Skill-Building WEEKEND WORKSHOP 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

October 5-7, 2021 was a full and connecting time to be together and enjoy learning about Natural Nutrient Systems on the land, and workshop on Earth Ovens & Rocket Stoves!

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One of the HIGHLIGHTS was cooking pizza in the Earth Oven! Each participant created & cooked their own pizza, learning skills as they went along. The BEST pizza ever! (Earth-Oven-Pizzas always are, LOL!)

Folks super enjoyed being together, sharing stories about the sustainability things they are doing in their lives. One woman teaches “Forest School” to young children, a fellow has his own Composting Business, and so many other enriching realities and projects were woven into the conversational level. Detroit Organic Farmers and Community Builders!  Wow, what an amazing collection of folks eager to share and learn !