Natural Building Colloquium 2015

Natural Building Colloquium 2015

Natural Building Colloquium 2015 150 150 Strawbale Studio

This year was a 20th REUNION of the first Natural Building Colloquium, held at Black Range Lodge in Kingston, NM, bringing together natural builders in a  week of building, presentations and the exchange of ideas !

nbc20 group

The Natural Building Colloquium gathering 2015 NM

Many of the original folks who have been evolving the movement were there :  Ianto Evans, Linda Smiley, Michael Smith with whom I originally studied natural building, and also illustrated their book The Hand-Sculpted House.  Cedar Rose Guelberth, from Colorado, who did a 5 day Plaster Workshop at Strawbale Studio, and whose publication The Natural Plaster Book I also got to illustrate.  Even Flemming Abrahamsson, our thatcher we brought over from Denmark to teach us how to thatch on the Strawbale Studio in 1998 !  And more.  What a “blast from the past”.  A favorite: Max Edelson & Flemming Abrahamson designed and built on site a Rocket Stove Barrel Oven & Griddle !  And Sun Ray Kelly’s Treehouse, built during the Colloquium.

Here is an AWESOME BLOG on the Colloquium by Ziggy, who I got to visit at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage a few years ago.  There are GREAT PICTURES on this blog, so check it out !

Deanne and Flemming

Deanne is “kvelling” with Flemming, Master Thatcher from Denmark, who came to  Strawbale Studio to teach us the skill.

Thatching Presentaiton 2015 NBC NM

Thatching Presentation at Natural Building Colloquium NM 2015

MORE Pictures.