July 2020 Internship Week 2 ACTIVITIES

July 2020 Internship Week 2 ACTIVITIES

July 2020 Internship Week 2 ACTIVITIES 446 594 Strawbale Studio

2020-7 Week 2 Report July 9-16

July Gallery Photos.   Blog 4 :Lessons within Lessons” by Intern Jack Chase.

Natural Building: Jack starts his Earth Block Scale Model, Round Pole Framing – Hands-on Notching: ½ lap and birds mouth notches (post/beam/brace).

Class Presentations: Finish Plaster demo & hands-on. Foundation Class and tour of buildings. Wall & Framing Systems. Tiny House Design. Round Pole class and tour: notches, names, structural strength. NVC. Resource Recycling on the land. Brainstorm session. Matt McCoul participated. Development of Recycling for eggshells and wood ash. Retrofit Class – Lens of Needs and Strategies.

Sustainable Skills: Shiitake Mushroom – harvest from logs ! Continue to harvest from greenhouse and land: lambs quarters, garlic, onion, wild mustard, violet, grape leaves. Harvest Trees from Pipeline for Recyling to projects / protect pipeline. Stacking Functions.

Evening Program: NA

OTHER: Covid Testing. Healthy !

Enrichment: NVC Webinar with Thom Bond. Non-Violent Communication NVC (AKA Compassionate Communication) and Philosophy conversations ! Day off. Share: Grindbig Timber pictures with Jack.

Jack talks with Uncle Mud. Eggs from East River – Jack gets. Green Lake house. Worktrade and swim.

East River Farm Visit: Jack picks up eggs and meets Les.

Guests: Matt McCoul. (Sasha passed) He joined the Resource Recycling Class & he felled several trees for his farms projects.

Worktrade: CT layers constructed. Gutters cleared ! Work on waterfall leak. Harvest Trees on Pipeline.