Patrick Dougherty’s Stick Sculpture in Detroit.

Patrick Dougherty - Detroit 2021

Patrick Dougherty’s Stick Sculpture in Detroit.

Patrick Dougherty’s Stick Sculpture in Detroit. 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

I got to visit to Patrick Dougherty’s Stick Sculpture being built in a park in Detroit Brightmoor Neighborhood … by the Rouge River!  Wow! Amazing and beautiful !
Folks can help on the project through Sept 25, 2021, or go visit / explore the sculptures’ tunnels and rooms over the next 2 years (before it naturally bio-degrades)!

Check out this link for details Patrick Dougherty Art Installation Sponsored by Sidewalk Detroit & Greening of Detroit

I had this opportunity because I was at Michael Mallons “Learning Landscapes” development week,  which took place in the wonderful “Brightmoor Neighborhood” a few blocks from the Stick Sculpture site!  While helping with the Stick Sculpture, I was able to chat a while with the artist Patrick Dougherty, a sweet, warm, capable man.  Nice!

A bit of history on the project from the Sidewalk Detroit website:

From September 7th- 25th, Sidewalk Detroit and The City of Detroit Parks & Recreation Department will be hosting internationally acclaimed artist, Patrick Dougherty as he creates one of his famed sculptures in Eliza Howell Park. The project will begin with 3 days of harvesting overgrowth of saplings from 3 parks in the city of Detroit including Rogell Park, Palmer Park, and Belle Isle. Following three days of harvesting, we will transport all bundled saplings to the site at Eliza Howell Park where Patrick and our team will begin construction and installation of the artwork. The project will be completed and celebrated with an artist talk on Saturday, September 25th.

Volunteers will be assisting Patrick in harvesting sapling branches, stripping them of leaves, and in construction of the sculpture. Sidewalk Detroit recommends that all volunteers wear closed toe shoes and cool breathable layers including long sleeves and pants to avoid being scratched or injured while harvesting and construction. Gloves, tools, water, and snacks will be provided daily.”

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