Strawbale Studio Exhibit at HAZON Sustainability Festival

Strawbale Studio Exhibit at HAZON Sustainability Festival

Strawbale Studio Exhibit at HAZON Sustainability Festival 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

Sunday August 15, 2021 Strawbale Studio hosted an exhibit table at the Hazon Festival at Marygrove Conservancy Campus in Detroit.

Deanne Bednar & Gene Vilenni brought the Traveling Turtle Earth Oven fired it up and made mini Pizzas, gave out Cob balls, made of subsoil, displayed natural building books, models  and such… with the goal of sharing what goes on at Strawbale Studio: connecting people and nature!  And… Thanks so Shane & Levi for helping load  & unload the tremendously heavy Traveling Turtle Oven.


So imagine Exhibit Tents, spread out about every 20 feet, and cars driving in a snaking line to each of the about 40 tents representing diverse projects in sustainability. From 9a – 4p cars came, one by one past our tent, and for 1.1 minutes we got to share the essence of Strawbale Studio. So every 1.1 minutes (yes, truly) …music played, and all the cars moved forward to the the next exhibit.


Each car had 1 to 6 or more folks in it…from young to old…and for a moment we connected around natural building and sustainable skills. Fun, intense, meaningful. Ah.




HAZON is an amazing Jewish Organization whose mission is “Tekkun Olam” (restoring the earth for all). Here is more description, from the promotion of the event.


Support sustainability and strong Jewish values!

*Although attendees remain in their cars throughout the event, for safety, we ask that everyone ‘mask up.’

We’re b-a-a-ack! Roll along with us as we take you through the always exciting 2021 Hazon Michigan Jewish Food Festival! Join us on this magical day as we celebrate safely at a new location and a new time.

Sunday, August 15th, 9am-4pm
Visit stations on the amazingly beautiful grounds of the Marygrove Conservancy Campus in Detroit (8425 W. McNichols Rd. Detroit). You will see the organizations and businesses that you have come to love over the years as well as new ones!

The Festival will engage children, teens, adults, seniors, and families in transformative and educational experiences in the areas of food, food justice, farming, sustainability, environmental initiatives, climate change, and health for themselves and their communities while having an amazing and fun time! We can each take action towards making this a better and more sustainable world for all!

SEE circus performers performing along the route

HEAR how Hazon and our community partners are supporting and/or making a sustainable difference in our communities

TASTE delicious samples of foods that will delight your taste buds

ENJOY a unique drive-thru experience that highlights how we can all do our part to care for our world

RECEIVE lots of fun goodies and activities

The Hazon Michigan Jewish Food Festival is Hazon’s largest event in the country and Michigan’s largest annual Jewish event! So fill up your car with eager family members and friends, and get ready to be transported to a festive world of learning and entertainment, as we strive together towards the vision of a healthier and happier planet.