September 2016 Internship

September 2016 Internship

September 2016 Internship 150 150 Strawbale Studio




Jacob, Tanya, Niklas, Jameela & A’alia !
Here is what we accomplished together !

Hobaddition  & Courtyard area



  • Install S window and door wall
  • Plaster interior walls with Earth Plaster.
  • Light Clay & Straw infill over door wall
  • Cob around windows and doors on south side of Hobaddition.
  • Screens attached between the rafters on the Green Roof for ventilation.
  • Clerestory triangle in-filled with green bottles and cob earthen mix,


  • Applied finish earth plaster to Sauna exterior wall in west courtyard
  • Wattle & Daub infill around the Rumford Fireplace Pipe in the Cob Garden Wall.
  • dscf9978
  • Added layers of soil to the Hobaddition roof. Rotted wood, straw, horse compost.
  • Transferred plants from Sauna to Hobaddition Living roof.




  • Build East Loft
  • Build and insulate E wall with cob bricks & purlite
  • Rocket Stove set up. Cob around stove & the bench.
  • Oak & Oat ridge. Cut, split logs, shaped with a hatchet or machete,
  • drilled hole & assembled with wire.

October: Jacob stayed on, and with Gene Vilenni & Deanne the following was finished:   Main sides of Oak & Oat Ridge thatched cap. Made infinity pillows and straw slugs, and assembled all on the roof to make a new ridge cap.  Fixed door details & staining details. Plastic on all windows to close the building in.  Install and stabilize Rocket Stove chimney.

dscf9966Skills ~

  • Round Pole Demo
  • Dig Earth from pipeline and bring to site.  Sift to 1/2,” ¼” & 1/8” for different uses.
  • Mix Base and Finish Earth Plasters
  • Make Cob mixes and Cob Bricks.
  • Chopped and split wood
  • Gene Vilenni taught wood construction using power tools
  • Spoon and Knife Carving

Gardening / Food ~

  • Pizza in the Earth Oven, make the dough and sauce
  • Soaked and harvested Shiitake Mushroom logs.
  • Harvested, sliced and dehydrated tomatoes & vegies.
  • Gathered eggs from Dave & Dorinda’s Farm
  • Jason makes Pita Bread and Artisan Bread.  Deanne teaches Sour Dough Wraps
  • Lots of great meals, shared cooking.

CLASS in DESIGNING a small  home.


  • Hay bale stacking in Dave & Dorinda’s barn, helping them with their newly harvested hay bales from their field
  • Day of exploration in Detroit.
  • Visit to Rennaisance Festival
  • Jamella & A’alia visit the neighbor family, The Abbots and help harvest and can food from their garden.


  • Permaculture Meetup
  • Full Moon Potluck.
  • Monitored and measured Waterfall levels.
  • Final Ceremony. Bonfires, Drums, guitar music