July 2020 Week 4 ~ Internship Activities

July 2020 Week 4 ~ Internship Activities

July 2020 Week 4 ~ Internship Activities 334 446 Strawbale Studio

2020-7 Week 4 + REPORT

July Photo Album !

Blog Posts by Intern Jack Chase:    What Does A Mask Mean?


July 23, 2020 Green Lake house: Tree trim, Garage, scrap paint, clear gutters and roof. Swim.
July 23, 2020 Visit the McDonalds: Jim, Stephanie, Lium Sage, Rowen and Elowen.
July 24, 2020 Guests: Joseph & Maura + previous Zoom Call re their Natural Building Recording Studio
Consultation on their SB Recording Studio Project, Tour, and help debark logs. `
July 25, Sun. Guest: Fay Hanson – Permaculture Online Class preparation: photograph Renewable Resources at SBS, Video interview Deanne on the Rocket Cook Stove /Rumford Fireplace.
July 29, 2020 Zoom Call with Doug Reith, Jack Chase and Deanne Bednar. NB and NVC
July 30, 2020. Bio-Char International Zoom Call ! Initiator: Minna Hokka, Finland. Co-organizer. Outi Tuomela, Finland.
Zoom Host: Deanne Bednar SBS. Zoom Co-Host Jack Chase, SBS / Massachusets / VT.  Kathleen Draper, Rochester, NY.
July 31, 2020 Guest: Angela Holmes visits, stays 2 days.
July 31, 2020 Jack’s Internship finished, he drives back to Massachusetts. Fare Thee Well !
Aug 1, 2020 Guest / Consultation Skyline Shanna & Liz re Strawbale Drying Hut grant.

Natural Building
Project: Earth Oven Extension Frame. Harvest and Debark Logs, Char posts ends, Notch & assemble.

Earth Oven Frame Roof addition: Round pole finish harvesting, debarking, notching, recycled cans from Jack, rubble trench hole.

1) Design together, Jack make Drawing to Scale of East and North Views & Timber list.”
2) Harvest poles from Mid-Meadow: 6 inch diameter Elm tree from compost pile, and smaller Box Elder from the Mid-pipeline.
Debark poles. Harvesting posts, purlin, rafters.
Week 4
4) Continue debarking
Dig holes, Gather stones, Spread stone
Char Poles
Post Raising: Stabilize posts with stones into the foundation hole. Rest Post on Spread stone and add/tamp stones around the post. Sloped stones finish.
Notch and fasten beams to posts with nails/screws.
Hang a brown tarp for roof membrane !
10) Jack carves his name on the front post ! Yay. Memories to come!

A future experiment is to make a “metal can roof”.  Jack tries cutting several cans to see how the process goes !

Class Presentations: Completed.


Joseph & Maura. Consultation on their SB Recording Studio Project
                   Zoom Call & 7-24-20 visit/tour of Strawbale Studio buildings.
Skyline Strawbale Drying Shelter.
Shanna and Liz.
Call, text,
8-1-20 visit & planning session
Tall Trees Strawbale Retreat Barn.
Kate / Terry Kelly . Phone call. Will Meet.
(Patel Playhouse – earlier in the month. Photos, links, emails. )

Sustainable Skills:

New: Blackberry harvesting. Continuation of Foraging, mulberries, raspberries. Lambs quarters, garlic, onions, Wild Mustard, Violets. Hands-on notching. Experiment with White Mulberry propagation. Mark Shiitake Logs and put away.

Evening Program: NA
Enrichment: Green Lake house, Jack: swimming and harvest white mulberries and black raspberries.

Propagate white mulberries.

Food : Fab Egg Breakfast with Spicy Ginger Kim Chi. Foraged Greens Soup with Buckwheat groats JC tries raw Sun Root. Fermenting Books.

Jack & I cook supper. Soup with buckwheat, beans, foraged greens and alium. Spices yum.

Learn the “Side Hug”. Practice NVC as we go through the day.

Gifts to Jack: Permaculture Essentials by Holmgren. Corded dog bane bracelet. Lambs quarter seeds, Wild Mustard root.

Guests: (also see above)

July 24, 2020 Guests: Joseph & Maura.
July 25, 2020
Guest: Fay Hanson – Permaculture Online Class preparation Video/interviews.
July 26, 2020
Guests: Dave, Derenda & Agnus LaFevre. Eco-neighbors moving to N. Michigan
July 31, 2020
Shanna & Liz from Skyline re Strawbale Drying Shelter Grant Design.


Gene Vilenni volunteers to put in more windows and do another “u-haul cleanup” at SBS !

East River Farm – Les offers food in exchange for help harvesting the CSA.

Angela Holmes – kale and dill from her community garden !


Green Lake, West Garage: Clean gutter and roof. Scrape Paint. Repair roof soffit with metal flashing. Report gutters have holes. crape paint in prep for painting. Mow lawn. East, Lakeside: Trim bushes by lake, Old Tree limbs down . Empty garbage can with renovation materials.

Shiitake Mushroom Logs

Website Blog & Page updates – help Deanne understand updating functions !



Tall Trees Strawbale Barn Retreat Project. Communication/ plan with Kate/ Terry Kelly,

Set up Zoom Bio-Char call


Blogs & Reports for Week 2 & 3 posted to Website. July Internship Photos to Album.

Website Blog & Page updates. Learn to use program with help of Jack Chase !

Zoom Moon link for Aug 3 post written, scheduled and sent.

Preparation for Worm Composting Library Zoom Class. Talk with Ashley, look for & video worms in & out. Study.

Send in list of materials for students.

INTERN: Contact all potentials for August by email. Send out Welcome letter and July Orientation.

Talk with Eric B ! Connect with Haley and Abigail. Scott re Green Lake, and healing at his house.

Winternship 2021 posted on sbs.org website. Updated from 2020.

Bio-char International Zoom call. Host & Post recording to the group.

VOTING: Fill out, research & take Absentee Ballot to the Township offices. Michelle Helped.