2021 End of Year Report & Donation Request

2021 End of Year Report & Donation Request

2021 End of Year Report & Donation Request 1920 2560 Strawbale Studio

2021 End of Year REPORT

Dear Friends of Strawbale Studio ~Below are highlights from 2021 at Strawbale Studio!
Gratitude for funders who help support this work (see bottom of email) TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION
Together we can  help c
onnect people & nature through EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION for ALL AGES !

Enter the Hobbit Sauna

2021 HIGHLIGHTS… as programs start up again….

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2021 ACTIVITIES ON & OFF-SITE ~ Full 2021 Calendar

2021-1-30  Full MOON ZOOM ~Held monthly as a substitute for the in-person Potluck during Covid|
Jan 30, 2021.  Feb 27, 2021.  March March 28, 2021.  
April 30, 2021. May 26, 2021. June 25, 2021.
July 23, 2021. Sept 20, 2021. October 20, 2024.
November 19, 2021.    December 18, 2021 

2021-7-13         Oakland University Fay Hansons’ Permaculture Class Field trip to Strawbale Studio . Tour/ Cob Mixing

2021 summer  Tiny House Van art project.  Deanne works with Lauri Pinkleton on the Metal roof, staining, cob +

2021-9-12,13    KIDS CAMP at  Strawbale Studio organized by Regina Smith.

2021-8-15          Strawbale Studio EXHIBIT @ HAZON SUSTAINABILITY FESTIVAL Detroit Marygrove College.

2021-9-1 to 14  INTERN Clare Fayley from Ohio State University

2021-9-1317     LEARNING LANDSCAPE PROJECT ~ Lashed Wood Constructions:  Michael Mallon’s grant funded project

2021-9-13 & 23 STICK SCULPTURE in Detroit, by Patrick Dougherty. Visit, help out for a few hours.

2021-9-23      Visit to Detroit community spaces . Visiting friends doing creative projects.

2021-9-23          LEARNING LANDSCAPE  Project Pt.2 ~ Earth Sculpting with Upland Hills School youth. 

2021-9-24          WALDORF SCHOOL Ursula Lord’s 4th grade class tour & cob activity !

2021-10-5,6,7   WEEKEND WORKSHOP: COMPOST & FIRE: Earth Oven & Rocket Stove. Friday, 5, 3 overnight: Jacob, Tim, Paul. (Alex & John)

2021-10-16       BIONEERS DETROIT. Deanne helped Michael Mallon set up for his “Deep Time” presentation. SBS handouts  Attend BioMimicry class.

2021-10-23       CRAFT SERIES: SOAP & SWEETGRASS Class 1-5p 4 students.

2021-11-3          MEMORIAL SERVICE for parents of Ronna Fisher. 60 attendees

2021-11-14        LEARNING TOUR of STRAWBALE STUDIO & Sustainable Projects. Alex, Rivers, Sarah, Win-a-Gin folks + .

2021-11-14       SPOON CARVING CLASS  Kevin Rossi Teen Homeschooler, SBS 2009. Now team leader Nature/Youth.

2021-11-19       LASHING CLASS   Karen N. Alex T. Angela

2021-11-19      FULL MOON ZOOM monthly

2021-12-4+5 + 10th  CANDLE CLASSES & Holiday Gift-Making 

2021-12-6       UNCLE MUD Natural Building ZOOM: “Figure It Out Together” Conversation hosted & recorded by Uncle Mud, with Kirk Mobert, Timothy Kennedy & Deanne.

Sifting the soil!

YOUR DONATION SUPPORT is important for the flow!
Dear Friends of Strawbale Studio,
Over the years, Strawbale Studio has held a place where this can happen. Together we can continue to co-create the future.

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