FULL MOON~ZOOM ! 792 594 Strawbale Studio

The Full Moon Potluck carried on in solidarity with our full moon in the sky !  Ah !

In April we met virtually, “in spirit”.  Notice in the photo ~ Art/nature was placed on the table to symbolize those who emailed that they were “joining in spirit”!

In May and June, we ZOOMED THE MOON!  Local folks joined as well as folks from other places and states who ordinarily would not be able to attend!
Folks shared stories, and music.

Marco showed a “sustainable skill” video on making a Methane Digester to create fuel for cooking ! He can imagine making on for his household, and if that works, for the Strawbale Studio.

Samad shared a guitar song:  “Here comes the Sun” !   Others shared photography.  Fun!

Jacob played a Healing Song on the guitar.  Sweet.

Consider what you might like to share at a future event: music, art, things for sale, a sustainable idea, a writing or poem.  Nice.