Natural Building ZOOM with Uncle Mud ~ Dec 6, 2021

Natural Building ZOOM with Uncle Mud ~ Dec 6, 2021

Natural Building ZOOM with Uncle Mud ~ Dec 6, 2021 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

2021-12-6 Natural Building ZOOM GATHERING hosted by Uncle Mud (AKA Chris McClelland) and attended by Kirk Mobert, Tim Kennedy, Deanne Bednar .

FIOT, Figure It Out Together..

…points toward a collaborative possibility within a project or activity.

At Strawbale Studio there is an opportunity to build “temporary community” over and over, learning skills of collaboration, flow, synthesis.

I also find myself often using what Kevin Conners called the “Inquiry Method” of teaching…by asking questions which seek to engage participants minds the ways my own mind has gone.

“Why is the Rocket Stove burning with no smoke? Students respond, then I ask more questions…”Why do you think it is burning cleanly?..responses, and more questions. What are the qualities that contribute to a clean burn? etc. “What IS a “clean burn”. The goal is engaging their minds to problem solve, to find out what they already know and don’t know…to give practice exploring “principles” of how things work.

8:30P ZOOM 9P MON Kirk M, Tim K, Mud (50th B D)  Pre-notes

  • Bring a draft proposal, lead, clarity & flow.
    Efficiency, inclusion, collaboration, community, autonomy, skill-building. (“try this first”, then explore other things if you wish)
    Hold both their and my & earths’ needs at the same time. We all do this.
    Leadership styles. From Ahead, Behind, Beside.
    “Don’t know everything, but have the confidence I can figure it out, (or get help)

ACTUAL Discussion! Kirk says, you are my all-time favorite co-teacher ! (DB, yahoo!)

Quick Lime from shells with a cob cylinder ½ meter interior. 1.1 meter tall. 4 holes with ¼ the square surface area (unsure on this) pile in wood and shells, about a wheelbarrow, heat to glowing hot. 5-6 hours of fire. Put in warm water to make quick lime.

Meet Tim. He looks like Uncle Mud.

Tim Kennedy, programs, natural Building Company, vertical and professional. Companies with 37 workers, now teaching others with Mark Lakeman. BauBiology promotes the idea that reality is a combination of science and spirit.

A goal- to produce a connected supply chain…a real supply chain ecosystem that supports people inhabiting soulful spaces.

DB asks MUD what was it about for him: “Figure It Out Together”? He shares my way of wandering, connecting with digging earth and observing the trees winding around each other. While he is trying to keep things together and move forward and get done, and Sarah is detailed, strict. As I said later, we each brought a piece, and I imagine I could come forward with the exploring because they were holding the backup and forward momentum. I value care with our language, and being aware when I say something that is not supporting my values of observation and compassion and understanding and kindness. This shows up as “judgements”, wrongness, etc language and thinking. )

Quotes “Science through an artistic lens.” George Washington Carver.

“Science, and Spirit in support of Life” BauBiology.

“Building with people and with peoples nature” …

“Producing a connected supply chain ecosystem (of natural materials) supporting people to inhabit soulful spaces” Tim Kennedy.

“Lets be good to each other & take care of our place, our planet” Kirk Mobert.

“FIOT ~ Figure It Out Together” Deanne Bednar, brought forth by Uncle Mud.

The significance of the first time I dug the soil, the longing to be in direct connection with nature….might be what draws us, then we find ourselves in administrative or computer work.

Without blame, we can say these things meet a need, and we are also longing to have a more connected life & community. Natural building is easy, its getting along with others that’s hard.

Winternship intensity. Describe the weeks, goals. DB handling all the parts with the help of the Wintern. 4 weekend workshops.

I’m feeling joyful to participate in the zoom, to connect, to co-create !

Geotean Science. Goethe – artist and scientist. An amazing scientist, building a living imagination,

George Washington Carver. Science through an artistic lens.”

Polecraft. Tim Kennedy. Medicino , cloud forest institute.

Tim developed fasteners to build with green roundwood.

Primitive Round Pole – working to get a #3 rating that doesn’t have to be stamped.And

    Tim would contribute Round Pole Fasteners to the booklet.
  • THATCH COMMUNITY Conversation. Sea grass more fire-resistant. Fleming Abrahaamson
  • Katherine Wanek – check with her to see how the griddle rocket stove that Fleming & Max designed at built at Kingston Colloquium is doing.
  • and Mud adds: Include the women! The Bird flying around in circles because it only has 1 wing, the male. Needed is the female.
    Welcome to Deanne for joining us in this zoom.