Full MOON ZOOM ~ Nov. 19, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Nov. 19, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Nov. 19, 2021 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

November 19th was our Full Moon Zoom gathering, with another rich evening of connection and sharing.  Jo from upstate NY,  Sooz from Southfield, MI, Eric from Detroit, Clare from Columbus, OH, Deanne from Oxford, MI, Jack from Vermont. A sweet gathering of engaged souls! 

A highlight of the evening:  Eric showed his interactive photos and videos of the permaculture project he is developing with friend, Alex, in Detroit.  

ZOOM CHAT Resources shared: 

Eric:  Link to his natural building work in Detroit.
Human Consciousness – The Noopshere
restorative justice on TED talk and Bioneers.
Norway Spruce as medicine https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7570650/

2021-10-20 Full Moon Zoom

Sharings from the evening:  

Participant What’s alive in you? What’s inspiring you?
Jubilant Jo 5 gallon pail of potatoes, ½ of a 5 gallon pail of onion (freezing the greens), drying some of the onions to store them, some wild edible mushrooms late in the fall. A spectacular moon tonight. Tuck the chickens in (who put themselves to bed, but don’t shut the door behind them). Younger chicks wait until it is (almost) completely dark to go inside. Lots of eggs (sometimes a new spot with 23 eggs will be found). Just as the moon was coming up, there were clouds on the horizon, it was huge! A brilliant pinkish-orange. Twas only out for a few minutes because then it fell behind the clouds. Beautiful sunrises lately as well. As the sun came up, most things were in shadow, but the tamarack needles were shimmering gold.
Peggy Sooz This summer was just lost in a way because of the breast cancer diagnosis. A lot of stuff in the yard went by the wayside. I’ve been able to get back out there. I’ve gotten the rain garden back in order. Lots of comfrey and lemon balm. Outside nearly every day. A woman’s place is in the brewhouse (book recommendation). Women who’ve brewed most beer throughout history. Brewhouse (Broken Spoke) in Detroit owned by a woman. Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paolo Friere (book recommendation). Cordyceps and chaga tea (a lovely ritual). I feel supported by these mushrooms.
Eric Douglas My relationship to the world. What is my next project, and what will lie in that relationship. Turn everything over to the community. It’s a bittersweet transition. I went on a hike today, and there was a tree flush with oyster mushrooms. Then, I found a second flush. Mycelium is very fire resistant. Inject food coloring into the mycelium to make patterns. Paul Stamets on mushrooms. Sterilizing chopped straw. Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets.
Anise I just moved to a new city (Columbus), and I started a new job. My daily pattern of activity is completely different now. The city is more fast-paced, and people are more in a hurry. Living at home, life was not so hurried. It would be easy for me to get into the grind of going to work and coming home to relax. Thus, I’ve been making the little things a priority. A small but beautiful change was the cast iron skillet (inspired by Deanne’s!!). DIY composting container. I’ve been doing meditation every evening with my friend (40 minutes each night). It’s been great to sit quietly for 40 minutes every day: permission to not think.
Deanne It feels like it’s been a very dense time. Lots going on in my head. Starting up workshops again, as you know. There are many pieces ensuring the details are accurate. I had a workshop today on lashing, and that was quite fun. We really enjoyed being together in the studio and having fun. The great joy was just having a social event in our lives. We harvested great dogwood branches, and used that in our projects.

I saw a video of a party that my friend had at her house. I was in the video at age 35. I didn’t know that I ever looked that good. Wowza! That was reflective of time passing and that’s something that I think about a fair amount. What do I want to do? What energy might I have left? At 75, I don’t know that it’s going to be so much longer, but then, we just don’t know. I came across an article by Brian Swim (cosmology.. https://www.journeyoftheuniverse.org/). Lois Robbins introduced me to people who love science and the natural world that also hold a reverential response to it. Pythagoras’ Dream is presented by Brian Swimme as a theory that reality is based on mathematics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NkCwY4EcO0 The world is based on mathematics. He is such a bright, warm person, so charismatic. The brain synapses have a similar look to the place where universes are born. He suggests we are coming into a place of our mental capacity to create and do things collaboratively that  are very evolutionary and big,. I was intrigued by it, and I think I want to look into that more. The Global Brain was a theory back in the 70s. We’re reaching a threshold of numbers where there’s enough people to move into the global brain, and indeed we have moved into that internet connection of our minds in a way that has never happened before. In the meantime, I’m enjoying spoon-carving and lashing.

Jack Sorry, Jack, I have yet to find the notes I took on your sharing.  Deanne