Fermenting Fun !

Fermenting Fun !

Fermenting Fun ! 3456 4608 Strawbale Studio

Magical Food Preservation ! 1-5p March 23,& March 24, 2019.

Kraut and Kim Chi with lots of chopping & Butter-making with lots of shaking ! What a wonderful time… as we came together and experienced
Sour Dough Wrap making, included a demo of making starter, mixing, cooking up, and lots of taste testing. Next, the basics of making Fruit Scrap Vinegar, and Honey Mead also included taste-testing. YUM !  Folks took home samples home to begin to make these things in their own lives.
All in all, a very joyful day with lots of laughing, learning & experiencing.

Group picture from March 24, 2019 Fermenting Fun Class !
“Butter- making ! From cream to solid butter and butter milk.
What a surprise when the cream turns from liquid to whipped cream to a solid !
Chopping and mixing sauerkraut can be lots of fun, too.

Fermenting is a preservation method that helps make food more nutritious, digestible, tasty and long-lasting. Live cultures in raw fermenting create a more diverse micro-ecology in the digestive track ! It is a direct relationship with the micro-organisms that contribute to our life…and a connection with our ancestors and the past !