Full MOON ZOOM ~ Sept. 20, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Sept. 20, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ Sept. 20, 2021 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

We come together, from Michigan, Upstate New York, Vermont…
to share our lives in relation to the natural world and the full moon.  Here are some excerpts from the zoom.
Jo reads her poem as we enter the Fall Equinox, a time of “balance” between the fall & winter, on Sept. 22nd.

EQUINOX Poem (with formatting, click here) – written by Jo, and read to the moon zoom.

Tired of growing and green

the leaves begin to turn,

not waiting for frost.

The Queen Anne’s lace is puckered and brown,

and chicory’s gone to seed.

Goldenrod shimmers in September sun.

Purple asters cloak the roadside

in royal procession.

This moment, this day

between living and dying,

between summer and winter,

A gentle balance, this day,

between day and night,

between light and dark.

Of the equinox of my life-

Is it past or yet to be?

Shall I know that moment,

that subtle balance-

Or shall I know it only in looking back?

I question- and answers there are none,

So I shall sit and be warmed

by the last days of summer sun.

Jo Clayson

September 21, 1999


Deanne shared a slideshow of her week of teaching & co-creating “Learning Landscapes” in Detroit at the Michael Mallon’s “Playscape” in awesome Brightmore community





September 2021 Participants share….

Participant What’s alive in you? What’s inspiring you?
Peggy Sooz I recently got a diagnosis. The prognosis of the Earth (which I think is pretty good), that is my prognosis. Whatever is gonna happen to the Earth is going to happen to me. Surgery on the 18th. Regenerate by Sayer Ji, who has the website Green Meds.
Jubilant Jo – Mowing, taking care of the chickens, alternatives to violence project

– It is incredibly rewarding seeing the differences that result from the alternatives to violence project.

– I have someone lined up to help me put up the loft in my barn

– Good communication with my daughter. We don’t see eye to eye regarding the pandemic, but it hasn’t harmed our communication too much.

I have concerns between the health resources I have learned to trust, and the labeling of these sources as unreliable.

– I’m grateful for the Mohawk Valley collective board earlier today and the ….

Spectacular moon tonight. It’s my 81st birthday!!!!-

– Jo’s question :
how to join 2 vertical 5×5” posts together structurally?
Ideas are generated by the group.

Jo reads  her poem titled “Equinox” which can be read at the top of this post.

Nance Halle – In a bit of a rough patch lately, I finally realized that I just need to turn things over to the universe rather than worry about things that I cannot control.

– Getting ready for the fall: harvest, getting ready for the winter garden

Inspiring to us. Nance lives in a Dome Home in Chesterfield.  She will gather pictures. We can visit, and she wants to do some “natural building add-on”. Deanne showed the interior earth plaster and sculptures in Main House at SBS.
Airlie Shared what’s alive in her, inspirations, and a question.
Deanne – Last week, I co-taught skills in creating learning landscapes for children in Detroit in the Brightmoor neighborhood with Michael Mallon and other fun people. I was teaching lashing, cob, etc. to be applied to future projects for neighborhood parks and schools.

– While I was away I didn’t check my internet, and I got plenty of sleep. Now its Monday, and I’m catching up. It’s like a puzzle to be solved.

– The idea of making money excites me because I get to do all the things that I love to do.

– I haven’t been vaccinated, but I have been thinking about it. It’s a bit uncomfortable to think about.

– Brindle the cat is doing well, she killed a black squirrel (she ate the innards), and it was pretty gross. She’s a capable huntress.

Getting Things Done – method by David Allan. https://todoist.com/productivity-methods/getting-things-done  Write everything down that’s on your mind. Then sort it into orders of importance, and short, medium and long term.

Deanne shares a photo slideshow of the Learning Landscapes Event, and the Stick Sculptures of Patrick Dougherty.
Folks can help with creating the project through Sept 25.  The Installation can be experienced for the next 2 years.  It is constructed with overgrowth harvested in the local parks. Mostly green cherry saplings and some branches too.

Jack Grad school, francophone pen pals, a beautiful day. Swimming, balancing life.”
Jack shares his organizing strategy.  Pages 1-10.  To Do list:  Today – – – (list things) Soon – – – Things to buy – – – Long Term – – – and Daily Goals – – -. On Page 11, he lists “What I did”. He does this process on a computer (document https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/) but used to do it in a notebook.
Jack reads his recently written essay on a teacher that effected his life.
Pat I’m sorry to not be here this evening. I’m sorry to miss the wide and rich exchange. I’m meeting with a small, local book group that’s meeting to reconsider intentions. Great Lakes Detroit Bioneers @ Oct 15-16 at UD Mercy.

Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Conference "One Earth Community" DETROIT Promoting a sustainable, racially-equitable, inclusive, community MERCY Build A Boundless Future that fosters life-giving relationships, nurtures connections and celebrates solutions for restoring and healing Earth. October 15-16, 2021