July 2020 Internship Week 1 ACTIVITIES

July 2020 Internship Week 1 ACTIVITIES

July 2020 Internship Week 1 ACTIVITIES 2324 1458 Strawbale Studio


Within these “covid times” there is an engaging internship here at Strawbale Studio with ONE intern, Jack Chase.

We have some fun pictures of things that we are doing, which include

  • shade-tree classes,
  • hands-on natural building skills,
  • worktrade helping activities,
  • enrichment, nature, plants & animals.

Jack has written 3 Blogs to date:

Blog 1:  Get Horizontal  Blog 2:  Foraging is Permaculture    Blog 3: My Fellow Interns

ORIENTATION: Introduction to buildings, materials, schedule & activities. Walk the land.

NATURAL BUILDING: Materials foraging. Earth (soil test dig by Middle Earth and excavation from Mid Meadow), Rocks – identify piles & shapes for different uses, (wood next week) Earth – testing: mix, test, bricks & Pookies. Cob Mix, applied to Hobbit Sauna exterior north bench

CLASS PRESENTATION : Natural Materials Continuum, Fiot, Need Have/STrategies. Design, Site. Earth Class. Stretch Goal Foundations. CT process.
SUSTAINABLE SKILLS : Soak/fruit Shiitake logs. Plant ID & Foraging for food. ID St. Johns Wort, Yarrow, Bittersweet, Virginia Creeper, Poison Ivy. FOOD sources: Violet, Wild Mustard, Oxeye Daisy, raspberry, mulberry, grape leaf. Greenhouse, garlic, onion, lambs quarters. (DB – kale, peas)

EVENING PROGRAM: Separately. Jack is set up in the Cedar Cabin – sleeping & cooking there.
ENRICHMENT: Zoom Moon ~ Full Moon Potluck online. East River Farm Visit . Jack picks up eggs and meets Les.

WORKTRADE: Agri-Forest tree cages – construct, protect trees by mulching and staking down 15 tree cages. Path clearing & CT Compost Bin construction, including felling and processing a 5” diameter tree in the way.