2017 Donars

I feel so much support from all of you – friends, participants, visitors… together we give hope to the future…and each other ! Individual thanks to …. Fay Hanson & Lois Robbins, for financial and emotional support. Jessica Miskena for financial support & enthusiasm. Gene Villeni – built & installed the Kids Cottage Door, and is building windows, too. Printer from Sherry Vanderputty. Food from Chris & Jug Tarr. Emotional support from many, including Ronna Fisher and Debbie Rowe and Michelle Lane. Steve Baibak and the RCAH art program of MSU for friendship and support. SEEDS non-profit and Sarna Saltzman, for their ongoing support as a “Fiduciary Sponsor” and a believer in the work. Gifts from Natalie & Brett, Emily & Ryan Eisley-Cunningham. Sunny & Richard Byrne. Paul Beaudet – so many creative contributions: spoons, storage improvement, more ! Sue Davis, gifts. Petar Simic, Filming of Reed collection, general support. Jared Bogdonov-Hanna, Permaculture support & friendship. Marcie Nido, website support. Mathew McCoul. Systems Designing. Spencer Field, organizational support, The Many folks who came and helped plaster and create, and organize and gave different kinds of support including Jacob Gnath, Michael Elsterman, Gene Villeni, Dana Driscoll, Arnie & Robert, Tanya Metfah, Micah Lindquist and more ! Neighbors who as always, are there in so many ways: LaFevers, Les & Elizabeth, The Abbots, Lisa and Steve, The Hoyts, Three Roods Farm, Greg and Robin. Marco Elsterman and GLEA. John Batdorf and MI Green Team. Thanks. Thanks! And all the rest of you, unnamed, yet part of co-creating Strawbale Studio and sharing the message !