July 2016 ~ Activities

July 2016 ~ Activities 150 150 Strawbale Studio

JULY, 2016


Tyler Schaeffer and Abby Johnson are a dynamic Intern duo that helped make an OAK & OAT thatched ridge cap on a Wood Shelter by the Strawbale Studio.  We received help from Flemming Abramsson, Danish Master Thatcher via phone & scanned drawings, so that we could create this awesome Ridge Cap.


AUGUST, 2016
Patrick, Jacob & Samad are at the Strawbale Studio for the month, learning & helping complete projects.  This week started with lessons on round pole lashing and notching.

Traditional cultures commonly used round poles, which fit very well with thatching.  Thatched roofs are able to respond to round poles irregular shapes and lashing.

Notching techniques integrate the use of chisel, wooden mallets & saws.  Round Pole construction incorporates a draw shave to debark  the wood and a saw horse and draw knife to shape wooden pins that attach the framing members. The poles were hand-harvested from the woods on the land with a hatchet and a saw.

In the photo, the team is making a small truss for a future structure on the land. They are “reading the log”, snapping chalk lines to make reference lines and creating lap joints.