2021-10-20 Full Moon Zoom

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Oct. 20, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Oct. 20, 2021 1297 749 Strawbale Studio

Participant Sharing ! 

Participant What’s alive in you? What’s inspiring you?
Jubilant Jo Gratitude to be here tonight, to see our faces, to meet new folks, to see old friends

Hired someone to build a loft in the barn. Jo knows how to build it, but needs an extra set of hands. All the posts and headers are up . The first two rafters went up today.

Shoveled a lot of stone –  9 cubic yards. First three inches of stone are done.

Purchased an Amish cabin that needs to be moved in.

New chickens have (finally) started to lay eggs. Some of them lay the eggs where they can be found, the others have yet to be found.

The kids next-door (7-12 y.o.) come up after school to work for Jo to help out and get some experience.

What happened with the computer? (Alternatives to Violence Project) 250 inmates on her email list. It’s an experiential program rather than a lecture. Thankfully, the computer problems have been resolved.

The leaves are turning color. 6-7 courts of olive berries. Always lots of good stuff going on.

The thing that I find everyday that marvels my guests. I live alone, and I’m content. It is not uncommon for me to go 5-6 days without human contact. Connected to the land that I inhabit. Something is sprouting and something has fallen. It is a continuous unfolding of beauty and continuation of nature of life, of the progression through the seasons and the days.

It is a blessing to be here and to experience this.

A letter from a woman who has been in prison for many years (J-Pay). Jo wanted to write a letter to her. Finally, Jo received a letter from her of pages and pages, and it was so nice to make that connection with her. There are so many people that I communicate with that I have never met in person. The emails can never be too long, but this letter went so deep. When she is released, she  may even be able to visit here.

When I see someone through their words and then realize they’re serving a life sentence for a robbery (they’re black). This is one of the unfortunate things in our judicial system: people who are black or hispanic or native american are incarcerated more severely and for far longer than people who are white.

Alan West side of Ann Arbor. It’s difficult. I just participated in the 60th anniversary of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee of the Freedom Movement. Amazing conference for 3 days. Many old comrades had passed on. Younger generations were most inspiring.

Community commons in the center of Ann Arbor. A space welcoming everyone. Not controlled by the government, not based in profiteering. Effort since 2009. Top of an underground parking structure became public space: is now a commons. We have a higher aspiration than a high-rise. 3 elements: library, plaza, .

What are the commons in the worldwide movement of common universities?

How can people be self-directed? That is our aspiration. To find people that are up for the challenge of creating a commons (something not really in existence in the US)

Put into practice the Nobel Peace prize winner in economics Olstrum. Make best use of the commons. How can it be?

← it brought the song “We who believe in freedom cannot stop”. Looking at the world that Odile described: the war, the money that goes to the wars. How do we really engage that?

While we’re strong in the aforementioned conference. How much of the things we do now was inspired by the freedom movements of 60, 50, and 40 years ago. It seems to me that there is an epic drama. When I was a child, I lived in Germany for a year, and I witnessed the Obermongokow passion play. It was a moral struggle in the sky. There is a moral struggle in the sky now. There are people seeking a culture of peace and nonviolence. There are the powerful who say they will protect us.

Where are we in that moral drama? How do you invite more people into it? How does it engage all of humanity? When will humanity recognize this life and death drama? Climate change is here now. Seconds before midnight of the nuclear catastrophe.

Urgency. How can we engage one another in this drama? We are actors in the play, not the audience in the auditorium.

Odile Volunteer garden on this lot. Giant sunflower. Blooming and beautiful. All volunteer gardens for the commons. The commons are visible by all. When people come together and create together, they are inspired from each other and share their skills / dreams. There is a community that co-creates things together and takes their own initiative. They invent what they do. We all want to change the world, but if we don’t start locally, not much will change.

End war, like the war in children: killer of children . Take money from war and put it to poverty and climate change. People need to learn to survive in a different way. Even just sharing is great.

The art and music around us are essential to any kind of change or movement.

There are many young people who play instruments and they join our community.

Nature always inspires me. When you can see the moon, sun, clouds, and trees, and the little animals around. I work for peace, and I’ve been focusing on the war in Yemen. The deaths there from malnutrition. It is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. We are using drones and weapons. We spend so much money in the ME on wars. If we only spent it at home, we could have a collaborative art center. Every student could have free university. So many people would be lifted out of poverty, but apparently it’s job job job. We have to create other jobs. There are other ways of living: alternative living practices. Let’s be more in tune with nature. And so I am always inspired by people and the wonderful things they do. This invisible war that inspires me, we know little about it, but we know it exists. Go further. Scriptures from Christianity and Judaism, which helps me in my life.
RE Hogan Special attention to celebrating the life of my middlest of three brothers, who was recently diagnosed with terminal stage-4 cancer. Much to appreciate and the joy of having had rich and full lives in our own ways.

We were called to be and were granted over 55 years ago brother duty on the same nuclear missile submarine. We share that in our experience of many dimensions of a very intense time: cold-war and vietnam.

Cold war powered up the communities of love, peace, research, education, and regeneration.

Alliance for “just money”: ending capitalism and patriarchy. How do the economics of a permanent war economy affect us all?

Shining bright light = this group and what Deanne has done over the years. Then what? A  beautiful witness to being present to renew, enrich, restore and regenerate.

Looking forward to time with his brother next week. The version of togetherness surrounded by such a cold war machine is intense. ‘Twas a catalyst for change. Show up, create beauty, and repeat. At least, that’s the intention.

Earth care and regenerative nonviolence. 60 year effort that is still underway.
Raphael Please forgive me. I must leave early;. I wanted to drop in and say hello ! so good to see such wonderful people, see you again Deanne and pleasantly surprised to see my neighbors Alan and Odeal!  Alive in me is this full moon energy this harvest season ! Looking forward to seeing my daughter this Thanksgiving who is with her mom out of state.  Blessings Everyone!
Peterson It’s been a decade since connecting with Deanne. A spiritual revival over the last few years. A complete conversion experience. Walking through many memories in my life. Internship at strawbale studio with vivid memories. Different little experiences that have now taken on a new meaning.

Found some land. Researching alternative and natural building. Putting some time into planning our next house. We really don’t have a clear way there, and we’re not really sure where there is. We’re starting a new chapter of our lives together.

Connecting with people and neighbors. Moved to Flint from Pontiac. Getting plugged in deeper and faster without the long term goal of being here long term. Taking the extra time to stop and take time to talk with strangers to see them again soon.

Started my own business, which has been its own challenge and dream. It doesn’t really seem like work. It’s great to hear from everyone, even if you’re all new faces. Brittany is here too!

Unexpected outlook on our relationship. Foraging event with mushrooms (hen of the woods). Mycologist forager professional was there. About a year ago, Brittany had this calling to foraging mushrooms. Dialed into the chicken of the woods, and now it gets us out of the house with our dog hiking. It’s a reminder of the treasures of life. It brings me hope for everything.

Ecological state of the world: How does it interface with modern design and technology? Understand my own context in social media. Ecological conversion of people through social media. All people are thinking about the Earth more. I have a friend that is an automotive experience Youtuber. He was confused that the cars that the people wanted to see the most were the more sustainable options: that’s change happening!

More people are aware of the climate. It’s not something that we can deny. That’s a monumental breakthrough.

The concept of justice: the permanence of a single action and choice. Man puts this hat on of determining our whole fate on earth. Drama comes up in my mind and in my thoughts. Life becomes trivialized.

Freedom. That is the thing that I’ve struggled with the most. Spiritual and physical manifestation of aggression. Find the part of my own spirit that is freedom. Mortification: putting yourself outside of freedom in order for freedom to manifest. Put yourself in harm’s way for the manifestation of freedom for another or for yourself.

These have all been big things in my life. I’m sticking up for this one thing, when before I didn’t know what to stick up for.

At what point do we say that this is worth speaking up for.

Brittany A bit of a chaotic energy, which happens to me around the full moon. There are many new things happening in our lives. Lots of change over the last 2-3 years. Some challenging things together. Being in a temporary living situation. We have a beautiful home that we’re very fortunate to have, but this land that we purchased is really calling to us. We’re turning back to some dreams that we had when we were younger. I actually was able to attend a full moon potluck back then with him. I was inspired by the studio and people there.

We are now in a full circle time in our lives. What do we really want? We’re searching our hearts for our roots and our route forward. I’m grateful for the new direction. Some worry for these new things.

Grateful for meeting new people and making new connections. Spending time with a lot of family recently… hence, the chaotic family.

Everyone’s words and inspirations have inspired me.

One thing that I have been thinking about and have been inspired by. It has been a societal conversation recently. Space travel and its commercialization. There are strong feelings regarding the way people have been spending money on these things when there is so much to do on earth.

Imagine this commercial space flight. Imagine the artists, poets, musicians, teachers, etc. Get those people in space looking at Earth from this completely new perspective. Imagine what good can come. Excited by the idea of exploring planets and the universe. It’s in our nature to seek some answers beyond earth. It will be fascinating to see the impact that this has on Earth. The people who have the power to make decisions that affect many can gain this new perspective. I’m excited and hopeful for the positive things that will come of that here on earth.

Deanne Deanne has been pretty full-out lately… a combination of planning things for the future, which takes a lot of strategy, editing, and organization. It takes a lot too managing the daily routine. Staying involved with the change of season.

Went to bioneers last weekend. A memorial here recently that was brought together here by a friend for her mother and father.

People were visiting from out of town last weekend. Two friends staying on a trailer here on the land.

Keep up and embody the present. Still, there is clearing up the past and sort through it. Plan the future. All at the same time.

Full of life and hopeful and rather excited to get back into programming. I feel more natural when we come together, to learn to be on the land, and to be together.

Balanced and nurturing towards myself and the different levels of me. The different parts of me: spaciousness, play, observation, wandering through nature. Feeling real connected to NVC. It’s a way that I’m choosing to look at the world through feelings and needs. Interested at looking at the process.. at opening up my heart to very different people, and feeling a human connection. If find my self Stopping mid-sentence to shift my thinking and my words… to shift how I hold life. It’s a fun and creative process. I look forward to having more and more of that that I’m able to embody as I interact with others that way. Nothing is better than to connect with others.

I imagine that a lot of our Racism comes from fear. We’re scared of each other. We do things to be safe that actually separate us further. I’ve certainly not figured it out, but I’m trying to understand how we move on from our fear of each other. Holding our fist up in the air does not help us to stop fearing each other and to become allied.

Oh, infinite goodness! Enjoying the relaxing! More likely to yawn when viewing  water, or hearing reassuring, hopeful words.

Grace Lee Boggs “The first revolution was an economic revolution.

The next revolution will be a revolution of the heart.”

American Revolutionary is a movie about her. “A revolution of the heart  which will take all of our creativity!”  I imagine it will be the hardest thing that we’ve ever done as a species ! The Long Work.

That inspires me the highest.

Bioneers Detroit. Biological pioneers. I accompanied Michael Mallon/s presentation: the epics of earth. An artist friend made pictures of the seven epics: seven mass extinctions. Different paintings of different eras. We were all just in wonder, in awe of this life that we’re coming through and has come through us. Our own bodies mimic the fins and the gill slits. I’m inspired by life itself and by co-creation and by collaboration.

I’m wanting well-being for all species. What are we going to do about all this?

A fetus recreates evolution

Oncology recapitulates

Jack My students

“Why Knowledge Matters” a book I’m reading.

Restart journaling

Community music project


Article & links to an article Jack made”  Future homestead permaculture food forest”

(Jack is the note=taker, so there are not many notes about what he shares….what can we do about that?  Deanne could take notes during his speaking time 🙂

Earthen building in France http://www.craterre.org

Eric Douglas Involved in a project in Detroit with a fellow named Alex. They built a cob greenhouse in Mexico-Town.

Engage in life and build a more sustainable world. Make that more accessible  to people.

Working on developing myself in some new ways. Super involved in this project, the green house still needs some work. New team member who is tech oriented: thermal sensors in the cob strawbale wall.

Growing blocks of fungus in his apartment closet. Working with an indoor mushroom farm. Can we do a pre-fab panel (esp. When it’s cold out). Can we cob/ plaster over the mycelium? Can we put it in the greenhouse? We thought we knew what we were doing.

Volunteers in our work who are not in the traditional environmentalist movement. Folks are coming together.

Eco community center. International future living institute. Living building challenge. Certification to be the first folks in Detroit. Really inspiring me to go through all the imperatives.

In the strawbale, wow this is a bunch of stuff we’ve been doing anyways.

Saved some feeder fish from the pet store.

Gracely Boggs. One thing that she drilled into me. If you talk about just the problem, then you’re just angry. Be a part of the solution.A “Solutionary”

9% of the water to grow the same crops. Lots of fresh water in MI, but you can do more with less water in other parts of the world where fresh water is less common.