Detroit Waldorf School – 4th grade Fieldtrip to Strawbale Studio

Detroit Waldorf School – 4th grade Fieldtrip to Strawbale Studio

1920 2560 Strawbale Studio

More pictures of the Waldorf Fieldtrip in this google photo album.

What a glorious day with 20 students from Ursula Lord’s 4th grade class from the Detroit Waldorf School! With enthusiasm, these young people flowed through the day . . . as we toured the natural structures ~ Strawbale Studio, Middle Earth, The Hobbit Sauna, the Red Shed with a sculpted Rocket Stove Mass Heater..

The goal of the Fieldtrip was to see buildings made with traditional, natural materials and to learn about how to make an earthen mix, then sculpt a little model. This earth mix is used so frequently in natural building to create wall systems (cob), cover strawbales (earth plaster), create benches, floors, earth ovens and more! Very practical. Very natural and local.

  • The first step was to harvest dirt (clay/sand subsoil) from the field into wheelbarrows! Yes !!
  • Second, screen the soil to remove the big an little rocks. Yes!!
  • Third, mix the earth BY FOOT on a tarp. Yes!!
  • Students used this mix to sculpt little houses, or animals, on a board to take home.
  • Stones were also collected to take back to their school, along with all the extra “Cob Mix”.

What a sweet day, and what amazing young people, and their parents and teacher. I hope to see them all again at a Full Moon Potluck or a special Waldorf Retreat Day at SB Studio.        

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