Foraging Instincts – Welcome to the Weave

Foraging Instincts – Welcome to the Weave

Foraging Instincts – Welcome to the Weave 640 480 Strawbale Studio


Oooh, I am starting to get “spring fever” — cleaning things that didn’t matter to me during the winter — observing the buds on the maple trees and mulberry tree (which didn’t get pruned back, again, this winter while dormant) . I’m looking and walking outside more often, partly in response to a new eye exercise I am doing called “20 20 20 “ The idea is to take a break every 20 min to look out at a distance of 20 ft ‘ish, for 20 seconds. In addition to strengthening eyes, it is a reoccurring opportunity to have a break and “take the long view” and “get some perspective”!

Sourdough wraps, eggs from East River Farm, Les and Elizabeth.

While standing outside the kitchen door, gazing about, I saw that the “bleeding heart” plant still had a bouquet of stalks that had lasted through the winter. I think to myself … “Strong, durable. They might be good for weaving ! Are they also flexible?” When bent, the dry stalks folded a bit, then broke. I’d expect that from a dry stalk, and also know that soaking can bring out flexibility. So I harvested and soaked a few stalks in the sink for the afternoon, then successfully wrapped them around a basket handle, tucked in the ends, and let it dry overnight. Yes! Strong & flexible. Just what is useful for the in and out weaving of a basket !

A Metaphor from weaving: Dry ridged material can become stronger and more flexible when “softened” in water. Weaving materials are usually needed to be a balance of strong AND flexible.
Sometimes “soaking and becoming more soft”, also equals “more flexible and strong”. Ah. Strong AND Flexible AND Soft. Good for Weaving.

Welcome to the Weave” is a phrase that is synonymous is my mind with Strawbale Studio. This is a place to weave ourselves into the community of Life. In safety and joy —
Come, connect to nature in the company of other people.
Come, connect to people in the company of nature.
Nature is our “Larger Self”. We are embedded in the larger self.

Real Connections” with nature this month: making kimchi/ sauerkraut with others, whittling a spoon using wood from the land, culturing sourdough and making “wraps”. Cooking with dried shiitake mushrooms – grown on logs from trees harvested on the land, inoculated, then soaked to create the conditions for “fruiting”, for growing mushrooms. Making a lashed ladder from poles from the land. Teaching cording with dogbane from outside the house. Monthly Full Moon Potlucks connect us with each other, and this month February 2019, with the big, close “Super Moon”. Ah.

Welcome to the Weave.
(“Come, Eat, Go.” a phrase from a story heard in yoga class.)
Here, as in all life, there is a “being in”, and a “passing through”.
Form and Formless.
Rise and Fall,
Life and Death.
All One Circle.

Welcome to the Weave !