Thatching & Reed Collection workshop

Thatching & Reed Collection workshop

150 150 Strawbale Studio

Jan 14 & 15, 2017  

What a fun and intensive weekend.  With Deanne,as instructor, now the whole crew of Gene, Sonnie, Alex, Kelly and Jacob & Jenny !know the basics of reed harvesting and thatching a small roof !

Sonnie is a Danish carpenter, Kelly and Alex are from Detroit and make music, Gene works with youth and loves woodworking. He is making windows and a door for the Kids Cottage.  Jacob from West Bloomfield is very involved with ecological activities. Jenny  is a journalist who has taken a Permaculture Design Course.  What a crew 🙂  What a weaving of souls.

Sonnie stayed on a few days … she build a bench for the main house, and we re-ridged the thatching on the east gable end of the Kids Cottage.  We used the Oak and Oat method. She learned how tobsplit a log and create a “Crows’ Tree”, the Oak X that holds down the oat straw.