MEMORIAL SERVICE honoring Ronna Fisher’s parents

MEMORIAL SERVICE honoring Ronna Fisher’s parents

MEMORIAL SERVICE honoring Ronna Fisher’s parents 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

2021-10-3 The Memorial gathering honored the lives of Ira and Marge Fisher. The event was amazing, and the elements and order of the program was orchestrated like a symphony!  Gentle music, played on a Koto (Japanese stringed instrument) set the tone as folks settled in.  Then the program started with the bold Taiko drums.

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Folks were really happy with this meaningful sharing of the lives and qualities of Ronna’s father Ira ~ who died with Covid at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020 …. and her Mother, Marge who died 38 years ago.

Ronna wove many threads together, many “notes” to make this beautiful symphony.  She spoke from her heart in appreciation of her mom and dad, and other ancestors now passed, and the many qualities they brought forth with their lives.

Japanese drumming (Taiko) connected her fathers first career, as a percussionist and vocalist, with Ronna’s current life, as she now studies and plays Taiko. At the end of the Memorial, Ronna was invited to join her senseis for a final “send off” song. This drumming community creates energy, connection, harmony ~ across cultures and ages! The Taiko group also connected with the courage and strength of her mother, Marge, whose astrological sign was Leo. Marge enjoyed making art work with the lion theme and daily wore a stylized gold lion necklace. Noriko performed the traditional Japanese Lion Dance (Shishi-Mai) in Marge’s honor. The Lion Dance was accompanied by the Fue (Japanese bamboo flute), Taiko and Koto music.  By stepping into the life-size costume, Noriko “became” the Lion.

Ronna’s dear friend Judy, sang the beautiful “Sim Shalom” in a gentle, minor-key  and was accompanied by the guitar and vocal harmony of her friend Steve, the Hazzan of the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace. Guests were invited to recite together the Kaddish, a traditional prayer for those who have passed, and to share aloud the names of family or friends who have passed and “gone before”.  During the Memorial, several friends and relatives shared memories of her father, Ira:  Aunt Eileen from Chicago, and friend Ann from Canada. Also local friends Jaye and Deanne told a few stories about their memories of Ira or “Poppo” as he was known to Deanne. Brother Steven from North Carolina helped Ronna light a “Yahrzeit Candle” in their parents’ honor.  It was a sweet weaving.

Refreshments followed, as people connected and socialized.  Some gathered under the big open-air tent, others sat on the stone benches of the Waterfall, and small groups enjoyed the enchanting natural buildings with sculpted earthen benches! It was a lovely setting in which to be together.

This day, this Memorial, was a beautiful blending of Cultures, Arts, and Nature . . weaving the past into the present . . .from which will flow the future.  Ah.