Thatched Cap for the Spiral Chamber !

Thatched Cap for the Spiral Chamber !

Thatched Cap for the Spiral Chamber ! 150 150 Strawbale Studio


Spiral Chamber with its new thatched cap ! Intern Ruthie Lane took up the challenge to join me in creating an enchanting cap for the Spiral Chamber.  Joined by her friend, Zack, the three of us actually DID it !  A dream come true for me.  I was inspired by a curved roof peak I saw on the internet, called the Tulip Tree House, and before we started construction, I called up Master Thatcher, William Cahill, who had thatched that roof, for advice.  He shared the basics concepts of making a frame on the ground, thatching it and then placing it on the roof.  So we did just that.  Sweeet ! When we showed him the outcome, his response was

Hi Deanne,
Well done, the thatch job looks great.
Glad I could be of assistance.
Take care, William     You can find Williams’ work at


The Spiral Chamber before the cap June 2014

Preparing for the

Preparing for the cap by adding an extra course of thatch to the existing roof.



Step 1 Building a stick frame on the ground – to create a base for the new cap..

Thatching the stick frame.

Step 2 Thatching the stick frame.

Step 3  Finishing the cap on the ground with vines










Spiral Chamber -finished 1, low res (4) (800x600)

Carrying the Cap – Ruthie and Zack !

Spiral Chamber -adjusting the cap 800x600)

Placing it on the roof.