January 30, 2021 FULL MOON ZOOM

January 30, 2021 FULL MOON ZOOM 2560 1920 Strawbale Studio

What an inspiring Full MOON ZOOM !

The Emergent Theme became “excitement about upcoming projects & visions”.

Scroll down for photoslinks that people contributed on their Projects & Inspirations.

Zoom participants : Jackie, Sandy, Annie, Jo, Kim, Angela, Jim, Miriam & Trevor, Peggy,  Jo, Robin for a bit, Linsday, Monica & Nick, Sarah, Hosts: Deanne, Jack.

What’s alive in you?  A few responses!  Sorry I missed recording a few.

  • Jackie, Sandy, are alive with their changes and “moving to a new home”, place not yet known.
  • Annie, with a background in hospitality is “Imagining building a community with small houses, Air B & B.”
  • Jack is alive with the idea of “building an Earth Oven”!
  • Kim shared what was alive in her evolution and understanding over the las,t months.
  • Lindsay, alive with Artistry, eco-friendly, dream intelligence, aircrete, full moon drum circle, natural & Healing Arts
  • Jo, is engaged in “winter & hosting Hip Camp at Earth Song”, her home in upstate New York.

  • Monica & Nic are alive with “Toledo Permaculture Network , and their strawbale home” (under construction above). They showed us pictures. , Solidarity” “model “mutual aid”. “Doing with, not for”. Sharing a meal for example. ½ acre Food Forest ( I think this is the link) Below is the foundation dig, and an artist vision of their future strawbale building.


Shared Conversations & Resources from participants:

OIG! O Infinite Goodness ! Check out these awesome links 🙂

You are welcome to join us in future zooms !