The Compost Furnace pile is COMPLETE !

The Compost Furnace pile is COMPLETE !

150 150 Strawbale Studio

Jen, Michael and Deanne bring the pile to completion !

The last hay bales of the COMPOST FURNACE pile are in place, the ramp is gone,and the pile is now covered with loose hay as a cap. Hay donated by Wez Igon, wood chips through Jason Kendell & Father & Son Landscaping, sawdust donated by Nelson Wood Products, Lapeer, MI. Thanks all who contributed time and energy, vehicles, tools & more !


The ramp is taken down, the last bales in place, and the top capped with a foot of loose hay !

Next step, purchase and install the pump and monitoring equipment, fill with water and propyl glycol to keep from freezing, and start pumping the water heated by the compost pile through the pex tubes in the floor and benches of the Strawbale Studio !

The there will be a Celebration Party November 15 to …..celebrate !

RSVP from the Calendar page of this website.