Full MOON ZOOM ~ May 26, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ May 26, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ May 26, 2021 2560 1594 Strawbale Studio


Emergent Themes, Chat Links, Participants sharing, Possible outcomes: 

Emergent Themes: 

  • Connecting with and supporting Nature.
  • Technological support for human needs.
  • Joy of Spring & Rebirth!  Plants, Animals, Social connections!

Links from the Chat:


Jo – uses her timber carrier (below) for moving large logs.

Jack:  :https://timbercarts.com/

Marco – shares link: How to make a timber carrie




Christopher: www.ie.energy Earth Engine




Deanne: Growing Cover Crop Mix Garden Seeds.  True Leaf company.

Assorted Cover Crop Mix. 30-70 Days. Non-GMO. Heirloom. Annual. Why just choose one cover crop seed when you can grow them all? Cover Crop Garden Mix features 9 of the most popular and best-selling seasonal cover crop seeds ever ~ heirlooms from seed such as annual Austrian Field Pea, Hard Red Winter Wheat, Triticale, Daikon Radish, and more. A proven annual garden companion for boosting nitrogen content back into soil while improving weed suppression, erosion control, tilth, and structure. Pre-inoculated.



Jack: Dandelion, a poem.

A family called Asteracae ~ An homage to their starry seed

Full Poem below under Jacks Sharing.





Participants Sharing : “What’s Alive in Me” – “What is Inspiring?”

Peggy C.

  • Nuthatch in a pottery birdhouse up in the tree. They come back every year. They have eggs and/or babies.
  • Inspiration: US! Caring about the planet, earth, and much more!
  • Spending less time gardening, and more time trying to eliminate the animals living under the porch. Looking for humane solutions that work for rats: dry ice though quite humane doesn’t work in this setting, so trying a baking soda, citric acid, PB, and bread ball.  The best I can figure out. Other animals do not react to it.
  • Elizabeth Warren’s book Persist.

Maria Parker

  • Recently started a new teaching job. First week. Hired as a preschool teacher teaching with a variety of children of newborn to Pre-K, floating getting to know all the kids at the center.
  • Although it started off with a challenge, it’s rewarding. Being able to have quality time with children and being able to share valuable skills and open up their eyes to the world is always a gift.

Patricia Kolon

  • October 15th and 16th this year for Great Lakes Bioneers. The planning committee met this past Monday. One idea is to have “A Counsel of All Beings” event with representatives from each great lake to speak the life of that great lake.
  • Specific question about promotion. Keep the suggestions coming.
  • Salad dinner with her sister from the first bok choy from the garden. Patricia was able to share the joy of a rain barrel with her sister. Tired and Fun are alive in her rain barrel overflow.
  • Thank you to Peggy! Irises and raspberries, gifts from Peggy, are in full bloom.

Eric Douglas

  • Alex and Eric working on a cob / greenhouse building together. In SW Detroit Mexicantown Livernois and I-75. Things have really grown on the education outreach while integrating that in with agriculture, harvesting, and cooking.
  • It would be great to have Bioneers back and share the Greenhouse with aquaponics system.
  • Permaculture food forest with a grant is coming along.
  • Looking into doing a natural building project, and applied to Kresge for a grant.
  • Deanne: Do you know Michael Mallon from the Superhuman Training Academy?
  • Solar living institute in CA
  • First day in a long time that he hasn’t looked at the garden
  • Played around with home coffee roasting. Roasting coffee with sunlight

Marco Elstermann

    • Marco has hope that we will make it as a member of the life on the planet.
    • Collaborating with a person who has been feeding the houseless of LA using fresh produce leftover from the farmers’ markets. We are Unum. Ingrid?
    • PCRM Physicians committee for responsible medicine are supporting “Unity Stew”,a nutritious meal currently 30 cents per portion, bought in bulk.
    • Leave no one hungry in Los Angeles. Trying to get the celebrities together to gather enough attention to it. Once it works in LA, we can transition it from community to community. Drive in refrigerated trucks (no single use packaging). No requirements. Open to everyone! Imagine the benefits of a single-parent family who now no longer have to worry about 1 or 2 meals a week.
    • Imagine the people who have to spend their entire day hungry gathering what little they can to just survive and feed themselves a single meal.
    • In AZ, we’re feeding the Navajo elders. At the Iskcon temple buying lunch, they were there. Working with the Krishnas to feed as many as several thousand a day.
  • It’s not just alive in me. It’s keeping me alive.
  • All building materials either reclaimed or made from cob/strawbale.
  • We have a lot of time open on theconversation.cc to talk about saving, healing, or transforming life on the earth for the better. We offer scheduled programs on a regular basis for free. Twice monthly: Content: Anything sustainable.
  • Both Christopher and Marco have much going on in their lives.

Jubilant Jo

  • The weather has warmed up. The chicks have grown up enough to go outside during the day. They’re about the size of a teacup now. Only a few feathers yet. Cat carrier as a small shelter in the dog exercise pen. Heat lamp at night for them and into the barn early in the tough weather. The big chickens went right out after the storm; they were so excited for their wormy meal!
  • Mowing, but in some places it’s almost knee-high.
  • Annual plants are in the ground. Two groups of campers coming for the long weekend.
  • Sometimes parts of word documents have disappeared. It has been occasionally frustrating and time-consuming.
  • Alternatives to Violence project with inmates. Reward but consuming. 15-20 emails per month has increased to sometimes 300. It means so much to them on the inside to cope with all the changes that are happening within the prison system.
  • Lumber order at the end of last week is slow-going getting it where it needs to go.
  • Timber carrier has been very useful, but now it seems to have disappeared from the internet. Two mountain bike wheels made of tubular steel with bracket on top to load logs or timber. (see links from chat above)
  • Very good at figuring out a project if there’s something to be built or made. However, if there’s a piece of it not on the property, it becomes more difficult.
  • Building a new loft to place the tools. Bartering with someone to help with the heavier/taller manual labor.


  • Greenhouses out of run-down cars.
  • Taking French students outdoors for class as much as possible.
  • Enjoying meals and socializing now that more folks are vaccinated.
  • Meaningful new relationship: CRMEW – Committed Relationship, Monogamous, Entire World (meaning willing to share all they are).
  • A new poem by Jack:


“A family called Asteraceae:
an homage to their starry seed.
a shooting star may catch our eye,
they both grant wish in time of need.

I have a wish that we may be
exempted from those hopes forgot,
and that the feelings that often flee
do spread like wildflowers’ lot.

A sign of Spring’s alluring charm,
they’re vernal and venereal
An aphrodisiac: no harm,
for we eat leaf ethereal.

Just like the stars their number grows
just like affection in the dark,
for there we share our greatest woes
and bear the storm by lingual marks.

So let rains come for us to dance
and let the pollen shower too.
Hydration fuels our nightly prance,
and pollen potions wax loves’ sweet dews.

Let’s love like dandelions live!
we’ll pay no heed to where we go,
and let wind spread the joy we give
till we can know what gift we’ve sown.”


  • Last two days at a visitation and funeral for the 53 year old son of a an old friend, Sandy.  Glen got a brain tumor and died in hospice about a week ago. Father of 3. Sandy raised her kids as a single-mother. Each of her kids went on to have really tight families. Stories and pictures shared. Several hundred people at the funeral. He was so beloved. Great mourning combined with a huge party for everyone.
  • At the visitation folks, mostly without masks, talked and hugged. You don’t have to wear a mask if you’ve been vaccinated. At the Funeral, in a church, people were supposed to wear masks, and most did. She hasn’t been in a group in a year, but it really meant something to be with friends after so long. It will resonate a long time.
  • Tomorrow Deanne will be having a new counseling session with a professional therapist. Excited to have her thoughts witnessed. Learned about this person from a friend, Kelly, who co-teaches the foraging class. Medical coverage is really supportive of counselling these days.
  • On the land, SO much has been opened up from former jungle of green and new planting is going on. A cleared area is being planted with a special cover crop she learned about during a Zoom call on restorative agriculture.
  • Using a new lithium battery lawnmower. Scattered some of the leaf/lawn clippings on the cover crop seeds so the mice and birds are less likely to eat them !

Christopher Dennis

  • The energy project. An idea born at theconversation.cc New and free energy sources. Energy sources that go beyond renewables. Renewables produced for free. Magnet-produced energy. Free energy means clean water. Fossil fuels
  • www.ie.energy
  • Great for homesteading. Fossil fuels make a lot of money and these technologies are swept under the rug by powers-at-be.
  • In Niagara Falls by chance. One of the birth places for hydroelectricity.

POSSIBLE OUTCOMES of the zoom conversations:

  • More contributions to the Great Lakes Bioneers, Detroit. and connections with Eric & Alec’s Greenhouse project.
  • Find out more about the Greenhouse Project.  Is there a website?