Green Club Tour !

Green Club Tour !

Green Club Tour ! Strawbale Studio

Rocket Stove Cooker

Chatsfield School in Lapeer has an ecology club that lead by Peter McCreedy and assistant, Jenny.  This enthusiastic Green Club group rolled into the Strawbale Studio for a tour of the grounds and buildings. The focus was Rocket Stoves, a big hit on a gray damp day.






Rumford Fireplace



The cozy Rumford Fireplace  in a little cabin, creates a cozy place to curl up with a good book.  And the awesome Rocket Stove Heated bench really does warm up !











Their club does projects such as Earth Ovens, small buildings & Maple Syruping…LUCKILY, because they gifted Strawbale Studio with a jug of it, which I poured on pancakes made from the sourdough batter fermenting here in the kitchen.  YUM.

Peter McCreedy (the most fabulous teacher I have ever met) leads the way in exploring all sorts of natural projects     at The Willows Ecological  Education Center (a 4500 sq. ft. strawbale building, with solar energy, a greenhouse and studio space for wilderness crafts) and surrounding grounds.  During the tour he checked out the thatching process to apply to a Cahokia hut (right) that is being built at The Willows.