attend BioMimicry class.

3032-10-20 FULL MOON ZOOM Deanne & Jack co-host.

2021-10-23 CRAFT SERIES: SOAP & SWEETGRASS Class 1-5p 4 students.

2021-11-5,6,7 WEEKEND WORKSHOP: COMPOST & FIRE: Earth Oven & Rocket Stove. Friday, 5, 3 overnight: Jacob, Tim, Paul. (Alex & John)

2021-11-14 TOUR of STRAWBALE STUDIO & Sustainable Projects. Alex, Rivers, Sarah, Win-a-Gin folks + .

2021-11-14 SPOON CARVING CLASS  Kevin Rossi Teen Homeschooler, SBS 2009. Now team leader Nature/Youth.

2021-11-19 LASHING CLASS   Karen N. Alex T. Angela

2021-11-19 FULL MOON ZOOM monthly

2021-12-4+5 CANDLE CLASSES & Holiday Gift-Making (6 students each day)

2021-12-6    UNCLE MUD Natural Building ZOOM: “Figure It Out Together” Conversaton hosted & recorded by Uncle Mud, with Kirk Mobert, Timothy Kennedy & Deanne.

Deanne Bednar

(248) 496 4088