Full MOON ZOOM ~ July 23, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ July 23, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ July 23, 2021 653 555 Strawbale Studio

Full Moon Zoom 7-23-2021

We enjoyed the depth of our sharing of what’s alive in each of us, and what is inspiring to us these days.  A happy connection of folks from different states, sharing our unique and often common experiences. 

7 participants, zoom hosted by Deanne.

Emergent themes: 

  • People and opportunities are there to be connected with. 
  • Nature continues to inspire and enliven us. 
  • Being healthy in body and mind as we move through these times. 
  • Interactions & sharing about healthy foods / supplements/ healing therapies. 


Jubilant Jo

Alive:  Harvesting her organic blueberries, moving the trails, hosting campers on her land in upstate New York. A parade of wild flowers, the fun of the chickens, the dog, the cat.  Free soil from the County Road Department, and her  emails  conversations with prison inmates through “The Alternatives to Violence” program !  Gypsy moths – sadly ending their lives  in order to responsibly help keep balance in the ecosystem since the gypsy moths are not native to her place. 

Inspiring:  The red moon rising with a rainbow ! Sharing deeply with others on this call, and meeting with an Environmental Science student.  

Alive:  Getting a new perky haircut, having a health concern and finding out more about it soon.  Noting the many unknowns of life. Questions, surprise about negative reactions when she shares her ideas with others.  Loving the visit with her daughter and family and her great granddaughter !

Inspiring. Sean Padraig O’Donoghue ~”The Forest Reminds Us Who We Are, Connecting to the Living Medicine of Wild Plants” , and  “The Overstory ” by Richard Powers.  novel about people and their relationship with trees and forests and how they came together to be activists.   Using herbs for protection.  

Alive:  Graduating from college in May, and, due to covid, missing a trip (funded with a scholarship) to Italy.  Now, being offered a full time ob with the University.  Feeling grateful, and feeling sad, wanting freedom.  Intermediate spanish. Also interested in Natural Building, saw the Hand-Sculpted House, illustrated by Deanne Bednar (me – lol) and found/read a book from a resource on strawbalestudio.org:  Build It With Bales.
Exploring how to move ahead in life ! 

Inspiration: Appreciating the little patterns in her life ~ meeting a friend in the coffeeshop, and such…and how covid interrupted those patterns.  Now appreciating the opportunities that are always there, to chat, to listen, to connect … at the library, on the street.  Excited by visiting a small local museum and its curator, and his historical and personal connections to that town and the past.

Alive: Excited about changing her block  (in the Pittsburgh area) into a garden, and finding that is like a ZOO out there !  Hummingbirds  and  at least 28 types of butterflies that she has identified.  Also… she’s wondering about the amino acid L-Serine, and its relationship with brain health.  This is being explored by a group of Buddhists in the Phoenix area, and seems worthy of consideration. Covid has been a lonely time, and now she’s seeing that things and people are opportunities for interaction and meaning !  Others added their thoughts:  Lions’ Mane mushroom, fermented mushroom combination, etc. 
She has 2 dogs that need new homes.

Inspiring:  Learning that people WANT to share their day, want to be seen and understood. It’s an opportunity to connect and support ! 

Eli and son
Alive: Traveling to Mexico to learn more about the origins of the studies Eli has been doing on healing, the spiritual aspects and the body….things beyond the ability of words to capture. Being so aware of the differences between the Detroit life-style and there… how resources are used, the preciousness of water, paper.  We are used to the comfort of a mattress, running water. Eli is inspired to live comfortably, but not excessively. I hold comfort as a “sliding scale”….I can adjust.  In Mexico they worked collaboratively on creative projects, took a break and then came back to it.  I’m interested in the natural building there. I appreciated it so much and “I’m glad I’m back where it is easier to integrate and process life.” 

 Inspiring:  Reading “Millionaire Moves” and while reading, maintaining a presence, a meditative quality.  Learning to meditate on and live in the Fullness of Life.  https://www.swami-krishnananda.org/chhand/Chhandogya_Upanishad.pdf

“Studying plant medicines to activate my DNA”

Alive: The sun is red because of the fires.  Troubling times. The new puppy is called “My Love Doggie” and is full of joy.  Got its first haircut and daughter holds up the sweet Love Doggie on the zoom. Daughter is enjoying swimming and calling friends!
There is extra peace and quiet now with the service drive closed, and the quite is more like where she is going to….the cabin up north with 2 weeks of peace and quiet.  Last May was a vacation, too. 
The mulberries are amazing from the heat and wetness. 
Inspiring: Netflix movie “Inside”.  Moving from self-isolation and tuning into the art scene and what is happening. 

Alive: The Oakland Co. Permaculture Meetup at Gateway Farm in Plymouth…a demonstration model, with a tour led by Bridget O’Brien and Jared Bogdonov-Hannah!  The land is for sale across the street as equestrian / hunting, and zoned as 2 acre parcels “suburban homestead”.  Sigh.  Feeling happy to be giving tours again, and although appreciating the covid times in some ways, and longing to have more connection, flow, ease

Inspiring: Blue Cross Blue Shield letter, reminding us of ways to stay positive and of MINDFULLNESS.  

Health Strategies shared by the group (not given as recommendations, just sharing) 

  • Eye movement machine. EMDR therapy.  https://neurotekcorp.com/   $160 – comes with the hand held vibrators as well as ear phones.
  • “Responding instead of reacting.”
  • L-Serine can be put in empty capsules to avoid the taste.
  • Entheogens can help with PTSD and Alzheimer’s
  • Check a Chinese medicine wheel. It identifies the right  types of tastes and smells in food that will heal you.