Compost Furnace goes “on line” !

Compost Furnace goes “on line” !

Compost Furnace goes “on line” ! 150 150 Strawbale Studio

DSCF6102DSCF6126As the last event of 2014, a newly installed pump is now circulating  90 – 100 degree water (heated by compost pile)  through the 2 loops in the Studio floor and benches ! Hurrah ! Hurrah!

And THANKS, ALL !  So many have helped along the way.  For this “last lap”,  LANNY LANZOTTI  came out of retirement to donate his services for this project.

DSCF6093He was assisted by Michael Estlermann and Ed Lipski and me (Deanne).  Many folks contributed to the planning of the circulation aspect of the system, especially Wayne Appleyard.
Also thanks to Chris Coon and Christina Snyder for their help in originally installing and pressurizing the tubes in the Studio !



DSCF6128The next step is to maximize the functioning of the system by monitoring and experimenting with the rate of flow, getting all the air out of the system, balancing the 2 zones and such.  Updates on the process…to come!