Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 28, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 28, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM ~ March 28, 2021 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

This March Full Moon Zoom Evening opened up with the.. . .

Then we tuned into the Full Moon with a quote from Lois Robbins “ECOlogic”:  “We – earthlings – in our own spatial mode of consciousness have walked these circles since time immemorial . . . and it’s possible the moon cycles were marked for thousands of years as the most important ones in the human experience. “

We explored The Traditional Names given to this Spring Equinox moon by First Peoples:  Worm Moon, This name is traditionally thought to refer to the earthworms that appear as the soil warms in spring. The Northern Ojibwe called this Crow Comes Back Moon. The term Goose Moon was used among Algonquin and Cree peoples. Snow Crust Moon was an Anishinaabe term. Sore Eyes Moon is a Dakota, Lakota, and Assiniboine term referring to the blinding rays of the sun on snow. Sugar Moon (Ojibwe) is the time when maple sap runs. 

Some Inspiring Quotes from the night:

  • I think of “Gratitude” as “free good feeling”!
  • My fire comes from figuring out how to walk fully in my path….how to experience my life fully.
  • Carry on with your dear hearts and visions.”  Parting words of the evening. 

10 Participants: Marco, Pat, Peggy, Jo, Eli & Delta & Bobby, Kim, Jim, Sarah, Marshall.
Co-hosts: Jack Chase & Deanne Bednar 

Links from the Chat:

Potential Outcomes from the Zoom: 

  • Ideas generated for the Great Lakes Detroit Bioneers Conference Detroit 2021
  • An online Cob Class created for Delta & Sarah (and others) + possible on-site demo/class.
  • DB – fire up for Air B n B for a natural building on-site.  Plant peas.


Participants Check-in “What’s Alive In You?” Inspiration Suggestions for Great Lakes Bioneers Conference Detroit 2021 
Deanne Bednar – worm moon (worms rise from the earth), sugar moon (maple sugar)

– A reading from Lois Robbins: We earthlings in our own spatial mode of consciousness have walked these circles since time immemorial… We noticed that the Earth moon connected to the coming and going of human fertility.

– worm castings on the stone walkway

– a robin going for the worms

– maple syrup. Shane and Levi are living in a trailer on the land.

– Mushroom ID zoom class: Rachel Mifsud.

– communication: Trans-paradigm. Bridge-building & Peace-building: ways to bridge communication & connection between people who are living in different paradigms

– NVC: Non-violent communication

– Recycling: Is it broken? Let’s fix it.

– N-bridge: line 5.

– Alternatives to Violence

– Paul Stamits: Mushrooms and Bee health.

– focus on tiny homes: panel, code, natural materials

Jack Chase – gratitude: free good feelings

– Tree Crops, J. Russell Smith

– happiness: family, yoga outside, silence

– strawbale and cob

– natural medicine

– nature walk for plant and mushroom identification

– planned obsolescence

Marco Elstermann – save, heal, and transform life on earth. Ending hunger.

– the campfire.

– solar radiation management projects.

– links in the chat.

– meetings for friendship & soul nourishment.

– Great Lakes are 20% of the world’s surface fresh water.

– PFAS chemicals (fire retardant used on clothing and extinguishers) are affecting the environment.

– Great Lakes environmental alliance

Patricia Kolon – the moon last night (beautiful with the clouds going by).

– grateful for the rain.

– excitement for sprouting of peas in a raised bed.

– wanting to connect with the Great Lakes Bioneers. What should we put on the agenda?

– Satisfaction in enjoying the frozen harvest from last year

– Heaviness in hearing the story of the sexual abuse of her friend while she was in a strong institution of the country. The friend felt much freedom after many years sworn to secrecy.

Pat asked for input of our ideas about what we would like to see presented in 2021 Great Lakes Bioneers Conference.  This column reflects peoples’ responses to that question.
Peggy C. – we are alive in Peggy!

– likes to explore non-traditional things.

– the healthy traditions network.

– Gaia women of Great Lakes Basin

– Michigan Women’s Music Festival

– Patricia’s friend touched something deep within Peggy. Peggy experienced abuse , while also having much gratitude as well.

– first one to go to Bioneers!

– workshop on NON non-binary, non-conformist, non-covid-believer, etc.

Jubilant Jo Clayson – Winter with deep snow so deep and soft is coming to an end. The little signs of spring: on the morning of the equinox, Jo spotted some pussywillows. Geese are flying over.

– Jo eats many wild plants. Sorrel, dandelions, thistles and other wild edibles took over my garden last year.   This year she has to figure how to balance the things she plants with the wild things I gather and eat.

– loosening the soil with the broad fork will have to wait until the ground thaws more

– Volunteer correspondent to alternatives to violence project.

– a 3-hour phone call with daughter this morning

– rooster died this morning (one of her favorites)

– fun events for youth and adults

– merchandise sales

– fundraiser

Eli Lae & Family – Bobby is talking, expressing.

– Eli Lae: plant medicine, plant spirits, generational memory, alchemy.

Crystal healing / jewelry with metals, beads, bone, horn shell

– Eli’s fire comes from figuring out “how to walk fully in my path. How to experience my life fully.”

– Delta: getting the house together. Turning the house into a home. Cob the stairwell. Get back out into nature. Plant identification walks. Mushroom walks. Delta is a massage therapist. Excited to be back to work.

– Bobby: Happy to be growing! To be what he wants to be. To do what he wants to do!

– Ditto Marco’s suggestions.  She was in and out of zoom and family went to bed.
Kim Patrick – worms are arriving!

– orphan plants survived the winter

– self-prioritization. Focus on herself. Too selfless for her own good.

– took time for herself to attend 2 appointments this week. No guilt! Tired, integrating the events of the week.

– natural building. Understanding zoning laws on natural buildings.
Sarah Stevenson – Recently had Glaucoma lowlight / cold-laser surgery. Not a big nothing, but instead a big something.

– Great excitement to work with cob once again. Life-affirming. Memories of Earth Plaster at Thunder Mountain Nat. Bldg gathering decades ago.

– Greetings to spring: violets and bluebells

– reimagine the landscape of our neighborhoods.

– repopulate our neighborhoods with the native animals: Talamie (author)?

– the natural park of our front lawns.

Be Knice – Jim Targest. Two-months into a sabbatical. A couple months of security before things take a turn for the worst.

– Lives in Rochester.

– Standard Electric: inventor of the specialized controllers.

– There is even manufacturing of virus’ even! but yeah! microorganisms that are eating plastic and oil are being found more and more!

– lawns are murder!

– low-hanging fruit: preventative.

– rather than spend on a lawn, let’s spend to create a natural park.

– contest to determine the most sustainable lawn.

Marshall Stephens – Greetings to the people in the call. Hiking up Bob Mountain. Drink tea and chill.

– Girlfriend was in a car crash earlier this week. She’s fine.

– Friend had COVID, and it really messed with his head.

– Took a vow of silence for a short time.

– Highland Gardens Co-op in Highland Park.

– Ukulele Bob Marley at the bonfire

– networking at bioneers!


It was a broad and deep evening together. Gratitude for our connection, for the contributions, for sharing from the heart.  Thanks for your work in the world, your actions brought forward from the things you value!   Meet you next time in the Moon Zoom!    Deanne