How to Host an Authentic Weekend

How to Host an Authentic Weekend

How to Host an Authentic Weekend 320 240 Strawbale Studio

Blog by Intern, Eben Gardener: 
Hello Strawbalers! Another authentic weekend has passed for us here at the Strawbale Studio to reminisce. After the Foraging Workshops we ask:  How do you best process two days of foraging with friends, eating hand-crafted pizzas, and indulging in a Full Moon Potluck in the midst of singing and smiling? We don’t really know! That’s what cheesy posts are for, right? 

Mmmmmmm…. Bread!
Mmmmmm. Bread with toppings!
Bread belly?
Pizza and bliss.
Pizza makers?
happy foragers and pizza makers…
…and (a few of the) happy foragers!

Ok, yes, this blog did not state how to host well. Rather, it showed a group of people doing what they love. Could that be the answer to the How-To?

Harvesting Mushroom (Dryad’s Saddle/Pheasant Back) which we cook & eat !
Morel Mushroom !

Week of May 13, 2019    

Scheduled events:
May 16   MSU Strawbale & Earth Bench Project
May 19  FORAGING CLASS & FORAGED MEAL  in the Earth Oven.

Guests:  May 15 Matt McCoul – earth oven pizza and overnight.  May 18-19 Kelly Thiede, foraging class co-teach & overnight. May 18-19  Bridget & Charlie, Full Moon and overnight.

Natural Building Hands-on:

HOBBITITION  Plastering!  Walls: earth plaster patching, finish plaster & details, sculpture –tree, sconce shelf, more !  Prep for closing in opening over sauna door.  Prep Garden Wall Bench for oil .

MSU Strawbale BENCH PROJECT – Deanne assists on the construction of a strawbale and cob bench outside the Pekham Residence with instructor Steve Baiback, art instructor at the Residential College of Arts and Humanities. RCAH at Michigan State University, E. Lansing Michigan. Custom Strawbales, reinforcing sticks & tie downs, earth plaster – push coat, body coat,

Class Presentations:  May 18th Wild Plant & Mushroom Foraging Class followed by the Full Moon Potluck, and May 19th Foraging Class + a Foraged Meal (Earth Oven Pizza & Salad from our foraged finds ! Tea from local plants.

Sustainable Living Skills:  Hands-on ~ Learn LASHING, lash A-frame.  Make Pizza in the Earth Oven !  Safely Harvesting a Tree – instructor Matt McCoul. A living oak tree was felled for mushroom log inoculation.  Working with horse manure for fiber and soil.

Evening Program:

Enrichment:  On own time:  Reading, Fire-building,  wigwam building in playground.  Walk, Jim and Matt.  DB to Yoga, DB – pizza supper with Steve Baibak, Mia and Amy.  
Household: Car repaired. UNFI Food Buying Club order/pickup. Weekly tasks.
Worktrade:  Blog  E/D – started transfer of picturs & writing of blog.  E/J- Recycle to courtyard.  J/L/E All prep for Full Moon Potluck!  L/ J Clear stalks from N & S house gardens, bundle for kindling. E- Cut up trees to firewoodDrain hot water heater ! J – Greenhouse, clear around, plant and tend seedlings, planting a garlic bed in Mid Meadow.  Gather & sift fresh (fiber) and composted (soil) horse manure from neighbors farm. Dry in greenhouse & deliver to building team. J – Construct a new 1/8” sifting Screen.  E / L Sift 1/8 inch subsoil, dry and screen manure fiber. Lena – Plastering as worktrade.  E- Courtyard sweeping details. Driveway repair – holes filled with Stones, trenched. Freezer cleaned, organized with a list.Wood to Wood shelter, split wood.  Separate fresh from dead wood for burning. All – Full moon potluck prep and cleanup L/ E Full Moon –dust, sweep, candles, oil lamp.  J – Prep fire and pizza for Foraging Class. J/E  Process Biochar and ashes.   DEANNE:  Car from Doug to repair & pickup.  Green Lake – talk with Joe Greenbaum. and updating website & activities. Scheduling: Daycroft  School fieldtrip cancelled, Vivien, Stephani Sykes. Uncle Mud Rocket workshop. Bridget and Charlie Eco-Psychology workshop. foraging workshop details, email and phone. Planning – scheduling for May program.