How Sustainable!

How Sustainable!

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Blog by Intern Eben Gardener for the week of MAY 6, 2019
Hello Strawbalers! And welcome back to another post from Strawbale Studio. It has been a while since we have updated our page. Stay tuned! We do intend on posting more frequently to get back in touch with the wonderful community of Earth-loving tree huggers who are looking to learn more about our naturally-built buildings – and our radical style of simplicity.

To get back in the groove of things, we’ve created a straightforward template that lists a bit of what we have been up to as of late. Each heading and subheading has so much excitement packed within ~ and our hope is that you may see something that compels you to subscribe to our email list – or even to try to get involved yourself!

Below, We’ve briefly organized our actions to compact what all went on. More goodness awaits us outdoors. See you there!

Natural Building Hands-on: Earth base plaster class. How to mix, application to West Wall: above door, under eaves of W and North side, Tree sculpture. Mix and shape a cob brick. Finish Plaster demo and hands-on, on a cob brick. Repair ID cabin bench crack with plaster. 

Class Presentation: Foundations Class in Strawbale Studio with woodstove fire – focus on Rubble Trench Foundation.  Earth Plaster, Cob, Finish Plaster.

Sustainable Living Skills:  Permaculture Meetup – Planning a Garden presentation.  Fiddle Head Fern, Harvest, cook and freeze. Lots of Sour Dough Wraps.   
Evening Program: Sharing. Whittling.

Enrichment: Permaculture Meetup potluck & networking. Travel with Michael Eslermann. Eben, reading NB book, designing cabin – sketch & cob model of future hut. Lena, shares her design with DB. Jim to fathers funeral in New Orleans. Db to Yoga, Lena arrives. 

Worktrade: Lena & Eben Mulch & Stake cages  – Coppice Agro-Forest.  Eben: move wood,  leave from courtyard, gutter clean, porch.  DB  Posting for Memorial Day weekend/ Lena  DB research Milk Paint for Elkhart project.  UNFI order in.  MSU Bench: db support Steve,  phone call materials list. Help next week.