Full MOON ZOOM February 27, 2021

Full MOON ZOOM February 27, 2021 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

2021-2-27 Full Moon Zoom – photos, chat links, highlights. 

This month themes, that emerged from the 18 folks on the zoom

  • Our relationship with “hope”
  • Connection with winter & spring.
  • Eco- Building & Communities
  • Participants Deanne, Kim, Peggy, Jo, Daniel, Mark, Pascal, Natalka, Bonnie, Lena, R. E., Mike & Michelle, Sarah, Angela, Marko, Sherrie, Jack – co-host & note-taker.

Participants shared their inspiring links in the chat:


Below are a few highlights from each persons sharing:


  • O.I.G. Oh infinite goodness!
  • Life weaves. Positive feedback loops.
  • Need a new car – 2000 Subaru overheating.
  • Thich Naht Hahn: Buddhist monk did not take sides in the Vietnam war. 
    • If we have flowers and we put them in a vase, we need not many flowers. They can have space around each other. Let us give each other space in that way.
    • Our smile is a flower. Our mouth, our eyes, our hands can be a flower.


  • Trust in the universe that everything is going to be okay.
  • Has returned to work as a substitute teacher (very scary)
  • Getting back to work has helped me to feel balanced. The universe provides. Why does the universe provide for me?
  • My greatest inspiration is the raincoat for somebody’s puddle


  • Gratitude by us all for persistence through obstacles.
  • These terms are endangered: lesbian and woman.
  • A walk around the yard. Daffodils and narcissus are up!
  • I feel that some people that i have followed for decades are online are now supporting each other. That is the kind of magic that is hopeful to me. I have a very alternative view of what is going on. Doing a lot of reading. Staying hopeful.

Jubilant Jo

  • Totally and fully recovered from her fall in January. Very deep snow in upstate NY.
  • Doing a lot of reading and watching of different social issues and health issues. Helping those with trauma. Protect oneself from 5g. Boosting one’s immune system. Civil Rights.
  • Doing a lot of eating. Play with dog and cat. Lots of exercise going up and down ladders: needs to retrieve the chickens from up on top of the roof. 
  • Alternatives to violence project. Supporting a neighbor returning from prison.


  • Photography studio: nature photography. 7 Ponds Nature Center.
  • Dragged some wood up into the house to keep the wood fire going
  • Sanjay Gupta: staying mentally sharp
  • Getting second COVID vaccine next Thursday

Mark & Pascal share their building project in Ontario.


  • Mark was an intern 1 year ago (2020 before COVID)
    • Up here in Montreal, 3-4 weeks left of snow.
    • Makes a living as a gardener.
    • Working with teachers to integrate gardening activities. Food forest at the school: buckwheat, oats, etc. Perennial meadow. Education and sustainability as part of education in Quebec.
    • Sauerkraut and tea
  • Pascal was an intern 2 years ago
    • In Mexico, teaching online. Oaxaca.
    • Shares a raincoat made of palm leaves (traditional Mexican people)
    • Wants to produce this coat elsewhere with phragmities
    • Share of their timber framing home and lean-to with tent
    • Sculpting chess pieces: mushroom pawns and heads


  • Web developer, educator, gardener
  • New to all the people in the zoom room.
  • Helping parents. Both parents are fully vaccinated
    • Birds and bird feeding
  • In Arizona (near Tucson and Suara national park), lived on women’s land
    • Pack rats moving into structure that was never completely finished


  • In Florida (80 degrees) Left Michigan in the beginning of November
  • Path has been unstructured. In constant flow. Almost 80 years old.
  • Women’s village in Key West (back in the 70’s) 2.5 acres. Willed from woman to woman, then put into a trust for all women. $15 a day donation requested.
  • One 40 year-old woman there was named the “iguana girl” because of her talent at spotting the iguanas in the mangroves. One of them was over 6-feet long, while spotted on a kayak ride.

Patty M

  • 3 hours snow-shoeing today. Starting to learn the hammered dulcimer. Avid birder.
  • Lives in Mayville. The thumb of Michigan. Originally from the Livonia area. A grandmother with a green body who could plant a dead stick and it would grow.
  • Retired recently from a physical education teacher position. Native wildflowers, bird habitats, food for the kids. Used to teach 300+ students a day
  • Working with her church to create outdoor education opportunities. Working with “thumb” nature areas


  • North Michigan. Reflection on meaning and purpose. Much experimentation.
  • Perseverance. Recent path is a spiral. Wide and clumsy spiral back to things. Coming around sooner. Sometimes a bit blind to things and fumbling around. Accidentally leaving dreams behind. Always reflecting. Making art, working on this house. Thinking about projects.
  • How can we make life more ceremonial?
  • Sauna in the house: windows fixed with cob and bottle windows.
  • Gathering windows to create a greenhouse (using cob) (connected to the sauna)
  • The divine masculine rather than a negative masculine
  • Smiling at yourself in the mirror every day.  Having control over our actions.

R.E. Hogan

  • A beautiful and rich time. Despite the things we don’t like, there are many things we do like.
  • Regeneration villages (Portugal): the very clear request to “defend the sacred” . “if life wins, there will be no losers” to mirror a model for the future. 
  • Baby goats are arriving (Greenfire). Cheesemaking are coming in shortly
  • All three kids are doing great. Oldest kid (Twister Celeste Matthew Hogan) training to be a theoretical physicist. Now teaching at Texas Tech Uni in Costa Rica.Taught himself math and physics in his bedroom
  • Seeing the Forest for the Trees Project. Getting a trillion trees preserved and planted in a 10-year period. Trees that are right for the location. Ecovillages & healing biotopes. Sacred tree talks. Best efforts on the planet to save the trees and the planet in new human settlements.
  • Trans-paradigm, bridge-building, peace-building. How special it is to be with you all tonight.
  • Defending the Sacred” What do we experience as sacred? What is original beauty? What is our relationship to original beauty? What is original blessing?
  • If or when life wins, there will be no losers. There are no losers, if life wins. → inter-well-being. If everyone is not well, then one cannot be well.
  • Unconditional love. Ecological truth. Regenerative nonviolence. 

Mike & Michèle

  • Friend of Daniel Mitchell. Only five miles away
  • Loves this interesting group of folks. A shunpiker/shumphike. Honored to meet us all. Recovering from triple bypass heart surgery. Hiker. Photography. Retired In 2009 after being a photographer for … Press. First vaccination guy
  • On the board with 7 pond nature center


  • Lives in Pittsburgh (not by choice) in the city! With streets, sidewalks and big curbs.
  • It’s Spring in PA! Buds on the trees are visibly swollen
  • The full moon lights up the night when there is snow. Moonlight reaches out and gives you a hug. On music: there are no wrong notes in music.If you go out now, there is a sensitive fern. Get yourself a little deli cup, a little bit of medium, take the seeds and crush them. Spray it all with water, and put it on the windowsill. Then, you will have your own new crop of the sensitive fern.


  • Working on lots of winter sowing. Joined a group on facebook. Milk jug cut in half and plant the seeds in there in a few inches of soil starting in January. Sits outside in January. Full-fledged plants ready to go in May. Daughter has been helping with that. Virtual school.
  • Focus on self care. Eating healthy. Walk every day for at least 20 minutes since the start of the year. If you’re dressed for the weather, you can enjoy the outdoors year-round.
  • Digging books out of the closet. Parting with books and reading many books.
  • Playing songs and writing songs. Making songs using the computer.

Marco Elstermann

  • Hope! Hope is still alive despite all that has gone on in the last year.
  • Open 24/7 (Zoom) theconversation.cc. Talk about everything. Regular program every Friday: 24-hour block party. 7-9 AM and 7-9 PM. 
  • Theradish.org founded by Nolan and Jaymin Chively. Worked with Bill Gates. End world hunger, not expensive. Retired from Microsoft. 
  • Feed the world. Work with Shivrish Row climate healers. Working with people in LA. Feeding the houseless there for 14 years. Volunteer cooks.
  • The more we share the smarter we are.
  • Prof. Guy McFearson 67 feedback looks that are causing global warming. Has documentation that SRM (Solar radiation management) seems to be the only way to turn on the A/C.

Sherrie Vandeputte

  • Inspired by all of you” happy to be here and to hear us. Recovering from COVID. Having trouble with her lungs. Sleeping a lot. Recovering. With some more time, she will be fine. Delighted to listen to what is going on in our lives. Wonderful things are happening on Earth with us.

Inspired by “Letting Go of Hope :– Pema Chodron. “When Things Fall Apart” continues to be one of the most enduring spiritual books of the last century that holds wide appeal as a treatise on suffering and how to manage it. Pema Chodron recommends that we lean into pain and suffering, rather than avoiding it or trying to escape it. In this extract from the chapter Hopelessness and Death, she talks about the relationship of hope to fear ..and looking truth squarely in the eye. In abandoning hope, she advises, we stand a chance of finding confidence in our basic sanity. 

The first noble truth of the Buddha is that when we feel suffering, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong. What a relief. Suffering is part of life, and we don’t have to feel it’s happening because we personally made the wrong move.

This February 2021 Full Moon Zoom was indeed a rich interaction between folks – sharing what is alive in them, what is inspiring them, and their current projects !