July 2020 Internship Week 3 ACTIVITIES

July 2020 Internship Week 3 ACTIVITIES

July 2020 Internship Week 3 ACTIVITIES 441 588 Strawbale Studio

2020-7 Week 3 REPORT Internship ACTIVITIES July 16 – 22

Photo Gallery for July !   Intern Jack Chase’s Blog Post: FIOT 500:  Retrofidition !

Natural Building:

Notching hands-on: Model Truss/ Post, Beam and Brace. Notches; Birds Mouth. ½ lap and wooden pin. Birds-mouth calculations.

Spiral Chamber – Restoration assessment: Can we stabilize, raise. Decide no.

Explore optional other projects: Choose Stone steps W. Hobbition & Earth Oven roof frame addition.

Earth Oven Frame Roof addition: Round pole, notching, recycled cans from Jack, rubble trench hole.

1) Design together, Jack make Drawing to Scale of East and North Views & Timber list.

2) Harvest poles from Mid-Meadow: 6 inch diameter Elm tree from compost pile,

and smaller Box Elder from the Mid-pipeline. Monday, July 20.

3) Debark poles. Harvesting posts, purlin, rafters.

Class Presentations:

Resource Recycling on the land. Matt McCoul participated.

Egg shell and wood ash / biochar Recyling: Details explored.

Doug Claytons Permaculture House Design, VT . Mouldering Toilet, Cool Room, Attached Greenhouse.

Sustainable Skills: Continuation of Foraging: Shiitake Mushroom Harvesting. Lambs quarters, garlic, onions, Wild Mustard, Violets. Hands-on notching. Experiment with White Mulberry propagation.

Evening Program: NA . Maintaining separate quarters for sleeping, cooking.

Green Lake house, Jack: swimming and harvest white mulberries and black raspberries. Visit Fay Hanson, she guides us in the process of planting the black locust seedlings on her land. Mulberry propagation: Jack harvests and plants white mulberry cuttings and tends them. Jack reads book “BURN” the Book on Bio-Char. Jack washes clothes by hand and uses the “solar clothes dryer”.

Continuing life philosophy conversations ! SUPPER TOGETHER ~ Falafel !!

Guests: 7/17/2020 Matt McCoul visits. (Sasha passed) Matt joins the Resource Recycling Class & he fells several trees for his farm’s project of lining the lane.

Worktrade: Green Lake: harvest vines and limbs, process biomass. Attach to car to bring to Strawbale Studio. Gutter cleaning completed. Cover Timber Frame in Mid-Meadow. Waterfall water loss: make corrections and it still is loosing several inches in one day. Agri-Forest Map Sign Installation: Jack helps dig Rubble Trench hole, add a spread stone, insert the sign post, fill around the post with stones & tamp. Nice and secure. Local Organic Eggs from East River Farm – Jack picks up. Straw on poison ivy alone paths Harvest CT cover material.