2018 Report & Photos

Type Dates WORKSHOPS & ACTIVITIES Teacher or Guest Teacher Co-teacher
Community Jan – Dec 2018 Monthly Full Moon Potlucks
Design November 27, 2018 Gambral Roof Design & Cob Model for Ed Riffle. Deanne Bednar
Book Project Dec 15-18, 2018 Wholly Connected: scan this Thesis Alex Huebel, Sara, Lydia
Class December 8, 2018 Candle-Making & Holiday Gifts Class Deanne Bednar helper: Corinne Denomme
Class December 9, 2018 Candle-Making & Holiday Gifts Class Deanne Bednar helper: Robin Demiglio
Exhibit/Present November 2-3, 2018 Great Lakes BIONEERS Detroit Conference. U of D Mercy. Deanne Bednar “Regenerative Continuum & Natural Materials Retrofit “ Exhibit helpers: Matthew McCoul, Corinne Dominne
Retreat Sept 21- 23, 2018 Woman’s Nature Renewal Retreat Gaylyn Kaufman, Deanne Bednar Corinne Denomme, Debbie Henderson
Youth Activity September 11, 2018 Kids Stick Structure Activity. Great Lakes Herb Faire, Ortonville, MI Deanne Bednar Kelly Theide
Exhibit August 26, 2018 Strawbale Studio Exhibit / Demo @ Eastern Market-Jewish Food Fest Deanne Bednar Kelly Theide
Project July 15 – Aug 8, 2018 PRACTICE STRUCTURE – details below Ankita Gandhi, Matt McCoul
Class June 15 – 16, 2018 Natural Building Materials Workshop @ Wellfield Botanical Gardens, Elkhart, IN Deanne Bednar, Tyler Schaeffer
Project off-site June 13- 18, July 12-15, 2018 Elkhart, IN Project: Childrens Structure Strawclay Wall System +, Wellfield Botanical Garden Deanne Bednar, Tyler Schaeffer Matthew McCoul, Paul Beaudet, Robert O’Neil, Nichole Bauman, Justin Trombly, Ann Gentry.
Project off-site 10 days `June/July, 2018 Camp Tamarack Earth Oven Construction & sculpting. Deanne Bednar, Shannon Malburg, Ankita Ghandi, Catherine Bristol + Camp Farm educators, Annette, Alex, Jess, Aaron !
Student Tour June 6, 2018 Oakland University Student Organic Farm Permaculture Class Tour: Fay Hanson & Jared Bogdonov-Hann’s Class Tour guide: Deanne Bednar
Project May, 4-6, 2018 Mushroom Log Innoculation Mathew McCoul, Diyoni & friend.
Class May 20, 2018 Joy of Foraging + Shiitake Log Inoculation Demo Deanne Bednar Kelly Theide
Class May 19, 2018 Foraging Class + Earth Oven Pizza Deanne Bednar Kelly Theide
Exhibit Apr 20-22, 2018 MI EARTH DAY FEST- SBS Exhibit, Strawbale Climb, Demo’s, Earth Oven. Deanne Bednar, Jared Bogdonov, Hanna, Jug Tarr, Gene Vilenni, Paul Beaudet, Kelly Theide and others (remind me)
Class March 25, 2018 Eco-Cooking Workshop Deanne Bednar Paul Beaudet
Class March 24,2018 Fun Fermenting Workshop Deanne Bednar Rachel Sexton
Student Tour March 6, 2018 Upland HIlls School Field Trip Deanne Bednar Teacher: Kathy Long
WINTERN Weekend Workshops
Class January 13 & 14, 2018 THATCHED ROOF Workshop Deanne Bednar Instructor
Community January 31, 2018 FULL MOON Potluck Community Event
Class January 20 & 21, 2018 ROUND POLE Workshop Deanne Bednar Instructor
Class January 28 & 28, 2018 ROCKET STOVE Workshop & Earth Oven Deanne Bednar Instructor
Class February 3 & 4, 2018 EARTH PLASTER Workshop Deanne Bednar
Guest Teachers 1/13-14/2018 Connecting with Natural Building as a vocation. Presentation. Chris Magwood Co-Founder of the Endeavour School of Natural Building.
Guest Teachers 1/28/2018 Visit & Tour of Timber Frame Shop Jim Clark, Lake Orion, MI Guest Instructor: Wintern Fieldtrip to his barn. Jim shares info on timberframing and a demo of a mortice & tenon joint. 1 hour
Guest Teachers 1/26/2918 Rocket Stove Tour & Lecture: Skype Call Chris McClellan, Burton, Ohio. Guest Instructor: Iphone Tour of the School Project & description of fire devices.
Assistant June 13-18, 2018 Elkhart Botanical Garden Project Robert O’Neil Elkhart, IN
Intern June 13- July 9 Internship at Strawbale Studio Shannon Malburg Waco, TX
Intern June 28, 2018 to July 28, 2018 Internship at Strawbale Studio Casey Steill Prescott Valley, AZ
Intern July 9 – Aug 9, 2018 Internship at Strawbale Studio Ankita Gandhi Savana GA, Bombay, India
Assistant July 15, Sept 30, 2018 (Assistant & Renter) Catherine Bristol Washington, MI
Assistant Aug 1 – Sept 30, 2018 (renter & worktrader) Susie Elfakir Lake Orion, MI
Wwoofer Aug 7 – 20, 2018 Worktrader at Strawbale Studio Scott Herdman Chesterfield, MI
Assistant Aug 12 – 15, 2018 Elkhart Project Finish Plaster Justin Trombley Detroit, MI
Staff Aug 12 – 15, 2018 Elkhart Project Finish Plaster Matthew McCoul Brighton, MI
Staff Aug 12 – 15, 2018 Elkhart Project Finish Plaster Paul Beaudet Burville, MI
Assistant Aug 12 – 15, 2018 Elkhart Project Finish Plaster Greg Lehman Goshen, IN
Assistant Aug 12 – 15, 2018 Elkhart Project Finish Plaster Nichole Wolf Elkhart, IN
Intern Sept 1, 2018 – Sept. 30, 2018 Wwoofer at Strawbale Studio Hanisha Harjani Brooklyn, New York
Staff Sept 1, 2018 – Sept. 30, 2018 Wwoofer at Strawbale Studio Paul Beaudet Brighton, MI
Staff Sept 1, 2018 – Oct. 15 2018 and 10 Wwoofer at Strawbale Studio Matthew McCoul Burville, MI
Intern Jan 7 – Feb 7, 2018 WINTERN Ali Riggen East Montpelier, VT
Intern Jan 7 – Feb 7, 2018 WINTERN Britta Anderson Stillwater, MN
Intern Jan 7 – Feb 7, 2018 WINTERN Deanna Burkett Virginia
Intern Jan 7 – Feb 7, 2018 WINTERN Destiny Ebersole Milan, Michigan
Intern Jan 7 – Feb 7, 2018 WINTERN Kris Mauro Kalamazoo, Michigan
Intern Jan 7 – Feb 7, 2018 WINTERN Paul Beaudet Michigan
Intern Jan 7 – Feb 7, 2018 WINTERN Rich Points Michigan
FULL MOON POTLUCK & Tours Tours by Deanne Bednar
12/22/2018 December FULL MOON Potluck
11/23/2018 November Full Moon Potluck
10/24/2018 October Full Moon Potluck
9/24/2018 September FULL MOON Potluck
8/26/2018 August FULL MOON Potluck
7/27/2018 September FULL MOON Potluck
6/28/2018 June FULL MOON Potluck
5/29/2018 MAY FULL MOON Potluck
4/29/2018 April FULL MOON Potluck
3/31/2019 March 31 FULL MOON Potluck
3/1/2019 March 1 FULL MOON Potluck
1/31/2018 January FULL MOON Potluck
PRACTICE CABIN. New, small “practice building to try out natural building techniques. Co-Designed / constructed by Ankita Ghandi, and Mathew McCoul, with support from Deanne and Gene Vilenni. Stone foundation, Frame, Living Roof, Bottle Wall, Strawbale Wall, Earth Plaster, prep for Living Roof. A & M cleared the site for the Cabin. Matt cleared Phase 1 of a “Vista Garden”.
New Windows in Kids Cottage Gene Vilenni designed, built and installed several windows and a little door
Bench at Boat Launch – restoration Nish & Mathew take off lime plaster, cover with tent. Deanne resurfaces with an earth plaster, and oil finish.
New Camping Area with 4 campsites created in Fairy Forest. Debbie Henderson created and made signage.
VISTA GARDEN area cleared Matthew McCoul imagined /cleared an area for a future garden. and cleared brush around Get-Away Cabin
January & during 2018 Wood carving, wood chopping, sourdough, kimchi, cording, Rocket Cooker and Mass Heater earth oven & haybox & solar cooking. Mushroom log harvest & inoculation: Mathew McCoul harvests oak tree, cuts 30″ mushroom logs. Foraging, Gardening,
IMPROVEMENTS – Infrastructure
Restoration of Bench at Boat Launch. Nish & Mathew take off lime plaster, cover with tent. Deanne resurfaces with an earth plaster, and oil finish. Sauna Hot Room ~ ceiling, stove & pipe installation. Sauna hot room. Fire it up ! Repair & paint windows of W. Cabin & Main House. Repair metal Open Pole Barn roof. Recycle scrap materials by UHaul (Gene Villeni + Mathew McCoul)) Repair roof/skylight seal on Hobidition, Organize materials in house & Outbuildings. Gutters cleaned. Courtyard cleared & beautified; new drainage from showers, reset south stone pathway.the building, creating a garden area ,S. side.Spiral Chamber framing support. Gene Vilenni, Jacob Gnath, Matt McCoul, Spencer Field. Paul Beaudet. Red Shed re-organization: Tools, supplies, tables, space & shelving organization. Paul Beaudett, his friend, Matthew. Construct a Sawbuck (Timber Horse) http://www.wikihow.com/Build-a-Sawbuck-for-Cutting-Firewood).
Gambrel Timberframe House sketch & model Draft for Michigan Eco-Village to Gaylyn.10/10/18
See Earth Oven & Elkhart projects, above.
2018 *New computer. *Eventbrite for workshops. *SBS Participant BOOKLET created & printed. Scan of THESIS: “Wholly Connected” . Ready to go online.
Weekly YOGA weekly at Hamsa Yoga with Alan Harras Deanne attends weekly. Intern are invited.
Monthly Oakland Co. Permaculture Meetups Meet in the Oakland Co. area
April 23, 2018 Flint Water Crisis Concert with Gaia Singers. Deanne sings in this. Some interns attend.
October 7, 2018 Ghandi Day – Three Roods Farm Attend with Intern
Upland Hills School Event Befriending an Arab. DB attending
April 7, 2018 Conscious Teachers Workshop DB attend, Connect with Dougg Reith
Oct – March 2018 Cardoner Institute 7 series Leadership program: Solitude & Solidarity. Alan Harris at Hamsa Yoga http://www.hamsayogacenter.com/
Study, Share Compassionate Communication Study, Practice, attend webinars ,teach. Study Circle of Support ( Ted Talks)
Study, Share Essence of Permaculture by David Holmgren Study, Order 10, give away and sell.
New – Camping & B & B
Camp: Cameo and Michael & baby. Susie Elfakier. Cabin: Chad & Lexi O’Kulich.Live in house: Catherine
Gifts from… Ajeet Khalsa – Futon cover, Golden Milk, Other. Rich Points – Cutting Board he made with 3 woods pattern & built a shelf in the Red Shed for Worktrade. Gene Vilenni – made and helped intern install the West Windows for the Kids Cottage. Assisted in in construction of the Practice Structure. Organized a UHaul cleanup of recyclble items from storage sheds, assisted by Matthew McCoul. Paul Beaudet – spoon, carving set & more. Paul Beaudett and Spencer Field, Mathew McCoul & intern Nish helped re-organize and clear parts of the Red Shed ! Spencer Field donated tools. Britta Anderson brought VT maple syrup and other food gifts. Destiny and Jason donated The Barefoot Architect book from the publishing company they work for. Sambhavi Sham Venkateswaraw donated $150. Dawn Holtz $250 check to use if needed. Chris Magwood, gave 4 books he wrote to Strawbale Studio, in exchange for coming to a Workshop! (Making Better Buildings, Pre-Fab Strawbale, Hempcrete Construction, Sustainable Home Design) . Selena Lucas donated $350 toward Deanne attending the SB class with Andrew Morrison which will be held at their place in Chelsea. home-mde celtic spearment soaps and bar towels to Strawbale Studio. Kelly, Theide 5 gal maple syrup sap. Chang Lian $100 donation gift by paypal ! Emily Eisele $25 donation. Sambhavi Sham Venkateswaraw donated $150. Alex Huebal, Sara, Lydia. scanned DB’s THESIS: Arlene Schmitzer – card and bird stamps ! Jared Bogdonov Hanna and Marci Nido: Things they grew: 20 lbs of potatoes, Colored Indian popping corn, garlic, healing salve, Emily & Ryan: Pickled black cherries, ginger kraut, purple kimchi, pickled greenbeans. And a tiny long=handled spoon from Thailand. Wow. Doug and Kat lend their car for use while Deanne finds a different car ! Also bring fab ferments, corn bracelet. Linda Jackson, financial donations, brings guests occasionally to tour ! Patrick Demers: Donated tools and food from his mom;s house and art studio/shop !! Plus a wheelbarrow and wood. 🙂 FAY HANSON, many generousities. Destiny Ebersol made a financial donation also ! And SO many more that I will remember throughout the year !! Thanks, Thanks! Gratitude for your support ! Let me know if I can add your contribution to the list !
December 23, 2018 Jared & Marcie, Emilie & Ryan Tour, supper, networking
December 21, 2018 Alex & Aaron, Doug & Kat Tour, supper, networking
December 15-17, 2018 Alex Hueble, Sara & Lydia. Scan THESIS, Visit, tour, Cut dead wood on path, Bog Tent down, cook!
November 13, 2018 Nichole from ELKHART + Ayla Visit & Tour Strawbale Studio
October 10, 2018 Jessica Misurcus Vist and overnight – birthday
October 6, 2018 Ronna Fisher, Laura Horowitz, Rosemary, friend. Visit and tour.
October 5, 2018 Dean & Marcie Wochner
Amie Taylor, Frank Dronsejk
Visit & tour. ART, nutriton, healing, Christine Retreat Center, WI, vol. teach. Ikigai – reason to get up in the morning
September30, 2018 Nish’s friend Max Tour, Visit, projects. Emergence, Not knowing.
September 24, 2018 Paul and Spencer
Drew and Shannon
Tour, visit, project: organize red shed. Future West garden.
September 16, 2018 Josh & Janelle, Forest & Amber . Stephan Visit, Tour~ Elkhart Botanical Gardens. I stayed with them 1 wk 2018
September 3, 2018 Dominic Gomez, Maia and Gaurve Visit / Tour – from Buddhist Center
September 2, 2018 Gale Willett Visit / Tour
August 20, 2018 Lorraine Ely Visit / Tour – Nature and Gardening
August 20, 2018 Dominic Gomez & Somaka Dasa Visit / Tour – brought food, play flute
August 7, 2018 Gale Willett Visit / Tour Wild Flowers, AZ plants
May 29, 2018 Mitchell Doherty Overnight & visit
May 19-20, 2018 Kelly Theide, Alex Detroit biked Visit/ overnight / co-teacher
May 10, 2018 Tammy, Jenna, Cale Tour: goats, thatching, cale loves cob
April 14, 2018 Kelly Theide visit re ForagingClass. co-lead, plan.
April 10, 2018 Vikas & Deepeka Naik Visit / Tour Doing Natural Building in India, Karuna Farm
April 1, 2018 Cody Hansen Visit / Tour “I can’t believe these buildings are here!” Cody H. Futre green homeTraverse, MI
April 1, 2018 Janice Means, Joe Oberhauser Visit / Tour LTU retired. Architecht, Solar Design.Amazing and always wonderful !
April 1, 2018 Rick Feldman & Janice Fialko Visit / Tour Green Lake, collab, Boggs Center,
April 1, 2018 Janice Fialko Visit / Tour Green Lake, collab, Gaia. Special Needs, book & presentations.
March 30, 2018 Samad Ansari Visit / Tour / Walk
March 24, 2018 Ronnie Cain. Patrick Lough, Visit
March 7, 2018 Gene Vilenni re Timber Frame
February 6, 2018 Gene Velinni, Jacob Gnath, Mathew McCoul, Angela Holmes,Tim Name Spiral Chamber/chainsaw wood. Cars stuck. Overnight. Nature of reality.
1/1/2018 Mark Angelini
Allison Coleman
Visit for supper & evening
1/3/2018 Michelle & Mike, Ruthie and Abby Lane & Jay Candle-Making at Strawbale Studio
1/6/2018 Venetta Mavrodievra Visited, helped organize West Wing.
1/17-19/2018 Adrian,Brittas friend from Canada working with children & nature, Visit, Workshop
1/17/2018 Karen Bengal, Round Pole, Ajeets, friend. Visit, workshop
1/17/2018 Gene Villeni Window installation.
1/17-20/2018 Julie Howells Visited after Traverse City Andrew with dogs. Maybe live with Destiny. Round Pole workhsop +
1/13-14/2018 Chris Magwood Thatching workshop, visit/overnight Thatching workshop, visit/overnight
1/20-26/2018 Bjorn Willowby overnight for 3 Jan wkshps: thatching, rocket stove, earth plaster.
1/20-26/2018 Vikas & Deepika Nair from India overnight for 3 Jan wkshps: thatching, rocket stove, earth plaster.
1/26/2018 Matthew McCoul Stay over, help, conversation.
Harvest raspberry leaves from hoop house, lambsquarters. black cherry – tincture, jam, syrup. Soupstock with frozen vegie remnents. Echinacea seeds, Dry foraged rose hips, chamomile, kale, red peppers, orange globe pepper. Garlic experiment in Mid Meadow. Fall: create a bed, soil, plant ! Grow Elderberry from cutting. Catherine – DB plant Waterfall garden. db sauna hugel culture. St Johns wort to tincture and oil. wild chilves dry, harvest & tincture yarrow leaves, crab apple vinegar, Mallow in bloom, hops, sunroot, oxeye daisy, dandelion, Motherwort tops in fower to tincture. Engridge: No pesticides on Pipeline. Mushroom logs. oak harvested, innoculated 12 small 2 columns. fruit Shiitake logs, harvest giant puffball, dehydrate for soups, older plants, spread spore on Mid Meadow +. King coral, dryads saddle, inky cap. winter cap, morell black and brown, turkey tail. gem studded puffball, pear puffball.
1/1/2018 Lanes, Michelle & Mike, Ruthie and Abby & Jay New Years Day party, music & overnight there and breakfast. Suppers with Fay Hanson, Victorias / Sagebrush. December 7, 2018 The Hobbit – Musical. McDonald children, Lium Sage, Rowen and Elowen. . Dave & Dorinda, neighbors. Potlatch /visits, Les & Elzabeth, neighbor farmers. Candle-making with Agnus, Dave & Rachel. Stay with Lance & Jen, Ian & Friend + Matthew McCoul during Bioneers Conference. GAIA singing circle, monthly, with concerts, carpooling, Noel Night. New Moon Lodges at Three Roods Farm ! Visit Uncle Harold & Cousin Judy in Ohio Thanksgiving and Christmas. Visit & overnight, McDonalds. Sunny & Richard Byrne + dog visit for 3 days from MA. Baby Aria born to Dustin & Deanna. Art for her.